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[RCT3] Longley Beach Theme Park - Park Sold to US Investors

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Hey Guys, so it's the middle of summer here and it's so hot! I went for a little trip today, here's my update!


We can see the park is already open and everything is running!


Walking down the street opposite the new Longley Beach Theme Park Car Park, I can see something is happening there!


The monorail train has arrived!


It's a smart looking train!


I wonder how long it will be before they start test running it?


I didn't stay in the park for long today, it was far too busy for my liking.


Sometimes in the summer the park almost lets too many people in, it's crazy!


It was far too hot for me to be walking around all day, so I gave up for today.


Until Next Time!

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Summer is out of the way now. It has been a decent season for Longley Beach Theme Park. I went down there today and firstly, they're testing the monorail!



After a very busy season, from the beginning right through the summer, suddenly the park has just died...




One of the girls who works on 'Boomerang' said to me at midday that the ride had only run 9 cycles in the hour and a half since the park opened today, that's not good!


There was no queue for Boomerang all day!


The chairswing was empty, the staff certainly look bored with how empty it is!


From the queue of Chairswing, you get a nice little view of Boomerang.


As I left I walked over to get a shot of The Boardwalk, this is meant to be getting a huge make over this winter, who knows that's going to happen!


A view from the park on my way home.


I'll probably visit again before the end of the season to see what's going on. I'm going to assume the busy start and summer will have saved the park this season, because with how empty it is now, they look like they could be in trouble again.


Comments and Feedback Welcome!

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Final Day of Season 2!


This season Longley Beach have done absolutely nothing to mark the end of the season, which I am quite disappointed about. Anyway as I arrived today I noticed the entrance has all new signs up!



Boomerang was quite popular again today, I don't understand why it's always quite popular at the end of the season, probably cause people might believe it's the last season for it?


The Monorail train has been parked up in the station inside the park.


A couple of people asked for a bird's eye view of the park from above, it's not great but I'll be getting some more next season!


I didn't hang around at the park for long today, went home but had a little peek at all the work going on at the Boardwalk, all of the shops have gone and new construction has started!


As I was heading home I was looking at how much Longley Beach Theme Park has transformed the area in the last couple of years, it's just a shame the park is still struggling to bring in the guests!


Back next season!

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Love it. Really realistic and I like that your removing stuff to add new stuff rather than expanding all the time. I like the new themed building shows that the park is trying to move in another direction and makes more sense to me than just retheming the whole thing to just theme a bit at once.


Looking forward to more.



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Thank you all very much for your comments!


We're back!

It has been one hell of a long winter, with so much work going on around Longley Beach, despite the fact the park still doesn't open for another week, the all new boardwalk is now open and I thought I'd go down while it's quite and show off the all new look boardwalk!


According to rumours, the entrance to the boardwalk still isn't finished, there is apparently a new sign still to be put up.


Inside we can see a few new buildings!


The new Customer Services building is open, not only does it deal with the whole of the Longley Beach area, but it also has maps and other little bits of information for the Theme Park


Le Ranch is a new restaurant opened on the Boardwalk, I went with my family the other night for a meal and it is absolutely amazing, the food is very high quality!


Once Summer arrives it'll certainly be nice to sit outside at the tables!


A View of the new developments on the Boardwalk.


Testing on the rides has started, including the monorail!


The entrance to the theme park is completely boarded up for now as the entrance to the park gets it's finishing touches to it's new look!


Boomerang testing!


It's quite busy on the boardwalk, there were rumours of a cinema being built on the boardwalk but it seems those plans fell through!


Until opening day next week...

Have a great week!

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I don't know how or why, but for some reason this is my first looking at this thread, and I can legitimately say I am very happy to have seen this! I love parks like this with a storyline(when I saw how skilled you were I had to read through every update) and this is VERY impressive! Amazing work!

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Opening Day!

It has been a really long winter, there has been a lot going on at Longley Beach, especially with the new boardwalk and new additions to the theme park. Today I went down on opening day to have a look around...


The car park and monorail were open, the car park was packed so I was expecting the monorail to be quite busy, so I walked instead.


The weather was really nice, considering it's only March it was quite warm!


The new boardwalk is so much nicer than the old walk to the park, and I've never seen it so busy!


The new entrance is all finished. Quite a change to the old, basic entrance!


I'm liking the new wooden effect used all over the new boardwalk, including the entrance area to the park.


The monorail station inside the park, it was quite busy all day with people coming and going. The way it works is people have to buy tickets in the car park to get to the monorail in order to get in to the park.


Trebuchet was busy once again.


I don't even need to get in the queue... I can see how busy it is...


Today was so busy, it's a nice change to the past where the park has never been this busy.


Overall the area is coming along nicely!


And to finish off, a nice little bird's eye view of the park for you guys who have asked for it!


Thanks for reading guys.

Visiting the park again pretty soon!

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Longley Beach Theme Park Sold To US Investor Group.


You have read right, as of today Longley Beach Theme Park has new owners. A group of investors from America have put in an offer which has been accepted to purchase the theme park with full intention of continuing to run the park as a theme park.


Along with the purchase of the theme park, the group of investors have also purchased the old public park next to the theme park and fenced off the area and cleared it out. It has been rumoured that this is with full intention to be used as an expansion to the theme park.


Below are a couple of photos taken at the park today, which is currently closed for the winter months.


The park land along side the theme park and boardwalk has been fenced off.


If the rumours are true there is a lot of promise if the park expands!


We can't wait to see what the future holds for Longley Beach Theme Park!


According to staff at the theme park such as security and maintenance, the theme park will remain the same size for at least another season, with the company investing in redeveloping that area of the park, however with plans to expand, there's a high chance of us seeing a lot more coming the parks way in the next few years!


Keep following this story for more on Longley Beach Theme Park's new lease of life!

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Hi everyone!


Today is Longley Beach Theme Park's season pass preview day!

Now since this US Investor Group took over, there has been a massive amount of work been going on at the park, just walking up the road to the park you can see there has been a lot of work done...


New Coaster! As you can see this new coaster is in the construction site section sadly!


Another view of the new coaster!


The park is currently closed and you can only get in today with your new season pass.


Punisher is closed. Apparently yesterday during the first tests there was some major problems and they're working at fixing them before the season starts!


Boomerang has a new station! A nice, new red wooden station!


The monorail is up and testing!


One major change in the park for this season... Where has Slingshot gone?!


Slingshot, The Carousel and The Slide have all been removed and the area has been given a new look with two new rides!


However carousel hasn't gone far, it has been relocated and been given a complete revamp.


The chairswing has gone too, this has gone to make way for construction fences and signs during the development of the site next door.


Whatever the coaster is, it looks epic!


Just another photo to sum up the changes to the area where Slingshot used to be!


That's all for today, we're just over a week away from the official opening day of the newly owned Longley Beach Theme Park!

I can't wait!

See you again soon!

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We will reach page 3 one day! ;D




The new season is in full swing, and with promising developments going on across the new bought area, it looks like the park has been given a whole new lease of life. Today was particularly busy...


We're nowhere near peak season yet but this is the crowd!


The queue for Boomerang became a little too long at times, I heard someone say they waited nearly 30 minutes for it!


The new rides are proving very popular too.


I spot some work being done on the new land behind Boomerang!


Since the start of the season, Longley Beach have added a new section to their website allowing us to follow the development of the new site, they have confirmed that at times the webcam will be switched off whilst secret things are put in place, but it's a nice thought from the park!


The quality of the webcam isn't great, but we can see quite a bit of work is going on across the site right now! I'll post another webcam image with the next update very soon!

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