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Coaster Expedition or RAW? What should we make next?

What DVD series should we focus on next?  

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  1. 1. What DVD series should we focus on next?

    • Roller Coasters in the RAW
    • Coaster Expedition

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I enjoy the coaster expeditions because it reminds me of the "Cruise in Review" videos that Royal Caribbean produces. They show the human side of TPR and how much fun all of the trips are and all of the crazy antics that can and do happen. Yes RAW showcases the roller coasters, but Coaster Expedition shows the parks and the culture and themes the parks have. Either or, no matter what you guys do, its appreciated!!

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It's basically "all of the above" (re:CE)for myself when it comes to a TPR Coaster Expedition.


It's really great to see a few of those you (now) know, who you've toured with - and enjoyed the parks and coasters with.


It is a unique kind of "family album" in it's own TPRish way, lol.

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Having re-watched Coaster Expedition 13 for the first time in a while today (helped to make a long day better), it definitely reaffirms my hope for another installment in the series. I too was brought to TPR (way back when) because of the Coaster Expedition videos and can still know videos by the song used in them as a result of my watching those videos so much when I was younger.


I love the RAW series too, especially when watching on my PS3 and HDTV, but I'd love to see more of wacky antics from TPR, especially from the last few years of trips.

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I'm pretty sure I am the only one who would ever request this, but a compilation of the "awesome" TOGO and Meisho coasters you have video'd over the years would be ace. Granted: it would be more in the line of posterity and comedy value rather than an actual spine-tingling extreme set, but cool nonetheless. Anyway, that's my half-nickel.

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