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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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Tomorrow is another location, and then tomorrow night starts the third chapter of this trip! Where in the world do you all think we could be heading?


For some reason, and without cracking open PNRs, I'd put even money that Hong Kong is the next stop... as there's Ocean Parks' new coaster (Yes, I know, it's a B&M...) But also... that other park, um, the one near the airport... what's it called... Disneyland?

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Ahh! Now your in Kuala Lumpur!! Jealous...again! I had just watched a movie with the Petronas in it! Oh and a House Hunters episode and one of the houses had a view of it! xD


Let me guess where your going next...Maybe Phuket to relax!


Edit..Are you at the National Zoo of Malaysia?

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Where in the world do you all think we could be heading?

The Phillipines. There's plenty of Kenny Rogers Roasters locations there.


Yes, but not a whole lot of coasters ... and NO good ones.

But food > coasters. Didn't you see the last pic? Robb's about to eat their newest menu item....turtle. Mmmm, turtle.


I gave up on this game long ago...'cause I suck at it.

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This one is near the sunway lagoon parks (which has a credit I can't find on TPR or RCDB) .... That's the only other decent educated guess I can make.



Chris "really wants a mexican crunch" Connolly


Edit: http://www.burgerking.com.my/find_a_BK/Pahang/Genting.php (because I really want to see what a mexican crunch would look like if it was fedexed to me)

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^ I have had some fairly cool-ish "specialty sandwiches/burgers"


at BKs around the world thru the TPR tours, including Japan, Finland, Germany.


Nothing much here in Vancouver, except what you get in the states at BKs.


Hmmmph. Oops. Forgot.... Poutine. We got that one 'special,' lol.

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