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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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Unfortunately, RCTTown.com is not coming back.

We are never taking any risks with this as the trademark owners will take us for everything we have.

I'm sorry, but it's just the way it's going to be.

RCTTown.com has officially left cyberspace & won't be returning.

Even a disclaimer (e.g. I do not own, operate or sponsor Six Flags in any way) would sometimes count as trademark infringement.

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Im having an issue. I am in the process of trying to get a catwalk onto a coaster and I dont have the cs catwalks but I do have the 4D coaster. So I tried to zero clerence on all three 8cars and I go the same issue. When I zero clerance and then try to build the 4D coaster under the original (which is operating), the game replaces the original coaster track with the 4D coaster track!? With the original coaster train coming to the track were it was deleted for the 4D coaster track, it bumps the end of the track and then goes in reverse!? It is the original pack of 8cars that was posted in this thread on page 13 or something like that. I only say this because I was tinkering with 8cars to try and get it to work (which I fixed) but I changed some of the commands to others to get it to work (merging without 8cars crashing). However, the zero clearence doesnt work on ANY of the 8cars that I have (several copies of all three) and the originals are like that too? It worked earlier on (and after I fixed the merging issue) but it refuses to now? Any help is appreciated.


P.S. Hey dmaxsba2408, I have a prototype "patch" that we were talking about up and working but I cant find the original (for RCT1) and was wondering if I could get the original patch again? Thanks in advance.



Remember this question from few pages ago. You have to build from up to down. So you start building up the catwalk from top of the lift hill to the bottom. That way it doesn't replace the track.


Also I don't know why people have such difficulty running 8 cars on windows 7. I also had trouble for the few days, but i found out if you run the trainer program as an administrator it works. If it doesn't still work. Please look for a Windows XP hibernator and download it. It'll change the computer to windows XP mode and will be same as windows XP the appearence, the programs. Basically everything!!!!! This will apply to windows vista as well. Then you can always change to vista/windows 2007.

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Hey guys!I was just wondering if anyone has some good custom ride sites. I've gone to AE's, Rigg's, and RCTmart already. Thanks in advance!

Those are really just about the only places to go. However you can always go to the RCT2 Object List site and sign up and search for rare items in the data base. There are 100's of rare rides out there. If you see something you want just put in a request for it. They have a special section for it in the forums.


guys.I'm embarrassed but how in hell do you use diagonal roofs?

Can you put up a picture of what exactly your having an issue with? You have me a bit confused at what the problem really is after all building with diagonals shouldn't be any different than building with any other items.


And ugh. I've restarted my computer five times now, and I can't set my water slide to -2. nothing happens each time i do it.

Vista still being a big pain in the butt, I am so sorry.

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^ Where these items that would be in the "?" tab? If so, there are only so many items that will show up there. Once it is full it will drop items off the end. They are still there but you just can't click on them. You just need to find a way to get some more items into one of the other tabs to free up some space in the miscellaneous tab.


If you want to have a little fun, find some of the items that are on the top of the "?" tab and in the editor remove them and see what items show up at the bottom. If you do this you will know just how may items you have had drop off the bottom and know how many items you need to find alternatives for in other tabs.

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^ Was thinking about just posting it here but that just doesn't seem proper so...


Anyone who is not a member of RCTMart and wants to see information in the forums you can use my log-in.




Since the site is closing and I use a totally different name and password for things these days I see no problem with this, however please don't go there and start trouble or be a jerk (< comment was made in general and not intended to be aimed at anyone). If you do feel the need to post anything there please just do it like you would here. Be nice and respectful. They were/are very GOOD people over at The Mart!


I wish I was in a position to take over the site and keep it going. But I really know nothing about running a website. I would like nothing more than to see RCTMart return to it's former state. How a site like The Mart with so much content and class can just fade away while other sites where being rude and disrespectful to other members is not only tolerated but encouraged grow in size. I guess that is why I like this site so much (at least here in the GAMES forum anyway). Everyone, for the most part is here because we love the game(s) and enjoy seeing others projects grow helping each other with the little problems and the big ones that come with playing such detailed games.

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^ ty ty ty, I have the scenery somewhere, but not the images. Text just didnt do it. But as it seems I might not have the scenery either cause of a recent re-install. Nonetheless, I've got loads of ideas on how buildings can look like just by checking the tutorial! =D

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Well... I was wrong about the park, it is very nice but it is not what I thought it was going to be. It ended up being a Scenario not a park. It has some great Harry Potter scenery in it and a few very well put together rides but since it is a Scenario and not a real park it is not finished. Anyway I will post it here as a Saved Game so anyone who wants to take a look around or play-out the Scenario they can.

The Magic Academy.zip

The Magic Academy Rides.zip

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does anybody know where to get fire custom objects? i saw it on one park but i don't remember which one. it was like a ring of fire and it was animated! so ya like a ring or fire and a fire shooter and it actually looked real. they had smoke stuff too. anybody know where to get it? and some custom object sites that are not shut down would be very much appreciated. i already know rct mart is still up and amazing earl. and rct resource has some good site links on it but most of them are shut down!

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I know what objects your talking about an I have them. But without DAT IDs it will take me some time to find them for you. I will have to dig through over 18,000 items. So please if you have other projects your working on go play around in them for a day or so and let me see what I can dig out of my ObjData folder. Also there is a topic for this kind of question HERE. Sometimes it is way at the bottom of the first page or even drops to page 2 but it is the place to ask for wanted or lost DATs.


If anyone else has the items and can find them faster please post them if you the chance.

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