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TPR Monthly Micros [RCT2]

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I'm almost done I just need to finish the station and maybe a shop or two. Do we need a download or just screen-shot's?


Download Please.....send them too me and I will pass the on to the other judges.


So the park has to be peepable? if so I'm (almost) screwed.


It does not need to have peeps.

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I does suck. I dont like that you can see the stone wall, there are several of the supports that I dont like on the junior coaster and I HATE that I could only get two rides onto the map. Im happy with the way that the map turned out but the thing is that I know that I could have done better than that. There are several things that I dont like about it, im picky I know but I want it to be nice and have a certian "atmosphere" that I dont think it there in this one.

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Is it to late to join?


Actually No you just made it for feburary


CCI will you pm that zip to me please?


Im down for Feb. I have a question though, me a Blah! were thinking of the Micros over at NE and they have duel micros. Can we do something similiar? Just a question.


Thats a good ideas I'll consider it.


Has anyone heard from socalcoaster yet?

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