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The Red Dragon - [NL] POV VIDEO PAGE 5

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I've recently developed a fascination with B&M hypers, with the new wave by Cedar Fair and a great love for the classics such as Raging Bull, Nitro and Apollo's Chariot, I felt inspired to design my own.


The theme and setting is based on my home country Wales and the legend of "Y Ddraig Goch" (The Red Dragon) that appears on the Welsh flag. I'll go into more detail when I release the ride, but for now heres a picture of the newly completed turn-around.


EDIT. The images are a smidge too large for this forum, I'll upload them else where for a bit while I re-size!



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^ I believe that the ride is made using Newton 2


CORRECT! I'm fairly new to it, only started playing around in January, BUT on the other hand I am abit of a perfectionist and a die-hard B&M fan, so I've done my best here to capture that floaty essence. Not entirely sure it will be to everyones tastes as you can't actually feel the air on NL (unless of course you do the whole "have a beer and jump up and down" trick) So please bear in mind your experience on a real B&M hyper and imagine that if you please. IF you've not ridden one, errrr not sure what you can do really.


Just for an update. Currently designing out the station, got some ideas. I want it to be very grand, but wooden! with no 3Ds, bit of a challenge really, wish me luck. about 70% of the basic ride support-age is completed.

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I definitely can say that it is a pleasure to see another NL coaster posted in this forum. Seems like RCT(3) had taken over recently and NL has taken a back seat, which of course is lame.


Coaster looks great so far, and seems to be a great combination of the best of B&M. Keep up the great work, I will definitely be following this one.

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So, the weather's cleared. So I took a few photos . The station is still under construction. Although I'm not really ready to show it... The finale is also getting some work done, but not to ruin surprises so I've not taken pictures of that. The first half is almost complete, just the work on the lift hill really.


Here is a view from the other side of the peninsula that the helix lies on, this side of the lake is where the ride plaza and queue will be..


Here is the hammerhead turn shining in the sunset. I like this shot as it reminds me of a picture I saw of Intimidator this week.

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How did you make that awesome hammerhead? I tried with little success and ended up with Diamondback or Behemoth style ones.


Well, if you're using newton, use a multi zone and lock roll and lats, make the the force go down to about 1.3 keep that for a few seconds then bring it up to about 2/3 Gs. Then unlock the roll and do a right roll followed by a left roll finishing with the 2/3Gs force. Keep the roll and positive force the same for the corner and do the reverse on the way down, modify to avoid collisions and there ya go

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After brainstorming and getting some ideas down here's the start of the station construction. Alot more has been done since this picture I will show more soon . Supports are almost done too.


The idea is based around the castle ruins that are dotted around Wales.



Credit to CrazyCoasterGuy.

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Here's another picture of the station from the path side. More work has been done but a lot more needs to be done. Andre's off to Disneyland (lol) for a week so progress will grind to a slow trickle for a good week, I'll be finishing off the ride and details I can do, but I doubt there'll be much interesting things to show on here.


I don't want to give too much away, but the idea of the station is a medieval castle ruin, it's been renovated to be safe for the ride to be in it and people to walk around, but it's been left in the ruined state from when it was destroyed. The story of it's downfall will be told in the queue. This is the exit side of the station.



Obviously the terrain isn't done, it will be perfected finally, but as the track file is being passed back and forth some work done here, some there, not everything is in place but it'll be sorted at the end don't worry. Also you can see the final corner here peeking through in the background.

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More support work has been taking place, ride testing has finished while the aesthetics come together. The cartexture is currently being designed, the ride motif has already appeared on the trains zero-car. Alot of terrain work has been undergone on the surrounding area with some extra theming. The track colour has also been slightly tweaked.


Here you can see the ride completely dominates the area with it's intimidating lift hill.


Work is going on inside the castle ruin, some shelters will keep the infamous welsh weather off waiting guests.


Here's a look at the motif on the trains, the two battling dragons silhouetted.

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