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  1. Hey everyone! I went to Magic Mountain yesterday (April 13th) and wanted to share some thoughts. First, my ride count for the day with how long I waited for each: Twisted Colossus-20 min Drop of Doom-15 min Superman-45 min (including 20min breakdown) Viper-10 min X2-1 hr 20min Scream-15 min Tatsu-15 min Overall I had a good day and managed to get on more rides than anticipated. Operations were a mixed bag with multiple rides going down throughout the day. However, no breakdown lasted more than 30 minutes and crowds completely cleared out once open. On the positive side, Tatsu was running both stations and Twisted Colossus dueled quite frequently. Long wait times were easily avoided in the morning and closing time, but in the afternoon every major ride had at least an hour wait (hence my X2 wait above). Now on to how they’re handling the pandemic. Mask compliance was fine with a handful of noses sticking out every once in a while, but not any worse than like your local mall. 6 feet distancing was certainly a problem though with markers being completely ignored in queues and stations (especially Twisted Colossus and Tatsu). I know this mostly falls on the park guest to do their part, but when the station is overcrowded there should a little bit of crowd control from the workers. Also, not once did I see any sort of sanitizing on the coasters. Supposedly they sanitize every 30 minutes, but It didn’t happen at all yesterday on the trains or railings in the queues, which is concerning. Overall, I was happy to be back after over a year of no theme parks. I don’t know if I’ll come back anytime soon though with how they’re handling the pandemic. I can’t really blame Six Flags as it’s the park guests that aren’t spacing out in lines correctly. But I feel six flags could try a bit harder to fix these problems. Anyway, I had a decent day but there were times I felt uncomfortably close to others in lines and stations, and the lack of sanitizing was very apparent. Lmk if you have any questions and I could try to answer them.
  2. Yep that’s definitely the first positive review I have heard for stranger things. Despite being a big fan of the show I hope ST doesn’t return again next year (give another property that soundstage). My top mazes were Us, Ghostbusters and Pandora’s box.
  3. Defiantly get in during early entrance. You'll miss the opening ceremony but you'll be done with a maze before everyone gets in. Once in immediately go to the backlot for AVP and Crimson Peak. After that do everything on the lower lot (The Walking Dead,Insidious,This is the End) including the rides(Transformers,Jurasic Park,The Mummy). After this you'll only have to do Halloween and Terror Tram. I would leave The Simpsons and Despicable Me to the end if you have time. Hope this helps!
  4. To me the little drops on the tomorrow land side of Matterhorn are very surprising, especially if you're in the back.
  5. The logo looks really good! One thing I hope would be at district of fright next year is scare zones. It would complete the event a lot better.
  6. I'm so happy East Side Lagoon is back. I read this whole story during summer, and loved it!! The additions for 79' look great and I look forward to following this story.
  7. After the woodies complete, you should place some flats. The park lacks in that department.
  8. I love the location and backstory of this park. I also love how you chose the 50's to start the story instead of 70's, like most stories on the forum. One problem I noticed with the park is all the stairs. If you could replace those with ramps, the park would be more wheelchair accessible.
  9. Some of the teasers sound like they have to do with the Riddler or Joker, which is D.C. Maybe Six Flags is taking over.
  10. I really am enjoying this park. The storyline is perfectly fine to me. I love how much thunderstorm dominates over the park! Please DON'T abandon this project!
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