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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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^ There are many ways of doing this one of the best is to follow the instructions for it over at New Element. You can also switch your RCT2 game over to RCTModified. Two links for it can be found HERE about the 7th post down. If your not familiar with what RCTModified is, it is basically a completely different version of RCT2. This is done by replacing the games G1 file. Please make a backup of your games normal files and put them somewhere safe before you switch over.

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Yes, Go into "scenario editor" and in the top left hand corner there is a tab that says "load Landscape," and find the saved game you have of it. The problem though is if you have built rides, shops, etc. Those will not be there when you load up the scenario you desire.


If you do not have a saved game, In the RCT2 folder there should be a scenario folder and it should be in there if you need to apporch it that way. To find those you must go in to My Computer C:/Program Files/ Atrai OR Hasbro interactive/ RCT2/ Scenarios.

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^^ If you have no rides then going back into the editor is your best option like djbrcace1234 said. However the path is Infogrames Interactive not Hasbro.


If you have already built the rides and do not want to start over you can use 8cars to try to fix the issue.

This does not always work but it's worth a shot.

1)Save your game and then load it in the editor.

2)Put your map entry point(s) on the map where you want it/them to be.

3)Open 8cars and hit the Park tab and then open Change Guest Entry Points.

4)Write down what the number are in the box just as they appear.

5)Exit out of the editor program and CLOSE 8cars.

6)Load your saved game version of the park.

7)Re-open 8cars, hit the Park tab again and open the Change Guest Entry Points.

8)Take numbers you wrote down and put them the box and hit Apply.

9)Go back to your game and see if it worked.


If it didn't work don't give up just try again and if that doesn't work remove your game disc from the computer, put it in the toaster (light brown setting). When it pops up put some REAL (


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^ Yes they are all in your computer now.


Be Careful of custom content. It is not always good and you can end up with a Objdata folder full of crap that you will never use or for that matter even want. Always keep a backup of your Objdata folder without any custom content in it.


As you get custom content that you like make another copy under a different name and update it when more new content that you like is added. Use the custom content backup to replace any object mistakes you may run into after downloading what you thought was going to be a nice park. Just remove your RCT2 Objdata folder to the recycle bin and replace it with your custom content backup.


If something really bad happens like the flashing load bar of death, you can use your original (no custom anything) backup to save your game.


I wish you luck on quest for RCT2 objects they are getting harder and harder to find.

Also remember that most custom made rides and some stall will not export with a park so if you download a park with an extra set of DATs in it you must put those in your Objdata folder by hand.

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Here is what you need to do. Go into your RCT2 game folder and manually remove anything you want to keep. Put it somewhere safe. Uninstall everything and then reinstall just RCT2. Stop at that point and run the game. Exit out and make a copy of the Objdata folder and name it RCT2 Objdata. Put in your Infograms folder. Next install your WW expansion pack and when done start the game and then exit out. Now make a copy of the new Objdata folder and name RCT2WW. You have two choices now. You can keep the WW folder just for WW items or leave the RCT2 items in with them it's up to you. I have mine separated by game version. Here is how you do it. This is also how you keep items downloaded with parks separate from those that came with the game until you have a chance to look them over and decide if you want them taking up space in your game.


1)Make a second backup copy of your plain RCT2 Objdata folder and leave it open.

2)Open you RCT2WW folder and hit Select All. Then hit copy.

3)Get your plain RCT2 folder up on top and hit Paste.

4)It is going to ask you if you want to replace files with new ones.

5)Hit NO 732 times. Just keep hitting real fast you'll be done in a minute.

6)Since you hit no all the new files should be below the ones you said NO to. Those are your WW items.

7)Delete everything down to the WW items and that is all the files that came with the WW disc.


FYI - there are 732 RCT2 items, 712 WW items and 638 TT items.


Now if you take the time to make a temporary backup of your Objdata folder as you start to download parks and follow the steps above you can remove all the normal DATs and have all the new ones you just recieved from a park sorted out so you can use a preview tool to see what they are and if they are worth keeping. If they are worth keeping put them into a keep folder and add them back into the Objdata folder you use to play the game with. This MAIN folder should also have a backup to it in case you mess up some where and the backup needs to be updated whenever you find new items you want to keep.


I know all this sounds like a lot and to be honest it is at first. Once you do it a few times you get really fast at it and you done in a matter a minutes. Below is a DATCHECKER tool. You can use it to quickly go through DATs and see what they are. Just be patient and let it load, it takes a little time for it to check everything. When it is ready the CHECK button will light back up.


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I just downloaded the 8cars trainer pack from page 13, and I don't know how to start using it. I opened the zip, and created shortcuts to all 3 versions on my desktop, but I don't know what to do now. Thanks guys!


Open up RCT2, alt + tab, open up any version of 8 cars, use ad nauseam.

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