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Fudgey's Japan, Australia and Singapore Adventures


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This Summer, my girlfriend (Amy) and I travelled to Japan and Australia to not only sample some of the many cultural highlights that these countries had to offer but to also visit some of their well known parks, and Tokyo Disneyland!


Firstly, can I say that I would have loved to visit Japan with TPR (damn you work schedule!!! ) and anyone who is signed up for their trip next year will have an amazing time!


Before travelling, I was actually quite aprehensive (and excited) about Japan but we found that the culture is very welcoming, it really isn't that hard to get around and the food is absolutely amazing! TPR's Japan Travel guide (http://www.themeparkreview.com/japan2004/japanguide1.htm) was invaluble here by the way. Number 1 tip: Get the tourist Japan Rail Pass!!


Update #1: Fish, Temples and Toshimaen on page 1

Update #2: Fuji-Q Highland on page 1

Update #3: Bullet trains, Kyoto and Universal Studios Japan on page 1

Update #4: Nagashima Spaland on page 2

Update #5: More temples, Sea Paradise and Yokohama Cosmoland on page 2

Update #6: Tokyo Disneysea on page 3

Update #7: Tokyo Disneyland on page 3

Update #8: Sydney Area on page 4

Update #9: Melbourne Area on page 4

Update #10: Gold Coast - Dream, Movie and Seaworld! on page 4

FINAL UPDATE: Universal Studios Singapore on page 4.


Hope you enjoy the updates - please post if you liked it!!


Update #1: Fish, Temples and Toshimaen


Our first main day involved waking up very early because of jet lag, so we thought that we would use the time to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market. It was recommended to go at around 6am (the busiest time of activity). So we bought our metro day pass, and off we went for the day. Seriously crazy - fish, lots of people, fish, men driving mad barrel type vehicles, fish, massive tuna and more fish. The locals don't seem to mind the tourists freely roaming around. After visiting the Senso-ji Temple as well, we had the afternoon free (due to most free tourist attractions being closed on a Monday) and decided to take the metro to Toshimaen Amusement Park. I hadn't planned to visit this park at all but as the metro line has a station right next to the park, it was easy to get to.


The park was VERY quiet and was a good way to spend a couple of hours. Highlight: They had a Haunted Hospital themed haunted walk-through upcharge. We did this and they asked us to fill in a questionnaire before we entered that included questions like: 'Do you like hospital smell?' and 'Do you like hypodermic needles?'....


Good Morning Tokyo...


I seriously hope this is the way to the Fish Market...


My what big tuna you have... Tuna auctions take place here early!


Anyone fancy buying that???


Worth visiting, but don't go if you don't like seafood... ;)


Temple Credit Number 1


First park of the trip... Toshimaen




Powered Mine Train. but what is it called?


Oh, okay gotcha...


The Cyclone, which actually was pretty good, if a little odd.


The Cyclone's smaller brother, Mini-Cyclone




Shockingly named The Corkscrew...


Now, on the TPR Japan Trip, who is going to predict an furry animal duel...


Thomasland..... ;)


Complete with some amazing Thomasland rides... ;)


'I want to eat your eyes' Haunted Hospital Walkthough = Scary when you don't know the language...


The questionnaire we had to answer before the Haunted Walkthrough - 'Do you like Hypodermic needle?' and 'Do you like hospital smell?' are two translations for the questions at the bottom...


These things were everywhere...


Sitting in Pikachu's backside does not appeal to me however...


'I also want to eat your eyes'


And in the giftshop we found some quality merchandise and signage...


You see, quality merchandise and quality signage...


So overall, this small park in the Tokyo area was easy to get to and a good way to spend a couple of hours. Thank you Toshimaen.

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Can't wait to see your full report Dave!


The fish market has always intrigued me, but since I HATE fish and the smell of fish, I would probably die if I went anywhere near that place.


Cool to see the new kiddie credit at Toshimaen that we'll all be able to get next summer.

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Update #2: Fuji-Q Highland


Our second full day in Tokyo involved getting up early to catch the Fuji-Q Highland highway bus from the main bus terminal in Tokyo at Shinjuku. It was about 1h 30min bus ride to Fuji-Q Highland and was very easy (the hardest part was finding the ticket office for the buses!).


I liked Fuji-Q Highland quite alot (probably because it was not very busy at all really - operations were not amazing at all...), and even more amazingly Amy joined me on Eejanaika which is Fuji-Q's S+S Arrows 2nd 4D coaster - bone jarringly intense...


They have a Thomas-Land which is really nice that included a Thomas the Tank 4D show... and some other rather unique attractions such as a haunted attraction where you literally stand in an open coffin and have a man tell you scary stories in Japanese... a real WTF moment!


Their rapids ride is very cool and unique, although shocking capacity but we only had to wait 35 minutes (the line was easily 2 hours earlier in the day).


Beautiful day being overlooked by Mount Fuji!


I think that sums up Amy's feelings pretty well at the moment...


Welcome to Fuji-Q!


Don't hit the bears...


Time to get our pictures taken for our ride passes...


Looking sexy...


First up, Dodonpa (apparently this says Dodonpa...)


There is the Dodonpa launch - make sure you do this first if you ever go there (capacity and operation = shocking)


Next Fujiyama (Amy liked this)...


If you are tired then you cannot ride (bottom right)...


Mad Mouse (bad capacity, operation v.slow, get on it early!!)


Next up, Eejanaika, S+S Arrows 4D bone-jarring, brain swelling fun machine...


Hmm, is this ride for midgets??


So again, slow loading, one-car operation, and you must not have ANYTHING in your pockets, its the law!


In all honesty though, good, intense fun!


Aah yes, Amy's favourite ride here...


The lift-hill was freshly greased (I kid you not, the engineers had just done it before our car...)


Don't hit the bears...


Yay a real Thomasland... But who the hell is Hiro...


Thomas the Tank 4D... really...


Thomasland lunch = superb!!


Amy likes green melon Fanta and an orange pot of goo...


Did I mention they have awesome Fanta flavours out here...?


Their Haunted Hospital is apparently the largest haunted walkthough in the world...


YES, they have a starflyer (with some very odd construction themeing with good music!!)


Aah, what is this...?


You stand in a coffin and they try and scare you with creepy music and a man shouting Japanese... honestly...


Last but not least, the lucky cat rapids (poor capacity, but a great rapids ride!)


Goodbye Fuji-Q, we liked you (as you were not that busy!!) Back to the bus!

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I would one day hope that we get lucky enough to visit Fuji-Q on a day where crowds are light, but it has yet to happen. I wouldn't mind giving a couple of coasters a re-ride that I refuse you wait in 3 hour lines for. I haven't even ridden Dodonpa or Fujiyama since our initial visit in 2004 because I just refuse to stand in line hours and hours for something I didn't really care for the first time around.


Even still, I'm not sure I can ever utter the words "I liked Fuji-Q" simply because I'm not a fan of *any* of their attractions. And when I read that even on a slow day the operations were horrendous that just makes me question how this park is such an anomaly to rest of the uber-efficient Japan. There really just is no excuse for it.



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Fuji-Q is one of those parks which looks cool to visit, (sounds like I should do a TPR trip sometime) but would hate after I visit it because of the lines.

I still have to wonder, does their management know of this problem? It seems like their goal is to purposely do this since almost every TR from there always has poor operations.

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I really wonder what the issue is with the Hamtaro coaster. We also have been in line only to watch them stop operation and grease up the ride!?!?


Did you happen to notice height restrictions for the mouse, hamtaro, or thomas coasters?


Just trying to decide if I'm going to bring KT next summer or spend a nice day in Tokyo with her instead!

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Sounds as though it was really quiet compared to when you guys have been. Dodonpa had a 90 minute wait in the afternoon (glad we did it in the morning) and the longest line we waited in was for Eejanaika (about 50 minutes, although 15 minutes of this was because they were switching their trains over!) We liked it because it had some unique stuff for us I guess, although some of those queue pens looked nasty when full and in humid heat...


Elissa, I have the English version of the map and it says:


The Great Fluffy Sky Adventure (Hamtaro coaster) - minimum height of 100cm or above

Mad Mouse - 110cm or above

Rock 'n Roll Duncan - 3yrs and up.

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Update #3: Bullet Trains, Kyoto and Universal Studios


The next stage of our trip involved getting the bullet train from Tokyo central station to Kyoto. Our JR Rail Pass became valid today for one week so the plan was to use it as much as possible. We reserved seats on the Tokyo to Kyoto Shinkansen Hikari bullet train (free reservations with rail pass). Bullet train travel = amazing and easy! Tip: Buy a bento box from the Tokyo station food court before travel (amazing!) - there is so many types of excellent food. Bullet trains run to the second - the efficiency was superb (a tad better than Fuji-Q!).


In Kyoto, there are lots of cultural sights and temples, as well as lots of shops and small side streets to explore. We stayed at the Westin Miyako Kyoto which was next to one of Kyoto's metro stations and therefore made travelling very easy. It also had a courtesy bus to and from the train station which again made things very easy.


Universal Studios Japan was the first park we visited while down in Kyoto. It was about 45 minutes by combination of bullet train and local train but again easy and straightforward. It was very wet for a large proportion of the day, but again the crowds were light!


Their new attraction for this season was Space Fantasy, a HIGHLY themed indoor controlled spinning coaster made by Mack. I have to say I thought this was very unique, and we both really liked this ride. Now I love Universal Studios in Florida and this park literally was the main Florida park with the best of attractions from Islands of Adventure and the Studios park (with no Men in Black ).


Hollywood Dream lets you rock out to Bon Jovi - so it gets my vote automatically... Doing it in the heavy rain however means you have no eyes left by the end...


So, we are on the right line and station yes....


Hello sexy bullet train...


Make sure you buy a bento box!


...and maybe some cake...


As the bullet train whizzes through the country, looking out the window for too long can make you feel ill...


Temple Credit Number 2


Loving the English translations...


Green Tea Ice Cream = Wierd...


Temple Credit Number 3


Apparently the restroom gets off a stone...


Hello my friend... (The station entrance literally is in Citywalk)


Amy and I love Bubba Gumps...


Kong is still at Universal Studios Japan!


Everyone loves Space Fantasy...


Thank goodness parts were undercover, the rain was torrential today...


So Hollywood Dream in the rain = PAIN, but some nice little pops of airtime and Amy liked it alot!


Okay, I had no idea before we rode what this ride was about, and I'm not really sure I do afterwards, I just know I liked spinning with lots of crazy light effects and trippy music...


These kind of freak me out a little bit - they are everywhere inside Space Fantasy...


Anyone else confused, I expect Twister to be here but instead we have good old Cyberdyne systems and their crazy Japanese PR lady in the red dress...


Where is the Museum of Antiquities??


Jonah Jameson loves you!


YES!! Only in Japan can you still go to 88mph...


Anywhere you can buy BTTF merchandise is good to me!


Sesame Street 4D is at Universal Japan, and that means lots of Sesame Street merchandise and of course the COOKIE MONSTER!!


Is Ernie flirting with the dancer...?


Hello Kitty was in the same show/parade... WTF?


And now here is just a little slice of the merchandise...


...and Hello Kitty merchandise...


Back to the rides... so USJ is now the only place where you can have a Backdraft...


Anyone else confused...?


Amy loves Jurassic Park...


According to Jurassic Park staff, Westerners are likely to smoke, drink and eat while on the tour! (Note the thin Japanese people and the stereotypical fat westerner...)


But at least you can get a leather treaty in the gift shop...


So what else can we do in the rain...?


This picture is Dave Thomas approved ;)


Sorry I take it back... This picture is even more Dave Thomas approved...


There is a land themed after Oz, along with a Yellow Concrete Road...


I hate Dorothy... I hate her...


You can also see an abridged version of Wicked... It was good to stay out of the rain, but the show sucked... At least I didn't have to pay for West End tickets to find this out...


You can however buy stuff in the Winkie Warehouse in Oz............ LOL


Snoopy's coaster was Rollerskater fun!


Yes, Amy does need some guidance at times...


And just for completion sake, Mel's Drive In was here too!


Goodbye Universal, we liked you alot!!!

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Loving the reports Dave.


What's up with the tattoo sign at the first park ? So if you have a (visible) tattoo somewhere, you are not allowed to the parks ?




You must cover it up at all water parks, baths, etc. At the theme parks, I'd say about half wanted them covered up.


So make sure to bring long clothes or some bandages to cover them up!

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Loving the reports Dave.


What's up with the tattoo sign at the first park ? So if you have a (visible) tattoo somewhere, you are not allowed to the parks ?




You must cover it up at all water parks, baths, etc. At the theme parks, I'd say about half wanted them covered up.


So make sure to bring long clothes or some bandages to cover them up!



In Japan tattoos are associated with mostly negative things. Mostly crime and gang related. So to not offend anyone they ask to be covered up. Most Japanese tattoos will follow a suit pattern which will not show above the collar line sleeve line and ankle line.


This report looks great by the way. It makes me really, really, really want to go to Japan.

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Update #4: Nagashima Spaland


Looking at TPR's visits to this park, it has been said that it was Japan's Cedar Point (before CP built their huge rides and modernised the park) and I would totally agree with this. Easy to get to, it required the bullet train and a bus to Kuwana station ala TPR's Japan Planning Guide.


We both really liked this park, again for uniqueness and for the fact it was REALLY quiet, I mean probably the quietest I have ever seen a park of this scale. They have a waterpark which seemed quite busy but their main amusement park was completely dead, which means excellent for us. Highlights included:


Steel Dragon 2000 is their gigacoaster, built by Chance Morgan. This had some good airtime pops and some fairly intense helixes at the turnaround. The views over the sea and the surrounding areas are excellent and we both really enjoyed this!


White Cyclone is their woodie, and again had some good airtime pops, long helixes (some serious bone rattling here) and a nice layout.


Ultra Twister is a Togo pipeline coaster and this is the first time I have ever been on one of these things, having only seen and built them in Rollercoaster Tycoon when I was younger and no guests ever particularly liking them... Unique, different, scary vertical lift chain at the beginning where you hope you are not going to die!


Free fall is an Intamin old school freefall ride and this was the first time I had done one of these, drop towers still make the adrenaline run!!


Welcome to Nagashima Spaland


Quite a nice setting.. ala Cedar Point


Coaster #1: Togo steel sitdown...


...Flat and forceless... They do like their Pirate ships in Japan though - there were 3 at this park.


Mrs Tiggywinkle... Peter Rabbit characters are on each of the ride signs...


I wonder what this is called...


Oh right... gotcha!


Togo Death #2


These cars look like prisons...


We survived.. and it wasn't that bad!


Like seriously, the park is dead today!


That is one big ass ferris wheel...


Now I don't mind Ferris Wheels but this one was HUGE!


Some good views of the park though...


There's the longest coaster in the world...


And there is one big ass helix...


White Cyclone!


Like seriously, this would = death in the heat and humidity today!


Children Coaster, as listed on their English map...


Amy's happy on the Children coaster...


They had a good selection of kids rides...


OMG... Thomasland ;)


Looping Star by Mr. Schwarzkopf


...and a Shuttle Loop, originally named...


...Oh yes, Shuttle Loop...


Free fall = YAY, as I haven't done one before...


And Steel Dragon 2000, where a wheel fell off the train in 2003, I suppose thats a bit better than a chair...


That's one big ass lift hill!


Now if anyone would like to tell me what is on the pilots face, please go ahead...


Queue pens of death are empty, which is a very good thing!


And of course, to finish, we'll look at food. Anyone for a mega kebab...


This was just outside Kuwana station - this is a DEATH burger, I mean OMG. No, I didn't have one, but maybe we'll see one being eaten on a upcoming TPR trip!

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^ We did ride it yes, and no wheels fell off at all. We both liked it alot!


Update #5: More temples, Sea Paradise and Yokohama Cosmoland


Kyoto is well known for its history and its temples, so our last day in Kyoto involved viewing some of the popular tourist sites and generally walking around. It gives a good look into the history of this city and is worlds apart from modern day Japan.


We returned to Tokyo via bullet train, checked into our hotel and then made an afternoon visit via local train to Sea Paradise (Blue Fall.... ) and Yokohama Cosmoland.


Sea Paradise is a fun Japanese holiday resort not far outside of Yokohama city and looks out over the ocean. It houses Japan's largest collection of marine life through the various aquariums, Surf Coaster (Togo steel sitdown) which is mainly out over the sea and Blue Fall (330ft of Intamin drop goodness). Surf Coaster was actually very good, not very rough, good airtime and intense helixes. Blue Fall scared the crap out of me but was excellent (keeps the adrenaline pumping!) This park, again, was very quiet which means more rides on Blue Fall for me!


Yokohama Cosmoland is in the centre of Yokohama city, close to the bay. Having not done my research, we arrived by train to find lots of police directing people, roads closed and everything at a standstill. Apparently, it was one of their huge! firework festivals and the amount of people here was crazy, like stupid crazy. Still, we made our way from the station to Yokohama Cosmoland, while watching some of the biggest, loudest and amazing fireworks I have ever seen. If you have seen Disney's in Florida, just imagine several times bigger! Seriously, seriously cool! We then rode the Vanish! rollercoaster, well known for going through a tunnel in the middle of the lagoon and the Spinning mouse, both of which had about 15min lines. The setting for this little park was great, and lit up looked very cool! The amount of people leaving this festival via the trains was crazy, but it was well organised, the masses of people were moving quickly and we got back to the hotel absolutely exhausted! God I love this country. If this had happened in Britain, all of the tube stations would be closed and it would take hours to get home.


Tokyo Disneyland next...


First up, this is the Philosophers Walk in Kyoto. I do not look very philosopical...


Temple Credit #4




Last Temple Credit #5 - Ooh thats pretty...


On the way back at Kyoto Station, a Pingu exhibition...


...Insert Pingu noise here...


Just time to look at some electricals...


Yay... Sea Paradise! Great setting, especially as the sun was setting...


Hello sexy... Prices for wristbands got reduced at 4pm which = :)


Got there just in time to see Believe... ;)


Trained Beluga Whales = I Believe!!


So first up = rapids! Now I love rapids rides but this one was very, very short!


Please don't dance in the boats...


I stayed dry, this did not make Amy happy...


Next up... Togo!


Random stuff will attack you on this ride...


And it goes over the sea... This ride exceeded my expectations!


From the Sky Tower, it all looks rather nice!


Yes, yes, your turn next...


Hmmmm... not the picture I was looking for...


And it was... 'The Greatest Fall'...


Amy thought no way...


The car comes into the brakes very, very fast...


Check out that Beluga...


Thank you Sea Paradise...


Nice pictures around the Electric Train Station...


Next up, Yokohama Cosmoworld... The ferris wheel was not lit up as some amazing fireworks were just about to blow...




Bang... and the train has gone!


Another huge ASS ferris wheel...


Like seriously... can you see those crowds...


Japan's public transport helped destroy these queues rather quickly!


And to finish off... the Spinning Coaster.


So time for the train, and then to bed. What's this though... Fanta/Cola Fun Mix = delicious!!


Ice Chocolate Milk Tea drink = not so delicious... :(

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^ Honestly I'm slightly disappointed that I can't purchase a tiny Big Mac. It would be awesome to do a whitecastle style binge of mini McDonalds!


I HATE fish and the smell of fish, I would probably die if I went anywhere near that place.


I know who I'm sticking with on the Japan trip!!


Awesome TR so far Dave, just makes me more and more determined to get to Japan soon!! Looking forward to more updates


Oh, I put links into the first post to make everything easier to find



Edited by TPDave
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Update #6: Tokyo Disneysea


Right, sorry for the delay with this, suddenly work has taken over...


Now onto one of the most anticipated parts of the trip for me, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea. I had wanted to get here for quite a long time due to the unique attractions that are here and you know, it's more Disney!!! We'll start of with Tokyo Disneysea.


We stayed at the Sheraton Grande Bay hotel, one of the Disney partner hotels that run along the bay, which is literally 2 mins walk from the Disney monorail station (Disney Resort Line Monorail). These hotels are expensive, but less expensive than Disney's own, but completely worth it due to it's proximity and views.


After arriving to the resort via Tokyo metro, we had allocated 3 days and 2 nights at the resort. We spent the first and last days at Tokyo Disneysea, with the middle day at Disneyland. Park passes can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 days, but you can only park hop on day 3 or 4.


Disneysea is a visually stunning park, as you would expect from Disney. At night, this park really looks amazing!!! Highlights for me:


Tower of Terror: Different story, different theming = GREATNESS. I thought the preshow worked well, the theming in the 'basement' was excellent and it was great to experience something different, having done the three other towers around the world.


Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Again, great theming, great story (hmm I using Imagineer language here I'm sure), uses the Test Track ride system (and I love Test Track...!), my only criticism is that for all of the build up, it is just too damn short!! Don't get me wrong, the ride itself is great but you kind of want more.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull: Love Indy, a few differences to California's version I think, but great!


Aquatopia: Quirky, different, very fun! Looks great at night! We came to an E-stop half way through because some idiot had dropped their mobile phone in the water at the unload station. Just a very cool, different ride, and yes we got mildly wet on the wet side of the ride.


Sindbad's Storybook Voyage: Typical Disney boat attraction following Sindbad's adventures with his tiger cub, Chandu. Really fun, catchy music (irritatingly...!). Again, great to do something different to the norm.


The park was not as busy as I had expected really, but I guess I was expecting mayhem from what I had heard. If you are tactical, use Fastpass effectively and single rider effectively, then it really is no worries. The longest wait we had across the 3 days was for Journey (70min), and this was only because we had missed the fastpass distribution on the first day (and I really wanted to ride on the first day). When we went to ride again on the second day, 15min wait (via a running of the bulls park opening after getting a Tower fastpass...).


Single rider is a bit of a non-entity here - very, very few people were using it on Indy and Raging Spirits (the only rides which had it at Disneysea)

Indy had a line of 60mins, but single rider = no wait, so we did this several times. We even were both in the same car on a couple of occasions. Raging Spirits had a very slow moving line, with the line being in the hot sun for the majority. Single rider = no wait = yes please!


Anyhow, onto some pictures...


We stayed at the Sheraton Grande Bay Resort...


What's that I spot...


Ahh yes, a sea view, excellent!


This looks like a good sign, lots of empty car parks...


Monorail, can you spot the hidden mickey?


Oh dear...


Top tip: If the park opens at 9am, get there at 8am...


Wait a second, I'm confused...


Yes, it is all that pretty (not me though...)


I'll get back to you later...


Aquatopia... Check out the TPR videos if you haven't seen this before... it is ACE!


Yes, I am a nerd!


You see look, the wall is letting some water through, but the ocean isn't really on the other side, really...


Stormrider - A motion simulator (ala Star Tours) with some very good in vehicle effects while riding into the eye of the storm.


Obligatory Indiana Jones Temple shot...


Hosted by Panasonic...


Raging Spirits - this small looping coaster is next to Indy in Japan and IS Indy at Disneyland Paris...


There are so many warnings for this ride... I hope it isn't as rough as Paris...


Quality theming in the queue... but wait a minute...




Oh, it is so pretty here!


Next up, Sindbad - Sindbad sails away in search of goods, goes through lots of adventures and then returns home, apparently while singing all the way. I thought this ride was excellent BTW.


Sindbad in 'Saving the Giant Bird Eggs'


Sindbad in 'Saving the Jolly Green Giant'


'I want to eat your eyes' - no flash phototography was used in the making of this photo...


Agrabah - finally a properly themed Aladdin themed land...


A magic show featuring 'Genie', count me in...


If you speak English, you get to feel special with a language translating PDA...


Yes, I do look camp in this picture, before anybody comments. Who doesn't love Aladdin though...?


Flounder loves his Flying Fish...


However, no smoking fish please...


Yes please, I want to ride it now!


Obligatory, never photographed before, sign...


Long queues make Dave sad...


But there is Chemistry in the queueline, CHEMISTRY...


... and OMG SCIENCE!!!


At night, this place looks ace!!


... thats perrrrttyyyy...


Mickey save's the day in the battle of fire vs water...


That is one kick ass fire dragon... better than murphy... cough cough...


In the end though, the wierd water angel and the fire dragon love each other... Nope... I didn't get it either...


Hmm, Hightower Hotel, sounds familiar...




I think something went wrong here, i'm not sure what...


It was all caused by him!! Seriously... I loved the storyline and theming to this!!


Amy loves Harrison Hightower III...




Ok, now for a rant. Disney loves its merchandise. Who doesn't?? Vinylmation, pin trading, cuddly toys, and loads of other crap... This is Duffy, the Disney bear... Seriously, they were everywhere. It doesn't matter where you were, there was a child, or mother, or anybody who had one of these... Shocking!


Oh my god, please make it stop...


Disneysea rocks though!! It was ace. And I met Scrooge McDuck, my dreams came true...

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