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Photo TR - Pleasure Beach Blackpool

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Quest Index:

Part 1: (Below)

Part 2: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1039158#p1039158



OHHHHHH who lives in a theme park right next to the sea. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!


As im sure you guessed today I visited Pleasure Beach Blackpool on the hunt for the mysterious Spongebob at the brand new Nickelodeon Land and to also ride Valhalla again because that ride just oozes awesomeness.


I will add my reviews of all new rides and attractions below the TR but first things first. PHOTOS!


First things first I needed to set up base camp. This is the AWESOME location I chose as it is one of my favourite hotels.


I must be in the right place because there is signs all over the place with Spongebob on!


After my long drive to Blackpool I needed to refuel, so a quick trip to one of the nicest & tastiest Pizza Huts I have ever been too was in order.


Then back to my room to sort myself out for a day of hunting Spongebob at the Pleasure Beach.


While drifting off to sleep I had this wonderful picture to look at.


After a fantastic nights sleep and a brilliant breakfast it was time to start my hunt for Spongebob. I thought this would be a good place to start.


My first plan of attack was to hit the Pleasure Beach Express to get a tour round the park hoping to find Spongebob. Sadly I didnt find him not even in this tunnel. I did however find.......


Spin Doctors old foundations which are now supporting some lovely foliage. Also I found........


A sexy up loop view of Infusion. And.......


A guy fishing?


As I didnt find him on the Pleasure Beach Express I decided it was time to see if he was on any roller coasters!


He wasnt experiencing VERTICAL REALITY on the first drop of the Big One (Which is a shame as it was running better then I last remember today)


And he wasnt flying past Infusion in the new sexy Union Jack flag trains.


So maybe then I thought he might be Immersing His Senses on Infusion.


Nope, no immersing here. But a whole lot of squirting!


And no immersing here but I got my arse kicked by the ride for asking. (Seriously that the worse I have ever known it to run)


Me: "Excuse me Mr Mouse do you know where I can find Spongebob?"


Mr Mouse: "Grrrrr I don't know. Now come on my ride or I will punch you in the nuts!!"


Yes I rode even though Spongebob wasnt there because this ride is freaking AWESOME!


Just incase you forgot where I am hunting for Spongebob here is a quick reminder.


I know he is meant to be living in a Pineapple under the sea but maybe, just maybe he moves to a cave under a Gold Mine?


Me: "HELLO OVER THERE! Does Spongebob live here?"


Cave Peoples: "Noooooo go away or I will spear you in the balls!"


I took their advice and ran away from them to the Big Dipper still advancing on my quest. Was he here? No, no he was not :(


Wow Spongebob must be around here somewhere rocking out a ride like this. He has definitely gone up a few models from his boatmobile.


How about in Alices Erland? No he wasnt there, but I made sure I entered Alice's Erland twice as its a wonderfull experience and smells AMAZING.


I KNOW! If I get lauched in the air that will give me a good view over the park to see Spongebob. Sadly that didnt work but I did get a nice view of Blackpool Tower.


I think I will take a break from my search and ride the best water ride EVER!


I think the reason I love this ride is because of its wetness. I love wet things me. I am not a Dan friendly person I guess.


"Grrrrr me angry Viking man me now have motivation to continue quest!"


Once again if you forgot where this epic quest of cartoon magnitude is taking place here is another reminder.


I did try to take a private plane to look around the park but they just kept going round in circles.


This guy was no help either as he kept showing me his junk and saying nothing.


Questing makes you very hungry so I highly recommend some sugar, doughnuts and a carbonated beverage of your choice.


I recived some information that Spongebob may be hiding in here but I couldnt investigate. I however didnt think he would be in here because.......




Next I went on the Mioiri? (When it opened obviousally!)


OHHHHH Monorail. I knew it ment that!....


I made sure I didnt get my questing pipe or cigar out while using this means of transport.


Mr Funshine please help me give me guidance!


Now belive it or not he did give me guidance. However he guided me to.......


Broken Valhalla boats.


Which makes me very sad :(


NOOOOO I cant leave yet my quest isnt over!


I took a quick look in here and ended up needing a change of underpants so I thought now would be a better time then any to watch....


The Spectacular Dancing Water Show!


Which is a MUCH better name then World of Color!


You know I suddenly got this feeling he may be in Nickelodeon Land.


Maybe checking the park map will help.....


OH MY GOD! Thats a great idea.


Yay it worked! Stay tuned as in part 2 tomorrow as I will uncover the amazing world of Nickelodeon Land (And trust me it is amazing).

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Cool stuff! I stayed at the Blue Hotel and loved my window view of Steeplechase and the Big Dipper. Blackpool has so much history, it's definitely in my opinion the #1 place for any real classic park nerd to hit. That's right, more than Kenoebels, Kennywood, or anywhere else.

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Oh man it feels good dusting off my old TPR account, like meeting back up with an old friend (only nothing like that at all)...


Brilliant trip report there mate, was really funny and very informative, don't think I'll ever be able to forget that strange man's junk. Looking forward to part 2, want to see how well this new land fits in with the rest of the park, and what the new rides are like. In all honesty though, I think I would of preferred to see a sponsorship like this taken on by another UK park, as in MY opinion, Blackpool is quite an intimidating place for the young children and maybe, just maybe, that may subtract from how nice the new land is. That hotel looks awesome though, definitely the place you want to sleep in after a day of whoring coasters.


Oh Craig, when you do find Spongebob, please kill him right there on the spot, good luck on the rest of your quest!

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When you find him "spear him in the balls"


Is that a mosquito breeding ground in the bottom of the broken Valhalla boats?


Very entertaining, I don't think you had those skills

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Thanks for the comments so far all appreciated.


Now it is time to see the end of my quest.


The first thing I did when I found Spongebobs new home was streak in public!


Of course I did follow the rules and do it between the hours of 11:00am and 5:00pm.


My streaking was so disgusting it turned the train green!


It was so disgusted that it ran away from me!


All that streaking made me hungry. Nom Nom Nom.


This transmitter is currently beaming Spongebobs message all over the world. That important message is.........erm i forget.


Ha your not so lost anymore as I Craig the amazing quest adventurer have found you!


This sign gave me a very good indication that it would have been near.


I almost turned right but luckily things that are lost now have signage pointing you in the right direction.


Spike is always on the listen out for Spongebob as him and Gary the snail have a grudge as Gary stole Spikes girlfriend FiFi! (Naughty Gary, when I tell Spongebob your in for it!)


Ladys and gentleman, just for you on my amazing quest I entered stone Reptars water cave!


Oh my god, Tommy and Chucky found gold. They will be set for life with the value off that. I wonder what they will do with their new found wealth.....


Go to Fairy World obviously!


It only cost them 3 golden tickets each.


I was hoping that Spongebob had turned himself into a yellow Fairy Cab for a laugh and would notice as I waved goodbye to Chucky and Tommy.


As per usual I was mistaken and it was a normal Fairy Cab. You know they are so magical that they dont have drivers!


I had a feeling Spongebob wouldnt be in Fairy World he would be in Bikini Bottom.


So with my magic questing wristband I purchased at the start of the day I took a tour of Bikini Bottom.


Unluckily for me the driver was a learner and had not mastered how to turn corners yet.


When I got of the bus I found myself in the rainforest.


Which luckily enough for me had a hot air balloon center.


Which allowed me to fly high and look over the land of Nickelodeon for Mr Squarepants.


This rather happy fellow gave me a few hints as to where I could find the anwser to my quest.


He suggested that if I turned blue and learnt to fly.....


I may find they mystical Sponge of Bob


Sadly I didnt find any mystery here but I did get to take an awesome tunnel.


At this point I was starting to belive I would never find him so I decided to do some shopping.


WOOOH IVE FOUND HIM!.......Damn it thats not the real Spongebob.


Wow what has happened to Patrick someone stole his eyes!


Im not looking for My Spongebob, im looking for THE Spongebob.


I know maybe he is making some world famous Krabby Pattys.


Looks like they are open. Im sure he must be here.


See I told you they were open. I dont see Spongebob anywhere. Maybe Mr Krabs will know.


"Money money money."


Okay I guess he doesnt know.


Spongebob is the sort of character who likes bouncing, maybe he is at the circus.


Mr elephant look sad so he cant be here.


I was going to head over and ask Dora if she knew where I could find what i was looking for.


Its a shame she wasnt ready for my visit but her friends were working very hard to make sure she will be ready soon.


Her world of adventures will be ready to explore very soon im sure.


TREASURE! Finally some progress.


Remember kids always follow health & safety guidelines when questing and digging for treasure.


Hmmm doesnt seem he is here either.


I know he must be bending air (if thats even possible!)


Hmmm it doesnt say anything about the possibilities of a Sponge bending air here. Maybe if I ask someone.


Me: "Excuse me do you know where I may find a sponge wearing square pants?


Stone guy: "No sorry, but if you ask my master he may know more"


Me: "Your stone guy said you know may know where I can find Spongebob"


Magic guy on ball: "Yeah he was here a while ago. He shaved all my hair off then ran away laughing"


The magic guy made sure I didnt follow this very nice arrow but made sure to point it out to me. (Yeah he was a little bit weird)


Then he started getting all fancy and showing of his mad disc moving skills.


They were abit limited though as all he did was go up and down with some spinning.


I had almost given up hope now until I heard something about Spongebob holding a splash. So I ran over to the mysterious location the random voices told me to go to.


This has got to be the place.


Good thing I got here when the party was still on. I would have felt very stupid if I turned up and the party was over.


Yay Patrick is here! He said he was going to teach my to Jellyfish.


Squidward was very impressed when I told him.


So Sandy karate chopped him in the balls for being a party pooper.


Which cause the main man himself to come out with Mystery. YAY I HAVE FINNALY FOUND HIM! Time to have a good old Splash Bash.


Items you require for a splash bash as the following.


1: Some coral.


2: A special coral reef water cannon.


With specially adapted coral surrounding.


3: A specially adapted coral disguised water artillery vehicle.


4: Water!


And of course the 5th and final thing you need is all of you to go to Nickelodeon Land with your friends and join Spongebob is his epic Splash Bash Battles.


So there you have it my quest has been completed and I am shattered. I found Spongebob, I experianced the brand spanking new land of awesomeness at Pleasure Beach Blackpool and of course........


Had a FANTASTIC day out. Seriousally I had a wonderfull time and I hope you all have as well.


Please feel free to comment and stay tuned for my full detailed review of Nickelodeon Land and a video!!

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Um, wtf?!!?



This looks like some sort of KKK Children's Outfit!!!


I just laughed and cried. It felt odd.


And is that a green nose I see where his eyes used to be? Better yet, since when did a starfish have green boots?


Oh, and awesome Trip Report. How did the new trains on Nickelodeon Streak feel? Cause they seem like they would hurt in my opinion

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Nice trip report and good photos. I'm looking forward to visiting in September and I think that it looks fanastic. I am pleased that you had a brilliant time and found spongebob in the end. How busy was the park and what were queues like? It's going to be VERY busy in the school hoildays so you must have been glad to go when you did. I also wondered about the Airbender ride and how good a ride you got on it. Looked like Kobra at Chessington but without the hump so I'm sure that if U can handle Kobra then I can handle this one at Blackpool.

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I just want to know what kind of comments someone like Craig gets hanging out in the kiddie area... How many of the kiddie rides did you actually get on?


Looks like a great change to the park. What was the splash bash like? It looks like it would be very wet for a UK attraction although they also have Valhalla... Finally just wondering though did they just tack some new front ends onto the old trains on the wooden coasters?

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How busy was the park and what were queues like? It's going to be VERY busy in the school hoildays so you must have been glad to go when you did. I also wondered about the Airbender ride and how good a ride you got on it.


The park was dead, everything was walk on. The only wait I really had was for a train to arrive or more guests to come along. Its always a good day when Valhalla A) Doesn't break down for long periods of time and B) Is a walk on. As for Airbender I didn't ride it, I am not a fan of Diskos due to the fact they crush my balls but I have been on other Diskos and I doubt this one is any different.


I just want to know what kind of comments someone like Craig gets hanging out in the kiddie area... How many of the kiddie rides did you actually get on?


Looks like a great change to the park. What was the splash bash like? It looks like it would be very wet for a UK attraction although they also have Valhalla... Finally just wondering though did they just tack some new front ends onto the old trains on the wooden coasters?


I got on most of the kids rides, I think the rides staff were just happy to have someone come along and have a chat with them. Splash Bash was better then expected. I don't feel like I got the full experience though as the park was so quiet. On a hot busy day at the park it will be fantastic. Even though it was quiet I enjoyed the ride more then I do you normal splash battle rides. The Nickelodeon Steak and Blue Flyer trains I belive are the same but have had new bodys installed very professionally and look really nice.


Really nice looking area now....It was very shabby before. Two points - 1) OMG, Nice refurb of the rollercoaster! 2) What is inside the old Space Invader building? Is the coaster still in there?


1) Yes the orange is FREAKING AWESOME and B) A new pizza buffet restaurant, costume character HQ and soon to be a 4D Nickelodeon cinema for next year

last I heard.



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Actually does Streak have restraints now? I never got on Roller Coaster (I blame it on the fact that the last time I visited before the UK trip last year it was a different type of ticket to the rest of the coasters...) so I was always curious what it was like.

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^It has lapbars now. Has done for the past few years. I am pretty sure it ended up with an old Big Dipper train.





It was a ton of fun at Blackpool last summer on the UK trip. Only bummer was the early close time as I could have happily stayed riding for hours longer. I hope that the new kids area is a huge success for them as I really want that park to keep thriving.

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That's probably the best Nick themed area I've seen but you have to have tickets to ride.

Wait, I'm not sure you actually read or know anything about Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They have options for both tickets and a wristband.


Also, has the park officially re-branded themselves as "Pleasure Beach Blackpool?"

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^^ Robb (& Craig), they have actually rebranded themselves as just Pleasure Beach (minus the Blackpool). It is a way of making themselves seem more modern, fresh and appealing. Blackpool has a bad reputation of being grim and scummy in the UK (just look at the sea, it is brown!). I love the way Blackpool... sorry... Pleasure Beach is really cleaning up their act.



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I'm not even sure what to think about that. As someone who worked in product development for Disney during a time where they were concerned that more kids were familiar with Sonic & Mario rather than Mickey, I do know that you can't just swap the name of something, consider yourself "re-branded" and then get people to think there's been a huge change.


I don't know what the follow up or knock on effect of that that change will have, but all I know is that when you have something which has carried a brand name and more importantly a reputation for more than 100 years, it's going to take a lot...and I mean a HELL OF A LOT of effort to actually re-brand yourself, change the perception people have of a product, and in the process not confuse the hell out of people.


I really hope they have a solid multi-year plan and a way to reach out to the entire country in order to do this.


Case in point - look at how many years it took to change the reputation of Thorpe Park (not sure that it's changed for the better, honestly, but it has changed) and that was a relatively new, and kind of an unknown park before Tussauds stepped in.


In order for Blackpool Pleasure Beach to really make strides at re-branding themselves, they really need to step up the game, especially when you just look at this thread, and it's clear to me that people who live in England, AND are "theme park enthusiasts" are already posting confusing, conflicting information and what the park is calling themselves.


If it's not clear to us...how is it going to be clear to the average Joe UK public?



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When i was there all i was seeing or hearing was Pleasure Beach Resort or Pleasure Beach Blackpool. Thats from signs outside the park and the guy on the radio in park.


I think the thing is everyone will still call it Blackpool Pleasure Beach regardless of what the park do name change wise. As Robb said above it took years for Thorpe Parks reputation to change, and I belive that if Pleasure Beach are trying to do the same thing it will take considerably longer then Thorpe Park did because so many people have a lot bigger, more established image of Pleasure Beach in their minds as its been around for a hell of a lot longer.



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Brilliant end to the trip report Craig, looking forward to your next one! Taken me by surprise, I expected a quite half assed attempt to make this new land, to get a quick buck, however, it looks very well thought out and put together, very impressed. I totally agree with the comments made earlier in this topic, that Blackpool is seen as a bit of dump, with not very nice locals, this is one of the few reasons I have yet to make a trip up North, good luck to them trying to shake this image and once again, great report!

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