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TPR Monthly Micros [RCT2]

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Okay, so since we have so many people who want to participate, this month will be a little diffrent. This mont we will be doing trios or dous you choose? Post your vote below! You have 3-ish days to decide! Scratch the last post about next month. Also to people who have already started there solo micro, you can enter it into a future round.

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Well since no one is voting this month will be a dou month. (sorry coupon) So this month you and a partner will work on a micro. Have you and and you partner post your names on the the thread and start working, you have till the 25th. Good Luck.


Example of what your post should look like;


Me % Sally


Sally then writes:


Me and sfgamguy

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^ February's doesn't start till' today, I think this month is the duo month, considering they were talking about how many entries there were.


Also, I am still open for a partner if anyone wants to, just let me know either in a PM or in the thread, I have Skype, if that interests anyone. =P


EDIT: If anyone wants to check out my work, I have an album here on photobucket, it's not much, and it's all NCS but hey....



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