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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Probably just a crazy idea, but Greased Lightnin'. As John Travolta played Bolt in the movie BOLT, and also was in Grease, which Lightnin' is themed after.


Edit: also as for the new clue, Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, very close to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.




Shot in the dark here, but Apollo's Chariot? Apollo is a Greek God, like Zeus, who is the god of lightning. And Williamsburg is fairly near DC, where Lincoln was president, and where the Lincoln Memorial is.


Ummmmmm... good, but no.


Tidal wave- sfga

When moved turned into greezed lightning at kk.

Sfga is in Illinois which is the land of Lincoln

Also Kentucky is the birthplace of Abe Lincoln


I like it...

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Rolling thunder at sfga

A bolt of lightning is followed by rolling thunder

It is a steel bobsled coaster

Was at sfga which is in the land of Lincoln


You've got some amazing logic there...


Let's give out another clue:





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Anaconda at KD. Is a steel coaster with bolts attached, it's near DC, and it has a tunnel that goes underwater.


No, and remember to explain out each clue along the way.


It was Lincoln with the Bolt in the Submarine with a STEELly look in his eye.


Wait this isnt clue. Carry on!


Ummmmm... No, but try again. With explinations, too.

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Whizzer at SF Great America?


- Built with bolts, also in the same park as a coaster with Sprocket in the name

- It's in Illinois, the land of Lincoln

- It's a steel coaster

- While it doesnt go under water like Submarines, it is over water and gets close to it.


I was wondering how long it would be before somebody guessed a Schwarzkopf coaster... But, sadly, that's not it!






So you have:





and now LOGS.

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Bolt - The coaster bolted from its orignal location

Lincoln - The coaster used to be in the state Lincoln was born, Kentucky

Steel - It is a steel coaster

Submarine - the coaster was Yellow, like a Yellow Submarine


Is it Chang/Green Lantern?

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Matterhorn Bobsleds?


Bolt-The Mountain has a Lightning rod

Steel-It was the first Steel Coaster

Submarine-Voyage through Liquid space was built at the same time (1959)

Illinois-Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln another Disney attraction that now resides in Disneyland, was built for the Illinois Pavilion at the 1964 Worlds Fair


*Logs- Splash Mountain

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