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Official RCT3 Help Thread

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I'm currently trying to start my first RCT3 project,but I need help finding some good CS sets, and a good 4-6 peep rotating darkride vehicle that is solid colored.


1: Pitch Black Walls

2: Lighting

3: Star room effect (non particle)

4: Psycedellic effect sets


5: I need a solid colored 4-6 peep ride vehicle that is able to rotate 360 degrees


6: Good bilboard sets

7: Colorable Knight Statues (or white)

8: not sure something like this exists but... some kind of cloth wall that moves

9: Good opening and closing doors (preferably a dark color)


Thank You!


Check the scenery thread. As for the ride vehicles, try Googling "Revolutionary Rides".

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I've been working on a new park for a while now, but one thing that's always annoyed me is that I can't figure out how to make custom buildings. I want to cover up the hideous food stands and whatnot that you can install in the game, but I can't seem to figure out how to build anything to cover them up. Any suggestions/tutorials on how to create custom buildings?

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Hey TPR,


I just downloaded some different scenery sets, but how do get them to load into the game? I looked through Styles/Themed but everything in there is grouped a certain way and then in .ovl format? What's the easiest way to get these to show up correctly in the game? Thanks.

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I just downloaded Shyguy's Main Street Sets and I put them in Style/Themed. They do show up in the game, but when I try to click on an object to place it in the game, the game freezes up and the annoying music starts playing really loudly. Then I have to go to task manager and close the program. Any idea why it does this or how to fix it?

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