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The Ellen Degeneres Show Discussion Thread.

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This is a discussion thread for the amazing Ellen Degeneres Show. Discuss what you think of her, what you think about the guests. I'm new to this show as I only followed the 11th season so is there any recommendation of some great episodes?

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Ellen is the only talk show I still watch on a regular basis, even though I don't have TV anymore.


The only guests I don't really care to see on her show are Sophia Grace and Rosie (I still don't get why Ellen spoils those kids SO much. I'd hate to see them get burned out from all this fame and attention.), and the "Long Island Medium." Luckily, since I'm just watching clips on Youtube, it's easy to skip those segments.


Some of my favorites bits are:

Anything with

Theme park visits


and of course, "crazy ADHD piano prodigy kid." rofl

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^ I really agree with everything you said! I honestly think every kid in her show with more than one return are getting unnecessary attention, Sophia Grace and Rosie and the Taiwanese twins especially.


Kevin the Cashier is a very fun part. I always want to go on Know or Go

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Some people argue that Youtube and TV shouldn't cross over, but I think this is pretty cool. I've always thought Ellen should bring more popular Youtubers on her show.

What I wouldn't give to see the Vlogbrothers, Freddie Wong, Glozell, or Miranda Sings on the Ellen show...

...but not PewDiePie, sorry, just... no



Also, I like that her sponsors are getting even more generous with their donations. They used to top out at $50k:


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