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  1. Copyright infringement. We can't name them after a real ride because all those names are copyrighted.
  2. Still haven't seen an order. Are you sure you are getting these?
  3. I'm not sure. Hopefully we can work it out where Coastershop can order from the park and resell in Europe. Otherwise you will have to ask the park to ship it.
  4. When did you order an O gauge Comet and Big Dipper? I don't see an order.
  5. Complain at you? What does that mean? Just because you are known on a particular site doesn't make you right or somehow make your opinion more valid. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  6. Do you know what percentage of the population knows that a wooden coaster doesn't have B&M track? Do you know how many people even know who B&M is? We learned a long time ago that making expensive working models for enthusiasts is a losing proposition on many levels. First we get criticized for any number of things regarding realism...just like you did in your previous post. Second, the demographic of who a Phoenix appeals to is more than happy to point out what we need to improve, yet don't even have the money to buy one. I can sell wooden coasters to the model train enthusiasts all day long. They don't complain about realism and they don't whine about the price. Why would I continue to chase a market that can't afford a product they don't even like? By the way, it doesn't matter if other people on here agree with you. Rallying support on a site catering to coaster enthusiasts will certainly get you supporters. Ask the same question on a model train site and they will laugh at you. I'm an enthusiast, but I'm also a businessman. I know what type of track is on a wooden coaster. For goodness sake, my business partner designs real roller coasters for a living. If he thinks it is fine why should you care if we use B&M track on a wooden coaster? We use what will work and what is easy to build. None of my current customers are complaining about it.
  7. I think you better take a closer look at what we produce. Our wooden coasters are every bit as realistic as the steel coasters. How is that not a "true model coaster"? In fact, a Phoenix is much more of a toy than our Cyclone. Don't mistake what YOU want for what EVERYONE wants. Why not buy a wooden coaster if you feel the desire to own a realistic model?
  8. i don't think the Nanocoasters have any more or less appeal to enthusiasts than working models. We haven't given up on working models, contrary to what everyone seems to think. There are a lot more people willing to spend $20 on a model than $200.
  9. I sympathize with everyone who laments the demise of the Phoenix. Yup, the now popular Phoenix. You know.....the one everyone swore they would never buy because it had too much rigid track. Why couldn't it be more like the Scorpion? Yes the Scorpion. That was the one that was entirely too expensive for the average person to buy. Do you see a pattern developing here? No matter what we come out with enthusiasts will find fault with it. They conjure up an excuse not to buy it, they then lament the fact that it no longer exists. It doesn't exist because everyone found fault with it and it didn't sell. Too expensive, not realistic enough, too fast, too much rigid track, too temperamental, hard to find, no Intamin track, no Arrow track,etc etc. We sell wooden coasters to the O gauge train market. No one complains about the price, realism, or the fact that a wooden coaster has B&M track. No one cares. They just are happy someone makes a roller coaster model. It is very gratifying to introduce a product into a market that embraces it for what it IS rather than what it ISN'T.
  10. Like the Statix, these will be sold in the parks. If any parks think an Arrow shuttle coaster is worth doing and will sell in large numbers, I'm sure you will see one. As I've said many times before, the decision as to which models are made come from the parks. My personal opinions about which types of coasters look best or which I prefer are irrelevant. It is a business decision based on what rides they feel will sell best. These tend to be the latest and greatest. If there is other merchandise to support the ride, I would guess it is fair game.
  11. What is the status of the Coney Island Cyclone with regards to licensing, trademarks, etc.? Can the name and likeness be used without permission since it is a registered historic landmark? I was once told that the NY City parks department owned the rights to the ride. When I finally got someone to answer the phone and I asked this question, their reply was "you can't afford it" and they promptly hung up! Gotta love those big city people skills. Any feedback on this would really be appreciated.
  12. We will have pictures of the actual prototype posted Wednesday. This model is stunning! I wish the interest in models was as high as it used to be years ago. There are so many other things people get involved in (me included) that compete for our time. Fortunately, the O-gauge train community has embraced out new line of rides with a passion. We will be showing the model off at York, Pa. this weekend at the TCA train show.
  13. Ok....I have a few questions here. First, how are we "chincing out" on our sets? We have just re-issued the Scorpion. It has been vastly improved and updated. We have come out with several wooden coaster models that are PRE-BUILT and a Tumblebug ride. All of which are very high end models. We are going to be selling a working Gatekeeper model to Cedar Point for sale at the park. We have Gatekeeper Statix coming too. As far as the Comet (Commet?), what are you talking about? That kit hasnt' changed in 8 years! Contrary to what you seem to think, the sky is not falling here at CD. In fact, we continue to work on new releases on a daily basis. There is actually more going on behind the scenes than ever before. Just because we come out with molded track segments, doesn't mean we have "sold out". The goal is to take our product to the masses and sell as much as we can. In order to do this, we need to make the product cost effective. It seems like if we aren't being criticized for having expensive items, we are getting bashed for cheapening the items we do have. It can't go both ways.
  14. http://ns15.webmasters.com/*coasterdynamix.com/httpdocs/index.php?option=com_agora&task=topic&id=286 This has to be one of the most impressive models ever made. Kudos to those who can transform ideas into something. It is amazing what imagination can do.... MOD EDIT: Edited to remove backhanded comments.
  15. So were we! We went late Saturday night....maybe 10 or so. Their calamari is the best. Milkshakes rocked too. Did you know the Lego convention was at the Westin?
  16. Just thought I would share something that we are proud of. We teamed up with the Lego Architecture team and showed a prototype Lego Roller Coaster at Brickworld 2010 in Chicago last weekend. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we hope that this is not the last time we get to work with the Lego Architecture team!
  17. Faller actually filed bankruptcy last year too. They are supposed to come out of it fine, but they had amassed quite a significant debt. We have considered contacting IHC to purchase the molds for all their rides, but we are so busy with other projects, I don't know when we would even get to them. I also heard that the molds were in kind of bad shape anyways. Faller told me that the amusement ride sales have fallen off the face of the earth. Interest in this type of thing is usually cyclic. I would expect these ride models to gain popularity at some point in the future, but probably not to the level of interest we saw in the 90's. We are fortunate that we have done well with the Comet even in the current market. I think innovative models will always do fine, but the heyday has passed us by. Start collecting these kits....they are only going to get harder to find as time goes on.
  18. Well...here I go again. First let me say I would love to see this as a working model. That should dispell anyone saying I am being negative. However, the chain is the least of your worries if you plan on making a working model. It is all about the TRAIN. The train is the single biggest hinderance to creating a model that functions. In order to complete the course with scale-like heights and elements, the train must be amazingly efficient. Bearings are not good enough unless the scale is a little bit larger and the track and support structure can handle the added weight by being extremely rigid. Regular plastic on a metal axle (Knex) is woefully inefficient. While our system (CoasterDynamix) allows good efficiency with light weight, it is nearly impossible to scratchbuild to the level of precision needed. We struggled with this for years. CoasterDynamix was originally designed using ball bearings. Then we found out that the variation in bearings was quite great (when trying to find free-wheeling bearings) so we had to go back to square one. In order to keep the scale appearance, whatever you choose will need to be very small and compact. It is possible to use N gauge or HO train "trucks", but you will compromise scale appearance in the process. One of the reasons that there are very few working scratchbuilt models is because of these difficulties. The track structure, while challenging, is pretty straightforward using many off-the-shelf modeling supplies. Unfortunately, the trains aren't so simple. Again, I wish you luck and would be happy to help in any way I can. I have traveled the learning curve many times so I might be able to save you a lot of work. Perhaps along the way we can both learn something.
  19. Daniel, as I stated, my original reply was not mean spirited nor smart assed. I'm sorry the more sensitive members took it that way, but the intent was to be humorous. I appreciate your business advice and concern for our company. Unfortunately, I have been in business four years longer than you have been alive, so pardon me if I find your post condescending and preachy. When you OWN a business, come back and talk to me about how to run mine. You aren't the moral compass for this site, so stop lecturing others about "ass kissing" or business ethics.
  20. A couple things..... I get tired of hearing "it's too fast" as an excuse not to buy a kit. I would say 99% of the people who say that have never seen one in person (hence my original question). I don't owe everyone an explanation as to why this is.....half of these people have no intention of buying one anyway and just like to stir the pot. My lack of desire to explain elementary physics to such people does not reflect negatively on our customer service. I am on here addressing this aren't I? At least I am involved enough to interact with my customers. How many in the industry care enough to do that? Second, why would I not assume that you are not a potential customer? Who would buy a kit that was "too fast to enjoy watching"? If you thought the Diamonback was too fast....don't get a Scorpion! LOL.
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