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Six Flags Virginia(RCT2) NO CS

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This is Six Flags Virginia. I moved the game to another computer so I email it from my laptop to this computer, and I can now post screens. So far all thats in progress is the DC action zone. That being said there is a lot more coming, and a lot of work has been in the zone. It includes a megalight, a Schwarkopz jet star(I think) and an intamin drop tower like drop zone. It also includes a gift shop. Penguins Blizzard River, a comic store, and a resturant will be the next additions.






The themed line. What should I add to the open spots as I dont think the tent roof fits. Also the superstore is near the exit.




Cat Womens Whip.


This is weird. I thought I took a better pucture of Luther. Oh well, there the station in the background.


Area so far. Landscaping to be added shortly.

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Sorry but there's not enough to comment on. For Sf accuracy I would make S:RoS more out-and-back rather than the twisted layout you have, and do you really think SF (or any chain for that matter) would use the name "Airgasm"?

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Have you ever thought to get more work done before posting? Year 2 and several coaster layouts with scenery objects slapped on them will not get the comments you're looking for. Take some time to look at real Six Flags parks for ride inspiration, architecture, and landscaping. RCDB is a good source as well as google images. I think if you took some time to plan out your park, it could turn out pretty good. Nin's non-CS SFMM is a good example which you can look to for realism. Or if you're going for more of a fantasy style of building that's cool too.

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I'm sorry to say but it looks nothing like a six flags park and I think you mainly chose that name because its one the most known park chains,


As for the layout do as nin suggested and make it out&back

For the buildingsand themeing I'd start over from scratch cuz like goliath said it looks like you made this in 10min and just slapped some scenery on top of each other,


Look at real buildings and look at good parks like nin's SFMM,


In my eyes the thing this park lacks the most is effort and real skill if I'm really honest because your work hasen't really improved for as long as I've been on these forums this mostly because you don't really learn from what people tell you if they give constructive criticism...

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Dude do you really read?

I said look at real buildings and park, as you suggested but looking up pictures for him is a thing I won't do its his park and if he wants it to look good he needs to put in the effort of getting good documentation and stuff like that, not me, really the posts we're all criticism but all did say what he could do so don't lecture me on giving good criticism because I did say how he could take a better turn on this as did nin and goliath...


What's the point of a topic if I can't speak my mind and I actually want you to give me a solid answer without wyning about being nice and not being subtle enough

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OK, let me jump in here and comment on your park.


Superman doesn’t look bad. It’s definitely a unique-looking coaster. I feel you should make the first drop a little steeper since most first drops look better that way. Aside from that it looks pretty good.


I agree with everyone on the buildings though. Look at pictures of actual buildings at SF parks and get a feel for what they look like. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but try to come as close as you can.


I don’t think the Schwarzkopf really suits that section of the park. I kinda feel you should take it out and replace it with something else or move the ride somewhere else. That’s just me though.


Lastly, both themeparkman25 and Belgian Guy are right. While the park needs work, it’s your park and you can do whatever you want with it. Don’t let criticism (constructive or not) get to your head.

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I started from scratch. The coaster still needs to be customly supported with the in game supports, so I'm not giving a picture of the complete ride. The colors are a bit of a stretch, but the ride is green, like a boa constrictor, hence the name Constrictor. What do you think? Any better? I will probably update quickly(within the day or for sure tomorrow) so keep reading this thread for more. Also, its not completely done, I need to add some building to the exit.


Constrictor. Any better guys?

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ghost, that last attempt is getting better. We really need to see the whole coaster though.


In my opinion, you seem to just build buildings without much thought on their purpose. Stations are typically pretty spartan, usually some posts, a half wall, and a roof, unless you're trying to theme them. Go through the Park Index and trip reports to get some ideas.


I also think the best way to plan a park, is to actually plan the park. Lay out what you want in the park, what's it's themed areas are going to be, and how the midways are going to flow. Then start building off the midways. I will actually sketch a quick path layout, and draw some generic areas, off them to give me an idea of where the themed areas will go, and how they can flow, or if they flow.


When I build a park, I typically build the midway through the entire park first (or a rough guesstimate of where I want it), then start laying in the support buildings, like Guest Relations, bathrooms, food courts, etc. Then I go to the bigger customizable rides, unless I have a definite idea on how I want it to function with the area.


As for BG and Themeparkman25, arguing will not be tolerated. I know I've told one of you to stop posting your 'Criticism" in here if you can't offer anything substantial and positive as well. For every negative there should be a positive, hence constructive criticism. In the end, these are all games, and they're strictly for fun, and entertainment.

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Ghost it does look better now and I hope you really planned this thouroughly this time, it actually looks like a real station now...


As advice for the progress for this park I suggest download a few savegames of really good parks and study how they are layed out so you keep a natural flow to your park, base your layout of real rides without making it a recreation so it still shows your own little twist, look at pictures from real life and be inspired by it so it looks a lot more clean and actually right in a way the colourbook you had before never could look the part you probably intended it to be.


Just listen to people's advice and adjust wherever possible without losing your individual style.


Also try to vary up the landscaping because I'm not so much into a full flatland and it makes it look very artificial if you get my idea.



@mcjaco: sorry to tell you this but I'll keep on speaking my mind if I think something is bad/good. This is the way I am and I'm not planning to change that to be more popular on an internet forum...




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Thanks for the advice everyone, I took Belgianguy's advice and started over. The buildings are generally inspired by something Six Flags made, but are still a bit over the top as to add my own twist.


Constrictor is slightly inspired by Terminator Salvation at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The drop is similar as well as the dead mans turn and flyby.


Constrictor's station.


Here is an overview of Tropico. A unique area to Six Flags Virginia. The top spin is called Tuki.


The other building in the area is called Tropical Tastes resturant. It is a sit down resturant offering interesting variations on tropical flavors.


Big Red Car is the first attraction in Wiggles World. Is is created by Vekoma and was inspoired by the old Schwarzkopv spiral coasters. It is also inspired by the popular TV show The Wiggles!


This is to show expansion. The dirt path(it will not stay like that for long) is used to represent wiggles world's entrance, which will be down Shapiro Way(the main street. Shapiro way will be a main focus in the next update)) while Tropico will be expanded in the future on the other side of constrictor.

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Awesome! thanks man. Shapiro way(main street) coming in next update as well as the opening of tropica and wiggles world(both to receive a few more attractions before opening. Including a major attraction in each area. Here is a hint though, what is a non coaster ride that six flags and knotts both built by intamin? Here's another hint, both rides are "thrill rides."

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The park has been working quite hard to get everything up and running in the next few months. They made the somewhat unfortunate announcement that we would only see these two sections (Wiggles World and Tropica) for opening season. However, they said that by season 2 a new area would be opened, and it is rumored that a new coaster will be announced somewhat near opening. GCI has been in the park quite a bit recently, and has built constrictor. Those last few pictures were scale models(fooled you didnt I) except the fly by element has varied significantly. It has been confirmed that trenches are being dug underneath the parts of the ride that touch the ground as the wood will not hold for long. Landscaping crews are at the park now, and although I could get no new pictures I can promise some progress in the next update.



The park has recently released a few teaser pictures of their "Shoot the chutes" style of water ride. The ride will be immersively themed, and when asked why it is supposedly to compete with shoot the rapids. Although Cedar Point is quite far from here it makes some sense, and Six Flags has said they are working on theming more attractions.


Shapiro way is currently under way, and will be prevelant in the next few updates.




Un named Jungle themed shoot the chute. I have heard it is to be called Jungle Plunge, but no confirmation.


Another flat added to Tropica. The vine twister will twist guests veichles as they twist and twirl on this carnival classic.


OMG... SHAPIRO WAY IS COMING! I love theme parks with a main street shopping center.

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Even though the park is ncso try to have a little more detail in them like some variation in textures or something like that, also try to stay away from ground level when building rides and maybe use a water body for the flume so its not just the rides that some water, hint maybe you could add a man made waterfall next to the drop...

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A new ride is upon us and it has begun testing. Captain Feathersword's Adventure is based off of the wiggles friend, Captain Feathersword. It will be unique to this park as no other six flags park has this kind of wiggles world, the main reason being becasue the park is in competition with Kings Dominion and even Busch Gardens. The ride boasts a new concept of combining the splash battle, a popular water type attraction with a water rollercoaster. The project will be built by Mack rides and is sure to soak guests and maybe even a few innocent bystanders. I only have a few teaser pictures, however the park has given me permission to upload them to this forum. A major construction update will happen in the next few days.


Several Water Effects and other surprises wait at the island.


The pirate ship and jolly roger flag.(there is black canvas behind the diamond... but its the best I can do with no cs.


Head chopper underneath the gang plank.

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