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TR: Epcot Food & Wine Festival


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Our "family vacation" at Walt Disney World continues with the final day of Epcot's Food & Wine Festival!


Ahhh...finally made it this year to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival! We did the Wisconsin Cheese Festival a couple of weeks ago which was nice, but not as awesome as this!


At KidTums school her teacher told us "KidTums says she's been to Mexico and keeps taking about some boat ride she went on..." We had to explain, "Yes, she's been to real Mexico...but she's actually talking about the ride at Epcot!"


KidTums version goes "The Three Caballeros...The Three Caballeros...They say birds are made out of feathers!" lol


"Hey Piers....Om nom nom!"


When in Mexico...


They serve real Polish people here!


Hi Wes...How's it going?


I have waited a whole year for these!!!


The awesome Chinese Potstickers make Elissa's hair do funky things!


Even on the last day of Food and Wine, if you get here early, you won't wait in line! (Hey, I made a Rhyme!)


Ok, that sounds pretty awesome!


"It's gonna look the same coming out!"


Mmm...I love Italians!


I can't wait for the 2011 TPR Japan trip!




Surprise! Jim Disney is now working at Epcot modeling Domo calendars! Bizarre!


I can think of at least one TPR member who needs this!


"I miss Japan!"


This makes me miss Lotte World!


It's a "Women's massager!" lol


Domo invasion!!!


"I could have used this in Wisconsin!"


"Waffles and a Stella from Belgium! How's it going Benny!"


I never in a million years thought I'd be saying this...Canada is AWESOME!


Aarrgghh! Spicy sausage and cheese soup! The absolute BEST combo at the Food & Wine Festival!


Anyone remember the Wonders of Life Pavilion?


During Food and Wine festival it's used to house some of the displays.


The inside of the pavilion has changed so much you can't even recognize it as Wonders of Life.


Looks totally different now.


This used to be "Body Wars", a simulator ride through the human body. (not kidding!)


The old exit to Body Wars.


Looks like the ride may still be back there, just all covered up now.


In this theater was the most controversial film in Disney parks history, "The Making of Me!" (Look it up on YouTube!)


It used to show a movie with Martin Short explaining in graphic detail how babies are made, but now it's just about drinking wine...I guess it's still sort of the same premise...


This was the entrance to Cranium Command. One of my favourite old "side attractions." Was a great funny show. Look it up on YouTube.


The old snack and food areas.


The AnaComical Players used to perform here.


This was a great send off to this years Food and Wine Festival. Light crowds, amazing food, great drinks! If you've never done this event, it's arguably the best seasonal event on any Disney property!


I still have not been on this ride since it became Ellen's Lesbian Hour.


OMG!!! Epcot has a Robo-Coaster??? Why didn't anyone tell me???


Mmmm....Epcot... My favorite theme park in the world!


We'll have more updates soon. Remember, if you like the mini-updates, post a comment and let us know!


--Robb "All the photos in this update were taking with an iPhone 4!" Alvey

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Robb -


You haven't been on Universe of Energy since 1996? How is this even possible?


I think I've ridden it at least five time *on two separate trips to EPCOT* this year (I've actually been to WDW three times this year on separate trips. I know, it's a sickness, I'm dialing it back, starting by not renewing my season pass. You'll be happy to know I didn't ride the big (gay boat ride? no, that's the Land) lesbian dinosaur ride last week when I was there. For once. (But I always make time for Turtle Talk.)


Yes, it's outdated, tone-deaf compared to today's environmental issues, and incredibly corny - but it also has Alex Trebeck and Activia Lady and Bill Nye the used-to-be-popular-Science guy!


I go because the music is awesome and the pavilion itself is still rather spectacular.

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You haven't been on Universe of Energy since 1996?

I actually haven't been in there since 1989! I dunno, I rode it once and was like "meh...I don't ever need to do this again" and I married someone who feels the same way...so I haven't been back!


We were actually joking that we should do it this trip just because...



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For one thing, it is just too damn long to be around Ellen. At least, when she is on TV you can just turn her off. And the worst part, is that after you put up with her long enough to make it to the awesome dinosaurs, they have her show up in that part too!


And isn't Bill Nye the Science Guy dead already?!?

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^I think all they did was take a generic animatronic and dress it up in Ellen drag. I was evaced from this ride the last time I rode it. We made it through the dino room (which is the best part, anyway), but had to be walked out of the section where Willard Scott reports the "weather." At least we were spared watching Bill Nye shill for Exxon (at least I think they were the ride's sponsor back then).

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Aww, this made me miss my time as a disney castmember.. Food and Wine was the best time (except for christmas of course) The atmosphere and all the wonderfull food and drinks that you get to experience!! I don't think I've ever eaten so much during a whole day like my walk around the showcase and the foodstalls. And I must say, the Cheddar cheese soup and Pork pot Stickers, OH MY GOD!! Its like living in Margarita-land! Oh the memories, oh the crawling


Thanks for the update Robb, great as always!

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