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Vancouver's "Coaster"

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One coaster that I have really been wanting to ride for a while is the "Coaster" at Vancouver's Playland Park.


With Phoenix being my favorite coaster, "Coaster" seems to be one of the closest things to it. It seems like a good classic ride with stand up airtime, and single position lapbars, much like Phoenix.


This picture just screams airtime!



It is always ranked fairly high in Mitch's poll. I was wondering if anyone who has actually ridden it on TPR thinks it is better/worse than it's hype. I really want to try it out for myself, but traveling around 4000 miles for it seems a bit much!

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Coaster is a fantastic ride. There's a reason why it is always ranked high.


A couple tips: riding in the back makes for an extreme ride with lots of air. The front is a little less crazy, but the air is more enjoyable; not quite as violent.

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The only reason my home park has lasted as long as it has.


If it weren't for Coaster.....


It's still one of my favorites, and in my (literal) "back yard", too!

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I went up to the PNE towards the end of last August, when I was still living out in Seattle.


First off, if you ever get the chance to go to Vancouver, GO! I thought Seattle was a goregeous city, but Vancouver was in a whole different league.


As for Coaster, I rode in a middle row at night after a hot day of full trains all day. It was an airtime monster, and there is a surprising lack of restraints, other than the lap bar. I've been on woodies with far less airtime and far more restraints. The thing was NUTS. It was probably the only time I've ever braced in the car and hoped I wasn't thrown out of it.


Oh, and the rest of the PNE was fun, too. Too bad that at the time, 100 loonies cost me USD99.75.


Paul "Missing the Northwest" Miller

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^^ GCII's Millennium Flyers weren't necessarily inspired by this particular coaster, but by the single seat articulated cars made popular by Prior and Church. I'd really like to see a set of MFs on the San Diego Giant Dipper, as it once ran trains like this.


I'm going to work on putting a trip together to go up and ride this. There've been too many positive comments about it not to. Besides, as I mentioned, I have family near there!



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