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TPR Monthly Micros [RCT2]

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Well here's my entry for this month's micro. The centerpiece of the park is an Intamin launch coaster. Other rides are a carousal and kiddie frog hopper. This is my first time doing custom supports and scenery, but I tried to make things look as nice as I could. Some parts are under-supported, but I couldn't build a couple supports without running into some glitches. Huge thank you to djbrcace1234 for helping me make ride huts invisible and for the merge!






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Hey Patrick, I really like what you did with it! That carousel is just gorgeous!

Thanks DJ, glad you like it! And thanks for helping me out and answering my random questions, couldn't have done it without you


:omg: You said that was a first?

Pretty much. I've played the game before, fiddled around with custom scenery here and there. I've only made one real park, Acre's Edge in 2008, and that was mainly no CS and no hacks, just a couple custom flats from AE (better pics at the end http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=45430) I didn't really start using 8cars and custom scenery till last winter break. Hopefully i'll come out with more stuff soon! Just takes a lot of time to do.

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I apologize for any confusion, my internet went out and we had to wait for a new part to come.


Hold on-- I'm confused.

I only got 1 micro...


Pm me which one you got and I'll send you the other two.


Is March's winner ever going to be announced, seeing as the host hasn't commented in quite a while it seems that this contest is dead, unless someone else can take over the judging...


The deadline was yesterday.....don't be so anxious.

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