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Theme Park Mugs, Cups, Glasses, and Such.

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Well, I actually counted all the mugs and cups I have collected through the years, before and during the "TPR Touring Years", lol. Turned out I have nearly a month's collection of the things!


So with that in mind, I am going to start this thread, and share the mugs, with a mini-story here and there about how I came to collect it/them.


And please feel free to show what you have, too! It's nice to have souvenirs of a park that are actually for a purpose, other than sitting on a shelf, etc.


But before I get into the day-by-day, here's a CoasterCounter Stein I ordered and received from Coastercounter.com a couple of years back. I am a regular, in ordering their milestone t-shirts, through Zazzle. But the stein was unique and it hangs proudly among my other larger mugs on the Big Coffee Cup Rack in the kitchen.


Where it hangs out, with the other mugs. (Mainly Disney, but that's later...)


That all-important "where made" on the bottom.


One side.


The other side.


The handle.

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Bill, you should come and stock up with mugs from Alton Towers. They seem to like their mugs:- They have them for other rides too. I think the Rita one was the worst seller as on the last day of the season, the main shop seemed to sell nothing else apart from Rita mugs. There were hundreds of them!





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^^^^ Bob, what I did with my smaller non-useable cups and mugs (yes I collect those, too), was stack them pyramid-style in a kitchen window. I must admit though, we have a fairly large house with plenty of "showing space" around. By the way, where are all your Starbucks mugs from? I got a pair of demi-tasse cups in China, but that's all (thankfully) I have...so far. (o;


^^^ Neil, those look great! I especially like mugs like the '13' and 'Alton towers' ones, where the image is 'raised' on the mug? Don't know what that's called (anyone?), but I have several mugs like that (to be shown later).


^^ I have to say, that there seems to be much better responses to specific souvenirs threads (t-shirts, magnets), than just an all-purpose All Souvenirs Combined thread. Which is awesome!

___________________________________________________________ *


The "Twins" of The Big Blue Hotel


Remember that movie "Twins" with Danny Devito and Ahhhhnold playing....twins?

Well, this is sort of like that.

These are two coffee mugs I picked up, on two different TPR tours of the UK.


The first smaller one, was bought in 2006 on the very first (public) TPR UK Tour.

At the impressive Big Blue Hotel, which is located right beside a bunch of coasters

in the equally impressive Blackpool Pleasure Beach amusement park. If you were

lucky, one side of the hotel (and your room) faced into the park, with a few of it's

coasters and attractions to see.


That's the way we (Fran and me) got our room in the 2010 UK-Europe TPR Tour.

And the Hotel also had shot some steroids into their coffee mugs and it was

a BIG MUG! So I got that one, too.


So I call these mugs "The Twins" (sort of).


One of these has put on some weight, The other has remained slim & trim. (o;


Hmmm. Looks like the 2006 mug will not reveal it's "where made" information. And what the heck is Porcelite?


The BIG Big Blue Hotel mug from 2010. A bit dark, but still readable.


On the inner rim of the mug - contact info!


I still like this first mug (2006). It's not big, but that's okay.


And inside it's rim. A phone number of the Hotel, possibly not still in use.


Back of the mugs. And I'm surprised the 2010 mug didn't do it's main image on the front and back, like the 2006 one did.

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A New Years Mug


First off, this mug is not for the current NYE.

I got it, at the Disney Store locally, for when the

calendar clicked over to....2000.


But it's all I got for now. And at this time, I would

like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and best

wishes for 2014 to all.


What year is Mickey looking into?


Well, the 2 - 0 looks right...


But it's followed by another 0 - 0. Oh well.




And here's Disney Store logo on the bottom of it.

And it's Made in Thailand!

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35 Years - in 2012


I picked up this one during the TPR China Tour in September, 2012.

And I had no idea that Ocean Park had been around that many years!


A very nice mug, with a couple of great park photos on it, too.


Happy (post) 35th, Ocean Park!


The "important stuff" on one side of the coffee mug.


Photo of Ocean Square. What you first come into,

when you enter Ocean Park, Hong Kong.


The cable cars. Used to be The Only Way to get up the mountain to the

other part of the park. Now they have a "train" that goes up and through the mountain!


If this one wasn't Made In China, I was going to be very shocked.

But (am pretty sure) it was - Microwave and Dishwasher safe, too!

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I'll have the Coaster-In-A-Dungeon, please?


This was one of the "Dungeons of..." franchise, mainly in the UK, but also in Germany too.

And this one opened in Amsterdam in 2005, with a bit of a difference...


The "Dungeons" have at least three common things in them: Live actors; a Mirror maze; and

some kind of "attraction" that was made and themed unique to the particular Dungeon. Most

were some kind of boat ride, and lately, enclosed drop towers have been installed, as well.


But Amsterdam has The Best of Them (IMhO), and is the only "Dungeon" that has a

MACK E-motion coaster inside, where a church used to be! Reaper: Drop Ride to Doom


So I got the on-ride pix; I had the pre-tour pic taken; I bought the t-shirt and souvenir guide;

and I bought The Mug.


Here's the mug, with a few pix of the building of the coaster in the former church (2005). And a few

on/off ride photos. I visited it one month after it first opened, then re-visited it with my partner

David, in 2007.


Here it is. Your basic blood red on black colour scheme.


And OMG - it's Made In..... ENGLAND!


A look at the building of the coaster in Amsterdam Dungeon (summer 2005).

(Thanks to Whoosh Magazine for the photos.)


Organ shot. (o;


This is sort of the main loading/exit station with the track running around it, and an elevator lift used. Quite a lot packed into such a small space. And the drop track in behind all this.


Me on the Amsterdam Dungeon's "Drop of Doom" - Oct.31, 2005.


My pre-show photo. Lovely.


Me and David enjoying ourselves. April, 2007.

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^ Mais oui Robert....


(But that didn't start till.....2006 with TPR!)


I must admit, everything that I put out and display

and/or use in the house, you never feel like it's a

lot of clutter, etc. Or being 'surrounded' by everything.


I do good houseworkl!

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Spokhuset, Grona Lund, Stockholm


Grona Lund park has an awful lots of things going for it. Between the coasters

and rides, the arcade games and the eating places, it is really a great place for a full day.


But - when we were there in 2009, I really wanted to get either a t-shirt or a

coffee mug with GRONA LUND emblazoned all over it/them. We did get a

great gift of an INSANE t-shirt with the park on it's back.


But still, not a lot (at that time) in the way of these kinds of souvenirs to buy.

That was the only disappointment I had with Grona Lund. You could still get a few

souvenirs here and there, albeit ones with attractions-specific logos on them.


Like the Spokhuset walk-through, haunt house at the park. It was great. It had

live actors, and had two levels to walk through, including part of it's path out on the

front balcony. Very cool! So, I decided to get souvenirs of this attraction.


There was a mug - and a fridge magnet - for this attraction, AND it did also have

GL's logo there. Although it was the tiniest writing on it. But no matter. And maybe

for the 2014 Scandi Tour, souvenirs may have 'changed' there, by now.

Meaning = More of Them!


The Mug and the Magnet. Nothing else on the mug. Back, bottom or inside on it. Nothing. )o:


A shot of the actual attraction (thank you Divv!) when we were there in 2009. Note, gp on balcony?

Great haunt and they even copied it's lettering (and colouring) on the mug and magnet. Way to go, GL!

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Paramount Canada's Wonderland


This was bought in 1999, when Paramount Pictures was the (then) current owner of

the park, north of Toronto.


And the Big News Coaster at that time...was The Fly, a souped up version of

the mad mouse.... in Bright Colour, too.


This mug is the same, front and back. And of the mini-pix, showing some of

the attractions there. I also got an 'overhead shot' placemat of part of the park,

which was cool...at the time.


I will now magically switch the handle to the other side of the mug......


Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

And that's all I got on this.


The 1999 PCW's placemat. When there were less coasters and attractions there. And The Fly was New!

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Selva Magica, Mexico


This was a great park, as part of a really awesome short TPR tour in Mexico,

last March. This was an important tour to myself, as I was about to hit my

#600 Coaster (and it was Medusa at Six Flags Mexico!) and then turn

60 before I left back for home. Exciting times...


Selva Magica had some great attractions there, including a Schwarzkopf

Jet Star, Tornado; the Pregnant Woman Walk-thru; a really cheap SkyCoaster;

and just recently, it has bought and put back together a unique coaster called

The BULLET. This will definitely bring TPR back for another tour, maybe 2015?


I also enjoyed the tasty surprise of beer mixed with spicy clamato juice! It was

especially nice on the hot day we had there at the park. No complaints, and it

was good!


And lastly, Selva Magica was celebrating its 25th Anniversary back then! There

weren't a lot of special souvenirs to buy. But they did have the mug available.


One side, taken w/o flash.


The other side, taken w/flash.


Mmmmm tasty drink during the heat.


The Bullet. Now in Selva Magica!

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One Hundred Years of the PNE...and Playland


2010 was a special year for my home park, Playland. It is part of a larger property, which annually hosts one of the biggest fairs in Canada - The Pacific National Exhibition, or The PNE. And the fair by then had put in 100 years of operation.


So t-shirts were made, a celebratory historical book was published...and yes, mugs were made, too. In two colours, red and blue. I only got the red one, because red is my favourite colour.


The design is only on one side of the mug. Nothing on the bottom, either.


And nothing inside. Still, it's a nice shape, and I like how the red colour is used in the design of it.


100 Years of Fun - the history of PNE, and Playland, too. Lots of pix in it, trivia, and such.

Like when Elvis played there - and The Beatles.

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