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Do you live near Denver, CO?

Do you live near Denver, Colorado?  

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  1. 1. Do you live near Denver, Colorado?

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I've gotten an email from Elitch Gardens asking us if we could find out how many of our members live in that area of the USA. While I'm not exactly sure how many we have, it would be interesting to find out!


If you live, let's say within 200 miles of Denver, CO, please vote in this poll and reply to the thread letting us know where you live!


Thank you!



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I do a lot of business in Denver...enough so that I might as well live there. Haven't been to Elitches for a while though however yesterday at work my co-worker had on MIX 100 KIMN only to hear one of their djs say on the air that "Elitches SUCK" ..this was in the mid morning so I would imagine it was Dom & Jane but not sure...I try to avoid Denver radio when I can

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I live right downtown in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, CO (2 miles from the park). I grew up 40 minutes from Kings Island in Oxford,OH so Elitch Gardens is quite the disappointment. I know it's under new ownership, again, but there is simply no reason for me to visit until some improvements are made...or if TPR had an event. Aside from the Twister II coaster, it is really a glorified, overpriced carnival. It's landlocked without room for growth, is a concrete jungle and offers substandard rides that are closed most of the time. I heard the water park is nice, but we have WaterWorld 20 minutes down the road that is pretty amazing.


There is so much open land outside of Denver. I wish Elitch's would move to somewhere where they have room to grow and add some world class rides eventually.

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