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The K'nex Fahrenheit Recreation Project

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To be awnest with you guys IMO we didn't really do our best on the Kingda' Ka coaster. There was a lot more we could've done and we apalogize for that.

I never really knew that I'd be involved in helping with the coaster. Last Monday I went down to take pictures for the site, but then I decided to help out with it and now I'm helping out with the next coaster we plan to do: A recreation of Fahrenheit.

This time we're going for quality instead of quantity and try to make this thing a realistic as possible with scenery. And since we used up a good amount of K'nex cars with our last coaster, we will custom make our own coaster cars for this one.

The height of the vertical lift hill will be 12 to 15 feet and everything else will be on a 1:10 scale.

We are still planning and this time we will more than likely use the pieces from our last project if it doesn't sell on eBay.


For the last 2 days I am already designing the cars. They will be approximately the size of the screamin' serpent cars and but they will be built out of a sturdier material than plastic.

More coming soon.


The section between the top wheels is where the lift dog and braking system will be. We're still planning that.


Just ignore the lines on the hood. If I delete them, it would ruin it.

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I've learned from experience to never, ever, ever start big. You're basically trying to build a Pixar movie with little animation experience. Don't jump to a massive recreation like this. Yes, you have the confidence and all, but definitely not the skill yet. Build small custom models, and experiment before you do this. Nothing except experience will make this work, and look good. Seriously take that advice, or in the end you'll end up with a tangled mess of plastic.



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^^We're going to try to make the supports look like steel collumns using a technique Jogumpie tried for one of his coaster models. We also plan on having metal support rods going through the center to give some more strength. The whole coaster will be assembled on a plywood platform in sections and yes we do realize how much we would need.


^I do believe we will do some prototype testing before we go to the actual model. We will figure out the friction, height, and speed before we go big. We all do have some experience building with K'nex. Some of us have been doing it for awhile.

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Good luck on building the cars, let alone the coaster. No one has ever manged to create a custom coaster car, if I was you, I wouldn't waste my time doing all that modeling for cars that probably won't work.


That said, good luck, cause you're gonna need it.

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that isnt to scale is it? why is the wheel assembly so big?!

This is to the exact scale of the SS car and the reason why we're thinking of making our own custom cars is to make replacing the parts easier and not having to go through tons of SS cars. We've had several with the last coaster, but we totalled all of them but one, but that one is damaged (it's sitting right in front of me in two pieces).

I still think we are going to build this coaster instead of the other one since this one is more possible to build than the other one.

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^Ok. What we will do is just get new SS cars and spraypaint them silver.


Even though the other coaster project is cancelled, the Fahrenheit Project is still going to be built. All the k'nex used in the Kingda' Ka coaster will be sold for Branden to pay for college. But Ben and I may still need to use some of those pieces (track pieces etc.) for Fahrenheit, but we're going to talk that over with him. Here's what we plan to do to get this coaster built:


-We will not fully rely on k'nex or money donations for this model. We believe that we've asked a little too much on the last K'nex model and don't want to burden the public. We will still accept donations though if people are willing to do that.


-The coaster will still be around 10 feet tall. We plan on building a 10 foot test model and trying out different support patterns to see which would work best. And to add more support we plan on attaching metal rods to it to make the coaster sturdier. We plan on starting to build the test model soon. The 10 feet might be shortened depending on hown many pieces we have.


I'd like to finish this up by saying that the goal for this coaster is not to break any records or get a lot of press coverage for this. The goal for this coaster is to have fun and enjoy building it.

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Work has finally started on building the model.


Last Friday, Branden allowed me and my friend to have half his k'nex pieces from the Kingda' Ka model and after a few days of sorting, we have finally started building.

The first section we've decided to build is the lift hill and first drop. This section will be 12 feet tall. The lift will be run by 2 K'nex motors (one at the base and one at the top.).

For the first few days, we've got a lot done. The lift base is finished and 3 feet of the vertical lift. There are a few small places that need to be fixed, but that shouldn't last long.

Here's some pics of the return chain and overall coaster so far.

More to come!


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I'm assuming you are gonna fix the problem in the second pic were the lift is tilting to one side. Other than that, looks great.

I am, but the 3 other support towers need to be built first and the cross beams need to be made.

I'll add the track and work on it some more tonight and tomorrow.

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Ben and I have completely changed the structure of the coaster. We've taken out the support collumns and replaced them with box-like supports. The track has also been added and we are 6 feet tall up the lift tower. We plan on having 2 main towers holding up the lift and drop. We will try to add outriggers and more laterals when they're needed. The next step is starting the second tower, finishing the lift, and build the 97 degree drop.

On to the pictures.




More soon!

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How is it going to dive under the lift?


Glad you've asked. I will first build the lift hill and drop and then when I get to building the over-banked curve and brake run, I will remove some of the pieces where it is needed.

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