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CrazyParkManager's B&M NoLimits Challenge!

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I started on this when the Challenge was announced, but I had to work a lot.. so this extra day is really welcome here since I had the afternoon off.


I'm not the best technical builder within the NL-community (just look at my past coasters) so I used this challenge to do stuff I haven't done before, which is theme it up with a custom building/qeue's etc without using 3DS. So most of the work on this coaster went into the building and figuring out how to do that.


The coaster itself is handbuild, no Newton or other programs I really don't understand and now the shamefull part : I did use the generic supports, since I forgot about them and I had to do them just know.


The coaster itself meets the requirements with 3 trains, 6 cars per train, and a top speed of 54 mp/h. It has a vertical loop and 2 Corkscrews. Well 1 good Corkscrew, and 1 weird one I screwed up a bit haha.


Its obvious that I probably dont end up at the top of the rankings, but I hope you all like it as much as I like these challenges


On to the pics:


View of the station from the qeue



The sort-of corkscrews



From the top of probably the smallest lift hill i've done



Overall view


And the:



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Alright, so the Track Packager and my station base screwed up on me, so I'm submitting it without that. Sucks, but hopefully the track is what's important!


Three inversions: a dive loop, a zero-G, and a corkscrew. A little less than 125 feet tall and reaches speeds over 50 miles per hour, and 2800 feet in length!



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After much deliberation, we have a winner!


Congratulations to Anac0nda!


His winning entry, Scarlet Rain, can be found Here in the games exchange!


Please send a PM to QueerRudie with your name, Address and other information, and you will soon receive a TPR shirt and DVD!



And keep an eye out folks... I've seen a bunch of bunnies around lately- and I do love watching them HOP.



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