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Oh Tennessee, Rocky Top, you'll always be, so much fun for meeeeeee to make fun of....


Tyler Bray not charged in beer bottle throwing incident, but served eviction notice from apartment complex


Bray escapes justice this time, but he needs to be arrested and charged in the future for having a terrible back tattoo.....

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^Agreed. All tattoos for people under the age of 30 in America should have to go through some type of review process where the individual tattoo must be approved by a jury of sound minded individuals, and all tattoos that are disproved get posted in a special thread on TPR .


But seriously, I'm not against tattoos at all, I get it and understand the appeal of them for people, but it seems like over the past decade tattoos have gotten out of control in this country. The Denver Nuggets (and half of the NBA) should be forced to wear long sleeve jerseys.

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It's time of year, Fall camps starting up and the first games less than a month away but no one wants to get into full pads quite as bad as Auburn does this year because full pads means they can get out of these awful practice shorts. Seriously, at some point there had to have been a meeting where these new practice uniforms were presented, and someone had to of given them the okay. That someone needs to be fired....








Seriously, wtf? Have fun with this one Bama fans......

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Jim Mora apparently didn't learn from his predecessor to keep his mouth shut...


“We don’t have murders a block from our campus.”


But I guess he can't talk about anything else, since his football team was last seen getting murdered by USC and Oregon.

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^True. Reports are now coming out that Mathieu is considering staying at LSU and potentially returning to the team in 2013 if he can get eligible and "cleared" by university officials. You gotta give the guy some credit if that's what he actually does, transferring to a FCS school for one year then entering the draft would certainly be the easiest thing to do after the success he has had, but staying at the school where you have been dismissed from the team and trying to make amends with the program who initially gave you a chance takes a lot of guts.


I think LSU will still be really good, but his absence certainly is a set back that they can't afford against Alabama.

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It's Friday, so that must mean it's time once again for this weeks installment of "Terrible Alabama Tattoos". A few weeks ago I thought I'd seen it all with Greg Mcelroy's awful/epic chest tattoo, but that was nothing compared to this masterpiece.



That's what $1,700 and 10.5 hours in a tattoo chair will buy ya these days, Roll Damn Tide ..... .


Shout out to kentuckysportsradio.com via bustedcoverage.com for this morning's entertainment Alabama Back Tattoo

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