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In the mid 60's a business man purchased a couple acres of waterfront property, located on Seneca Lake in central New York. He transformed it into a very popular beach, naming it Seneca Beach. After operating the property as just a beach for nearly 10 years, the owner purchased 75 acres surrounding the park with the intention to grow Seneca Beach into a great family destination.




For the year, the beach will remain closed as major contruction is occuring on the property.



A brand new, more permanent entrance has been built.



The entrance plaza is taking shape, with a restaurant, outdoor eating patio, and a bathhouse for the beach.



The beach will sit idle during the expansion.



Lastly, an overview of the land that was purchased.


-Thanks for reading!

Comments/criticism welcomed

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Thanks for all the comments guys!


(Note: I meant to blur the back of the one building, it isnt finished and looks terrible.)


Construction Continues.....



So here's some history about the property...around the turn of the century a sprawling manor was built on the site of the park. It feautred many other small buildings including an ornate gate adorning the driveway. In the early 40's after much neglect, the main home burnt to the ground, as the other structures rotted back into the ground...



Several buildings still existed when the land was turned into a beach, including the gate house. It was then repurposed as the entry gate for the beach. It has been saved again, now simply acting as a decoration.



Two slides named HydroForce have been built on the beach.



Ohh...i forgot the rollercoaster! Introducting Seneca Cyclone, built by the Philadelphia Tobogggan Company, it is one of the tallest roller coasters in the world at 95 feet.



It takes advantage of the tree covered hillside to provide even more fun.



The park also has two other rides currently, The Grande Carousel has been installed. Skylift has also been built, giving guest the opportunity to view the entire park, as well as Seneca Lake.



A large chunk of the park has now been developed.


-Thanks for reading!!

Comments/critcism welcomed!

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Hey so I haven't posted this in a long time, but I've made more progress and have continued it on NE. But I figured id post some more of it here, hopefully it will motivate me to keep going.



The main midway area has been completed, ive also tweaked some of the buildings.



The next area is Lakeside Derby, a twin racing steeplechase. The entire area is simple architecture and manicured gardens creating a very pleasant lakeside atmosphere.



This Boat House area includes a few of the remaining buildings from the former estate that existed on the site. The classical red brick architecture (color has been toned down from this picture) exists on the grand bridge to the island, the boathouse where you can now paddle boats from, and new on the island, and a new pirate ship ride Seneca Schooner.



Finally Seneca Serpent, a terrained 2 loop roller coaster by Anton Schwarzkop. (Ignore the typo on the signage).


There is just a little bit of space left that im going to develop in the park. Then it will be ready fro release.


Thank you for reading, comments and critique are encouraged.

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I love everything except for the layout of the Skyride. It would look a million times better if it were straight.


Yeah when I returned to working on this park that's something I wanted to change. But there really was no way to make it straight without it being very short.

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The pathways irk me a bit, they're too square and uniform. Vary the width, texture, etc. But everything else looks good! The woodie fits in really nicely, and complements the surroundings. Lakeside Derby seems to fly through the trees on the peninsula. And the island has excellent foilage. Just all in all, a good park.

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