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New iPods

Sticky Nicky

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Well I bought it. I hadnt been able to find one. They where sold out everywhere!


I got some pictures of it!


The box. They come in the same type of plastic boxes the Nano's come in.

It has a pretty screen!

You can see the curved edges and the volume control.

Its a metal back. Gets really smudges up and scratches easily!

Such a nice screen!

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^Hey! I resent that! My hands don't look like that!


^I was thinking the same thing, they look like like sausages.





Those hands certainly doesn't seem like a 15 year old. Puberty hit him but good! Guard your children!


Anyway, I'm debating getting an ipod touch this week. But I'm waiting until next Tuesday to decide. Apple is releasing new macbooks next week!



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Can't get over how thin the new Nanos are. From the front they look like a Mini rehash, but then you check the features, and profile, and it's not so much.


One of my coworkers got last year's Nano about 3 months ago and the headphone jack is going out on it already. We were laughing because he couldn't just walk into the Apple Store here and get it fixed, he had to leave, "make an appointment with an Apple Genious", and then come back at that time. This is all so he wouldn't have to wait in line and to save him time. Did I mention that there were 2 other customers in the store? Yeah......


Despite that, iPod touch and net surfing was a major factor in getting a wireless router this week. The Touch is just plain cool, as is the MacBook Air. Time Capsule ain't bad either.

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