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Eric and Candace's East Coast Trip PTR

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Surprised at all the negativity toward Kings Dominion. I live half-way between it and Carowinds and had a season pass in 2007. I have always enjoyed the park on my visits and have often been able to marathon the coasters. Volcano is incredible and I think Grizzly is vastly underrated. I didn't actually get out this season because of several weekends of bad weather ruining plans to go, but I can't wait to try Dominator next season.


While I can understand them saying they were in the league of Busch Gardens was not accurate, I think the park is a nice, regional amusement park.


And now that the POS Hypersonic is gone...

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Thank you much for all the rapids shots


Your welcome! Thought maybe those shots were going to go to waste. Glad I resurrected this thing so you could see them.


Huge Hummel Boy thanks you for your support--but he would prefer cash next time.

I'd figured he was more of a "bribe me with food" kind of guy. Send my regards for me.


Overall thanks for sharing! I enjoyed them, just make sure to get some more awesome shots of Volcano next time. (just kidding)

Glad you enjoyed it! We did get more shots of Volcano, but they were all pretty much the same shot at various zooms.


Hope you and Candace/ Mommy to be are doing well.


Candace is doing great. We find out if it is a boy or girl on Monday!


Thanks for all the responses so far.

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I see that I am not the only one who thinks that Hurler is one of the worst coasters ever. Yeah, I might be getting old, but sheer pain on a coaster to me is not very fun. Had a similar issue on the racing one as well. Not too bad in the front seat, but ohhhhh....stay away from that back seat!!!!



Nice TR - loved the chiropractor references to their ultra-crap collection of wooden coasters!

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Are you guys talking about using them for Drop Zone? (I refuse to call it drop tower). We basically just walked through the exit as people were leaving a took our seats without even giving the ops are tickets...they just like stood there and started at us!


No what I was referring to was on Grizzly, where it was like the one credit no one got until the end, the op had never even seen the passes we got before, and as we came up the exit some man yells that he's been waiting for an hour and a half and that we have no right to do what we're doing. That was when the first four of us were there, then about another 20 came.

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Time for the next update.


Day 8 - Morey's Piers


Morey's Piers turned out to be one of the surprise hits for me on this trip. After our day at Kings Dominions, it was a welcome relief to see a park go out of its way for our group. The park does not by any means have a world-class coaster collection, but it makes up for that with its uniqueness and charm. Candace must of really liked this place because she took a ton of photos, so I am going to break this update into three parts.


The first part will cover our first ERT session on Surfside Pier. This would include a filming session on The Great Nor'easter, as well as several other rides being open just for us.


On to the pictures...


These benches rocked! More Morey's Piers to come!


Hmm, what was Drew trying to do. :)


Without the opportunity to cool off, the heat started going to our heads.


Which leads me to one of the few disappointments of the day. The log flume was closed. :(


This was probably one of the hottest days on the trip.


Can you stand the chaos of a 10 second mirror maze?!?


Dante's Dungeon is your normal dark ride except for the lady that comes out of nowhere and scares the crap out of you!


Here's Drew being Drew.


Chris seems to be enjoying her ride.


This turn led to some good photo ops.


Flitzer was interesting.


They could of just plopped down a bunch of rides on the pier, but at least they attempted to theme most of them.


Time for some credits. Doo Wopper was your standard mouse.


Your standard drop tower but with a hilarious attempt at theming.


After the filming session, the group split up and had free reign on just about the entire pier.


In conclusion, the new trains are a definite improvement over the old ones. The ride was still as rough as a normal SLC, but you had a fighting chance now to keep from having a headache.


You definitely couldn't hold your arms out like this before.


This is still painful but the pain is transferred from your upper body to your elbows. I guess that is a fair trade-off right?


Lets throw in a few action shots for you now.


This is Robb on probably his 15th consecutive run and he still has a smile on his face. The man is a machine!


As you can see, the restraints fit like a vest which was a LOT more comfortable on the neck and shoulders than the old restraints.


As you probably know, Vekoma designed new trains for the Great Nor'Easter and they used our group to film the new trains in action.


It was because we were going to get filmed to ride on the new trains!


Or the leg choppers with the log flume.


It wasn't because this one is built right next to Atlantic Ocean


And why would we be so excited to ride these torture machines?


I never thought I would see the day that a bunch of roller coaster enthusiasts would be excited to ride an SLC!


Got the whole pier to ourselves!


TPR likes free stuff! The staff really seemed to be genuine and enthusiastic about their jobs. Two big thumbs up to them!


Our day would start with a warm welcome from the staff.

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Hey look another crap picture of me... Seriously though why was I looking so damn red...


NorEaster was a fun ride though... It was especially nice in the morning and started getting that SLC sway going later. Still it kicked the crap out of all the other SLCs on the trip.


Did you look down at the Log Flume? It looked like one log managed to jump out of the guide rails in the sunken section of the ride... That might explain why it was down. It looked kinda crazy.

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Did you look down at the Log Flume? It looked like one log managed to jump out of the guide rails in the sunken section of the ride... That might explain why it was down. It looked kinda crazy.


I didn't see that. They were cycling some of the logs through while we were waiting, so maybe they were having problems in that section.


Time for part 2 of the update!


Morey's Piers Part 2


This update will cover Mariner's Landing as well as some of the boardwalk. This was my first experience with a true boardwalk like this. It kind of reminded me of Gatlinburg on the beach. (or is Gatlinburg like Morey's Piers in the mountains?) You had all the cheesy tourist traps mixed in with the t-shirt shops, although there was an unacceptable lack of ninja shops).


We would get ERT on Sea Serpent (the boomerang) and a couple other rides. After that, it was free time until lunch. Here are the photos...


Will be riding you shortly. Still more to come.


Kerry looks like she just got her ass kicked.


Yeah, that pretty much looks awful.


Glad I stayed off of this one!


And they're off.


Eli and David are ready to go it seems.


This was also opened during our 2nd ERT session. I didn't ride, because I don't care for spinning rides.


Is it a law that every pirate ship ride on the East Coast has to be called Sea Dragon?


Might as well look up and take a photo while we are here.


We were crapped out by this point, so we decided to take a refuge underneath the ferris wheel until lunch.


They also opened the pirate ride for us. I don't remember this one at all.


It was a boomerang.


Where we have ERT on Sea Serpent.


We've finally made it!


I suspect she had the orange paint. :)


Allison is seen here taking careful aim at something...


The guy in padding would walk back and forth while twirling the shield in front of him. Regardless of his tactics, he pretty much got owned.


G.J.: That dude is going down!


You can't shoot paint balls at some dude at Kings Dominion, that's for sure!


The tradition of statue credits was alive and well on the ECT.


Still lots to see on the boardwalk. Ooooh! Snake Pictures!


And we still have a long way to go!


Let's stop and see how much progress we've made. There is the abandoned old roller coaster.


Time for a flex break. Is that a TPR tattoo I see? :)


Yes, the heat is starting to get to us!


"Mini Balls in Big Oval Rims" equals charm.


It was a fairly long walk between piers made all the more difficult by the fact that our photographer had one too many the night before at the Hampton Inn. :)


But first we get to check out some of the boardwalk. Watch out for these crazy kids and their buggy contraptions. They will straight run your ass over!


Our next destination would be another ERT session on Mariner's Landing.

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Look at me rolling out these updates!


Morey's Piers Part 3


This update will finish up our day at Morey's Piers. We had afternoon ERT on Great White which turned out to be a decent wooden coaster. Adventure's Pier was the last pier to open up, so we didn't end up riding any of the other rides. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


I'll close with probably one of the better T-shirt prints I've seen in a while. Clementon is up next!


I decided to observe today, but I became addicted later on the trip at Knoebels.


We had just enough time for a few games of Fascination!


We actually didn't ride because Candace needed a breather. Evidently, that was a wise choice after the ride reviews came in.


Because there were zombies that needed to be shot at with lasers!


Although, it has been life-long dream to ride a ride called "Junkyard", we didn't want to wait for the ride to open.


Um, scary.


I had no clue about the drop out of the station. That was a great start to the ride!


This is what you like to see on a TPR trip. Half-empty trains at 1:30 in the afternoon!


Great White was a fun coaster. I didn't think a wooden coaster could be fun again after the day before.


It's time for ERT on Great White!


Okay, lets find out what all this extreme fun is all about.


One more and we will move on.


Looks like I was missing out on some fun. (Probably not)


Oh oh, looks like G.J. might of had one too many Mr. Curleys.


I know I've gotten this expression of Jason riding a spinning ride before.


Perhaps a preview of the East Coast DVD?


It's time for another round of TPR members riding spinning rides.


I really have no recollection whatsoever of riding this. I know I did, but I got nothing.


I almost forgot! There is another credit on this pier!


I am glad Robb told us his Sea Serpent accident story after we rode.


Almost time for this one, but not quite yet.


Roller Coaster Tycoon anyone?


Lots of Jersey folks enjoying the water today.


The water park looked amazing at about this time.


Morey's Piers is on the ocean in case you missed it somehow.


The water parks looked nice. I didn't want to have to keep up with the swimming suit, so no water for me.


It also afforded us some great views.


This ride really hit the spot after a long morning in the heat.


After lunch, we still had some free time until afternoon ERT, so we checked out some more of Mariner's Landing.


It's Curley! Who the heck is Curley?!?


At lunch, we were just chilling when who showed up?


Let's go get some lunch to replenish our energy. ("Dick")


Because we are too lazy to move right now! Did I mention it was hot today?


Are you ready for some extreme fun? Well, you will have to wait.

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You better hope that the shop-owner on the boardwalk didn't see you snap that picture of the shirt. The shop owner yelling at Robb/others was possibly the funniest thing I saw a local do on the whole trip.


Wow, what a moron. I just took the picture and didn't think about it.


Did you go on the pirate ride? It was one of the strangest moments for sure.


I rode it, but I don't recall anything about it. We rode so many dark rides on this trip, that they are all kind of blending together right now. Care to share what was so strange about it?


This next bit is going to be a bit off-topic, but I just got some news that I am excited about.


As some of you ECT participants already knew, my wife and I are expecting our first child in April. Well, we just found yesterday that it is going to be a boy!


Technically, this is on-topic, because if you do the math right, nine months from April is August. Not coincidentally, my mom keeps referring to the baby as "Roller Coaster" Wilson. Candace is not amused.


Okay, I'll have a short Clementon update hopefully later tonight.

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Day 8 - Clementon Park


This is going to be the shortest update because we just didn't spend very long at this park. Clementon would serve a similar purpose as Rye's Playland. We had a long drive from the Jersey beach up to Allentown, PA, so going to a amusement park was a lot better than a Jersey rest area.


It also turns out that Clementon has a decent woodie. Hellcat/Puma/Tigger or whatever it is called nowadays was a nice surprise. We got several rides on it while a thunderstorm raged off in the distance. This probably didn't come close to the experience the Ravine Flyer folks had, but it was kind of freaky riding while lightning was off in the distance.


I actually feel bad for the park staff because they offered Robb ERT on Hellcat but the group ended up voting to leave early for the hotel. The ride was technically closed when we left, so I don't know if we would of ever been able to ride due to storms. Anyway on to the pictures...


I have very few pictures here because Candace wasn't feel good and I didn't bring the point and shoot.


One last photo and that will conclude day 8. Hersheypark is up next!


I told you there was a East Coast law about naming pirate ships, Sea Dragon.


Looks like a nice kiddie area. We didn't have much time to explore the park.


I was not a fan of the log flume. Smelled like fish and the water spilled over the log several times.


Just got the focus on the last car.


We are in there somewhere.


There was a tad bit of air here if I remember correctly.


Lift hill shot with the darkening clouds above


Evidently, the photographer was still drunk from the night before.


The station was pretty high above ground level which made for some great views of the incoming storms.


Identity Crisis the Ride

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Haha, I remember going down in Wildwood while this trip was going on (before I became a member of TPR) and seeing a bunch of TPR members by the Great White huddled under an awning to some game. I remember my sister and I stopped by to ask what was going on after we were turned away from riding Great White. I made mention of it in a trip report I did on Morey's.


I also remember being disappointed that Zoom Phloom wasn't open when it was hotter than hell out. It's too bad you didn't get on it, it's probably one of the best flumes around.


Here's the TR if you want to check it out.

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You know, I don't think I really spent time at this park. I remember going in and running to eat Pizza with our coupons that closed just as we go there. I remember the coaster and then going across the street to CVS to buy cigs!


After that, its pretty much a blur.

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This is one of those parks I almost completely forgot about. I didn't even add Hellcat to my coaster counter until not too long ago. It was actually a decent coaster too! My only regret about this park was not participating in the epic carousel takeover I heard about afterwords.


And in the words of Mike Austin - the log flume was RUBBISH!

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I rode it, but I don't recall anything about it. We rode so many dark rides on this trip, that they are all kind of blending together right now. Care to share what was so strange about it?


Wasn't this the 3-D pirate dark ride? I thought it was pretty cool. I also think this was the one with the little boats rather than cars. Whatever, I loved everything about Morey's. I have even forgotten how hot it was!


As some of you ECT participants already knew, my wife and I are expecting our first child in April. Well, we just found yesterday that it is going to be a boy!


Congratulations to you both! I am so excited for you! Please keep us updated and give Candace a hug for me.


Still enjoying your updates. Clementon was an interesting pit stop. Morey's was fantastic! Looking forward to the Hershey update next.

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  • 4 months later...

While the baby is taking a nap, I think it is a good time to finally update this thing again. At the rate I am going I think Dylan will be old enough to finish this for me!


Day 9-Hershey Park


Hershey Park was one of the longest days on the trip. I think we were at the park at 7 in the morning and didn't leave till midnight. Also, at this point we were starting to wear down from the lack of sleep and Candace was starting to feel pretty sick and didn't feel like riding much in the afternoon. Because of this, I really hope we can make it back to the park. It seemed like it was a really great place, but we just weren't in the right mind frame to fully enjoy it.


One thing that I noticed about TPR trips is that no matter how tired you feel, you always seem to hit second, third, and fourth winds. It is kind of like a marathon. Most of the day, I was in a daze and just couldn't really get into the spirit. But, that all changed when our Lightning Racer ERT began. I got this shot of adrenaline that made me forget all about how tired I was and it was one of my favorite moments on the trip. Nothing beats being the only group in the park and just racing each other over and over. It is moments like these that put TPR trips WAY above any vacation you will ever go on.


Enough rambling, on to the pictures.


The main reason for only riding Wildcat once was because I never left this station during our entire evening ERT session!


Although it wasn't really rough, it just didn't seem to be very intense. We ended up only riding once and skipping this one that night during ERT.


I had been warned that Wildcat was very rough, so I was expecting the worse.


Speaking of Wildcat, how is the first GCI coaster ever built running these days?


This is where cool people eat dinner.


Except this one has a phenomenal tidal wave that not only soaks the observation bridge but also soaks the adjacent walking path. Is it mean that we entertained ourselves while watching unsuspecting pedestrians wander into the "wet zone" at the wrong time?


Looks like a normal Shoot the Chutes ride right?


This is me being a wuss and STILL getting absolutely soaked!


As you can see in the picture, the line gets very long and the capacity on this thing is terrible! (I think I just heard Fuji Q is looking to add one now)


Here is what you do if you want your Roller Soaker credit and do not want to wait in a 2-hour line. Wait for it to open first thing in the morning!


After ERT, we headed here.


I really need to get back to the park and ride this one again.


Unfortunately, the line was too long throughout the day to give it another shot.


Fahrenheit seemed to be running a little jerky for being such a new ride. It probably just needed to warm up some, but I thought it was just an okay ride.


Such a beautiful mess of track!


I bet you didn't know that Fahrenheit has a 90 degree lift did you? Here is slightly crooked picture to prove it.


What this picture was supposed to demonstrate was that the station was empty.


After several awesome rides, we headed over to Fahrenheit.


Or it could be the fact that Storm Runner actually has ride elements that aren't just there to break records.


It could be that the launch seemed more intense than Kingda Ka.


I LOVED Storm Runner. I can see now why a lot of you guys prefer this and Xcelerator over Kingda Ka.


Morning ERT was split between Fahrenheit and Storm Runner. Since, nearly everyone headed to the former, we chose to ride this one first.


A photographer's dream weather conditions.


Time to start our long day at Hershey Park!

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