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Hi I've been planning this park for a while and finally got to start on it recently. I'm pretty nervous about showing you guys what I'm building because I've seen some real artwork being done in rct2 and rct3. I don't use any custom scenery except support(wich I'm learning to use so they may look sloppy).


About the park itself. Its going to be a prehistoric themed park called

Six Flags Jurassic Adventures. I'm not gonna put screens in this post but you may expect some beginning screens in the next few posts.


I'd like to have honest appinions because I want to improve in what I do with the game. I hope you'll like what you see.


P.S. Don't be too harsh on me

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Welcome to the forums! I can't wait to see the pictures. But next time you may want to wait to post until you have them, posting about the park and not having any pics aggravates some of the mods here. I don't really see why though. But I won't argue about it. (PS. Not trying to backseat mod, just trying to keep him from getting in trouble)

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Here are the first screens:


The logo of my park:


The animatronics look real lively


Another view inside the park:


SIX FLAGS JURASSIC ADVENTURE proudly presents their first RollerCoaster:



Here's the logo:


A teaser view of the track:


What do you already think of this?

Comments are most welcome!!!

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Sry about that but I ain't an expert on wich groups do wich theming wel. It was just to get a name and nothing more. For those who are intrested in the park and not the name I'll probably be posting some screens later on tonight.


Advise is most welcome!!!

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It looks ok from what I can see, I hope to see more screens of that B&M.

Don't worry about theming, if you're not that great at it just keep practicing. You will get better over time. Good luck with this park, Don't give up like I do with most of my parks.

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Thanks for the encouragements but as you asked here are some new screens and they are about the sick B&M


I didn't want to post a complete shot but here is another teaser or two


here's the coaster from another view from ground level as you can see



here's a painting from a view in the parks helicopter


They also added a new flat ride called Iguanodon Racers

Its located in the bushy part of the park and has a real herd of iguanodons around it




this a topside view of the ride and the herd the one on the boulder is the Alpha male




a view from groundlevel as you can see the cars are iguanodons



here's just another view of the new ride, i hope it scores big with the kids!!!



Comments are most appreciated so fire away what you think I schould improve. Enjoy your stay at jurassic adventures.

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Hi and sorry for the long wait (school). I have some new screens for you guys!!! Including some new teasers, and you know what that means! A new coaster!!!!

But first some pictures of the massive 200ft Twister Rex:


A groundlevel view of the impressive MONSTER:


Just another view of this one of a kind B&M:


But now the first teaser of the new coaster that has been built at our little primeval settlement:


here a closer view of a track section:



I hope you guys like the new screens and I plan to post many more, I have like 8more posts ready but I'll leave a space of min 2 days in between. So just keep track of the topic to see what the future holds for this park.

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Andre you nailed it, its indeed an Intamin Launcher!

Thanks for replying and commenting because this topic doesn't seem to have high interests. If you still have any remarks or things you'd like to see different please tell me I just want to make the best possible park and I can always use advise and remarks.

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Don't worry about lack of interest. Everybody has this problem to start off with. The more you update and the better you get the more people will want to look at your park. Also changing the topic title every time you update to display brief information helps too. It draws people in.


And anyway! I said I saw Intamin track too!


Looking forward to seeing this new coaster! Be careful though, they aren't the easiest rides to theme.

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As I promised i'd be posting every 2 days or so so here are the new screens, I hope you enjoy them.


The new Intamin rocket is called Kingda Ka and is a clone from the one in Six Flags Great Adventure. But its not because its a clone it doesn't get your neckhair standing or doesn't give you goosebumps when you get LAUNCHED!!! Its just an awesome ride that makes you scream your longs out.


Here's the logo


This is the painting from with a view from our chopper.


This is an on-ride shot of the launch:


Here's another view of this awesome ride



I hope you all like the new addition, I certanilly like the ride. Comments are as always most welcome and highly appreciated.

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ok no offense because I really like this park but the rides really dont make much sense. The boomerang was very interesting because I really like how you made the concept into something unique. But a B&M and an Intamin Terra coaster. That is very unrealistic. Also a tip, delete the bushes around the coaster because the screen shot looks like you would a facefull of bushes at about 120 mph.

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Thanks for commenting and I think I will change the Kingda Ka completely because I'm not so happy about it either and I think I'll even retrack the whole thing, give it new colours and change the name. I have to warn you that you won't see this in the next few posts because I have a few posts ready to put on the forum so it'll be after these posts you'll see the improved ride. I'll just need to find some inspiration of what to do with kingda ka. maybe make it a more Stormrunner like coaster with a few inversions.

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