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Best seat on a woodie

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I usually/always pick the third seat of our Coaster here in Vancouver.

And in other coasters, I'd usually pick in front of, the middle of the train.


Just me. I am happy there. Front seats are always a nice Plus. I enjoy seeing

ahead, and (sort of) knowing what I'm heading into, lol.

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I haven't been in the back seat of a woodie (save for Lightning Racer earlier this summer) in ages because of my back. But in the past I was a dedicated back seat rider on most coasters (save for those where having the front seat visuals, like on a suspended, really enhances the ride), and I liked the back seats on most woodies. Lightning Racer wasn't bad at all in the back (I rode in the middle car, not the very back), and actually it I think it may have been better there than anywhere else.

But if you are worried about roughness, the very front seat (or the front of the 2nd row of seats) is normally the safest bet. However, some coasters are just rough anywhere - I found my last ride on Wildcat at HP (same trip as my back seat LR rides)to be a jack-hammering mess even in the very front. I can't imagine what it would be like in the back, and on a "wheel seat".

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Well, for me the very last row. BUT I'm a masochist and actually like a rough woodie, so I enjoy the getting beat up. Also airtime tends to be great back there, like Grizzly at KD...wouldn't think anything of it but had some major air back there!


Of course the front is smoothest but if I want smooth, well that's nice but steel exists for a reason

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