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Joey's Ongoing Sporting Event PTR Thread


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  • 3 months later...

It's been awhile since I've updated this, but I did get a few more stadium credits this year...including the world famous Fenway park. Did the tour before the game as well. They happened to be playing the Cubs, so the vibe inside was great. The view from the outfield bleachers wasn't that great, but the stadium itself was very cool.




It's that famous thing. A monster that's green.


Here's what it looks like if you can afford to sit atop said green monster.


Here's what a suite looks like. Kind of cool to see how they were able to mix in modem amenities while staying true to the classic design.


Fun fact: they grow produce on the roof for the concessions


Another fun fact: a lone red seat marks the location of a 502ft home run ted Williams hit


And another one! Fun fact that is. Most of the seating from between the bases in the lower rows are still original wooden seats


The tour ends in their museum. Here's stuff.


And more stuff.


And important stuff like the MVP award of a Trojan great!


And more stuff.


Exterior with banners honoring former all stars


The players entrance is right on the street as well. No seperation from the public at all.


The streets become concourses as Gametime gets closer.


A concourse. Very cramped (obviously).

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I just read through the whole tread, lots of awesome pictures in there! For me it's pretty much only soccer I follow, but I'm a bit of a stadium enthusiast as well and I enjoy seeing pictures from all sorts of stadiums and arenas. Thanks for sharing!

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  • 4 months later...

Back from hibernation...have a few more to post, but I’ll start with the newest NHL venue: T-mobile arena in Las Vegas. It’s basically the younger cousin of staples center without three rows of suites. So not really a bad seat in the house!


Once inside, you are greeted with this before taking escalators up to the main concourse


The entire top level is a bar, featuring both public spaces and...


Obligatory “boxes” for people who can’t afford a suite but want luxury


Since it’s sponsored by t-mobile, you can find phone chargers throughout


The exterior features a translucent LED screen that doesn’t really obstruct the view from the inside


View from Monte Carlo, err, park Mgm


Here it is in basketball configuration.


There’s a stage and plaza outside for pre game Activites


Concessions on point!


Beer selection was decent, thanks to InBev purchase of golden road


Hockey configuration


...Hyde lounge. Basically a nightclub within the arena.


Obligatory projection mapping pregame show


The center ice seats have a private bar at the top of their section.

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Definitely. Vegas is suddenly the it sports town. Golden knights. WNBA. Raiders. New stadium being built for their AAA team. A USL soccer team that will inevitably become an MLS expansion team since MLS hands those out like candy instead of trying to actually improve their product....

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I love seeing all the different stadiums and arenas in this thread, thanks for sharing! Those viewing areas (or whatever they're called) in the upper deck of T-mobile arena is definitely a unique touch, never seen anything like that before in a stadium/arena.


Since I don't follow NFL I didn't know that Raiders are being relocated to Vegas. I know it's more of a common thing in the US, but for me the thought of relocating a sports team from one city to another is just completely absurd.

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I kind of forgot about the new Raiders stadium being built. Our new goal is to make it to 1 Jaguars road game per year so whenever Jag are at the Raiders we might have to make the trip!


It's on my bucket list to visit Jacksonville just for the pools in their stadium.


Since I don't follow NFL I didn't know that Raiders are being relocated to Vegas. I know it's more of a common thing in the US, but for me the thought of relocating a sports team from one city to another is just completely absurd.


Sports in the U.S. are definitely all about the money. There is no relegation to worry about or historical ties to cities like soccer clubs in Europe. Raiders will move again in 30-40 years if they can't extort Las Vegas to keep the stadium "modern."


I love seeing all the different stadiums and arenas in this thread, thanks for sharing! Those viewing areas (or whatever they're called) in the upper deck of T-mobile arena is definitely a unique touch, never seen anything like that before in a stadium/arena.


I have a feeling they will become the new norm. The whole top deck is the Hyde nightclub and two bars on the ends with those viewing perches. That's a lot of money to be made!

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When/if the A's ever get their new stadium within the next 75 years, we'll have to go!


At least they are not alone in the sewage leak department anymore...go Dodgers!


If all else fails for the A's, they should get rid of Oracle Arena and just build the new stadium on that site and get rid of the old stadium after for more parking/development.


In fact, it sounds like they might be going that route...the A's offered to buy the site from the city.

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  • 2 weeks later...

And now for something different! A soccer/Olympic stadium! Before TPR’s awesome Oktoberfest trip I spent a few days in London. I don’t know much about soccer, so I chose this stadium because it doubled as the Olympic stadium. One thing I loved was the tour was self guided. Just show up and walk around to the areas they allow access to at your own pace.


Tunnel to the field, err, pitch as they say


It’s a stadium. Home to a soccer team that the fans don’t like very much right now.


Instead of a giant press conference room/table or having reporters in the locker room,they have individual booths for all the players post game interviews


Bonus 2: shopping center across the street has a Jamie Oliver restaurant (hi Elissa)


The locker room is Part of the tour...


I was surprised how basic it was compared to locker rooms and clubhouses I’ve seen in the U.S.


I don’t understand why the players need racing seats for their Bench?


It does have a hot tub though


Bonus: a giant slide (worlds largest) is part of the complex


See, soccer team!


Also still functions as a track and field stadium. This is a warmup 50m track underneath the stadium. It takes 1 week to switch the stadium back for Olympic events


Rich people club

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And now for something different! A soccer/Olympic stadium! Before TPR’s awesome Oktoberfest trip I spent a few days in London. I don’t know much about soccer, so I chose this stadium because it doubled as the Olympic stadium. One thing I loved was the tour was self guided. Just show up and walk around to the areas they allow access to at your own pace.


Very cool that the tour is self guided, I really like that idea.


West Ham's move to the Olympic Stadium was definitely controversial, with many fans unhappy about moving from their home for more than 100 years into a soulless corporate stadium that was never built with football in mind in the first place. It seems like the fans are now starting to settle in into their new home, in the beginning there was a lot of chaos with also several instances of fighting between fans and stewards. But yes, at the moment their team is also a bit shit and the fans are not happy with the management of the club.


As a bit of a ground enthusiast it was definitely sad to see their old ground Boleyn Ground bite the dust, a proper football stadium with tons of history and character.

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  • 1 month later...

Last season I decided on a whim the dodgers were playing at the diamondbacks, so why not hop on a flight to burbank and check out the stadium?


Once you enter, there’s a nice rotunda before the concourses


Chase field has a retractable roof since Phoenix is miserably hot...and all it did was make it humid inside


I forgot what these were, but one was bacon wrapped and the other was delicious


Bucket list: I will enjoy a game from this pool!!


Outside, there is a nice covered concourse before you enter to help shield from the heat


Here was the view from my seats


Instead of dugout club seats, the diamondbacks offer their premium behind the plate seats as an entire suite


A local brewery sponsors the outfield bar


I will give them credit for having the best food selection I’ve seen thus far!


Welcome to chase field!


I leave you with creepy Luis Gonzalez!


They even offer value items...not seen at many parks!


The premium seats all have access to club in the tunnel area. It wasn’t very exciting, as it was just a bar and not the all you can eat clubs you see elsewhere


Scoreboard was nice

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I said the exact same thing about the soccer bucket racing seats during the World Cup, it makes no sense and I don't think anyone could possibly give an explanation for it. That bench area in particular there's like 3 feet between each seat, the heck is that? hahaha


It's good to see other stadiums getting adopting the "value" item concept. I read somewhere that it was massively successful in Atlanta last season at the new Falcon's stadium so hopefully more places get on board with it.

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Oddly enough, a story was just posted the other day on a website about the origins of them. Apparently the owner of Recaro was on the board of a German soccer team in the mid 90's and their coach had back problems, so he had a custom racing seat made for him to sit during matches. From there it caught on and became a standard.

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  • 5 months later...

Welcome to the Oakland-alameda sports complex. The soon to be former home of the raiders, warriors, and probably A’s. It’s not as terrible as it’s reputation, but it’s defintiely not good either.


But pack lots in


They also have to get creative with premium spaces like this dugout suite


...and even a “pub”


See, pub. Authentic I’m sure.


They did manage to get onboard with the “social space” craze with the “treehouse” patio and bar area


Concourses are cramped


My view was...not bad


So good, In fact, to get there you share the same stairs as the visiting players to get to the field. Stadium is multi purpose, so no direct access to the dressing rooms from dugouts


See, home of the a’s and raiders.


Food and two drinks included! But it was definitely not gourmet like you expect from home plate club product


“Mount Davis” was added to get the raiders back from Los Angeles. It’s now covered for both raiders and a’s due to low attendance. The city will be paying the debt on it still after they leave..


....And the warriors!


Which also has food trucks as a “tailgate” zone


The treehouse was the newest area in the stadium. Well done.


There is a courtyard between the two venues celebrating championships and legendary players


And these patios


The club level concourse. Really the main reason all teams bailing on this stadium. Millions being left on the table from no true premium options.


...and bonus points for roundtable...


The club bar/restaurant area.

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The Oakland Coliseum is without a doubt the ugliest stadium I have visited.


That being said, I really enjoyed the few games I saw there. You can either sit really close for cheap (we got a package of 4 tickets for $50 and it included 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks, and 4 bags of peanuts) or sit in the bleachers with the diehards for really cheap. Those fans in the bleachers had specific chants for each player and I loved it.

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