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Kingdom de España |RCT3|

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A promotional video will be released soon.


Translated Press Release: (denada)

MADRID, SPAIN - Kingdom de Espana's headliner attraction, Castillo de Alcazar, will debut when the park opens next year.


Castillo de Alcazar will stand over ten stories tall and will be a fast-paced drop-ride-style attraction. Guests will board 4-passenger "carts" that will be vertically lifted through different castle rooms before being thrusted over a cliff. The drop will take riders down 100 feet at speeds of over 50 mph.


The ride will taunt riders as they approach the entrance to the castle-like attraction. The queue line will take riders through an outdoor garden and into the depths of the castle.


Kingdom de Espana will open as Spain's premier cultural theme park experience. With numerous rides, shows, and other attractions, Kingdom de Espana is a must-visit destination in Madrid.

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Orale, te esta quedando muy bien, se ve con muchos detalles y muy realístico al igual que tu otro parque de Hershey's.


Ojala y pronto veamos más cosas interesantes de este parque!





Haha, can someone in the forum can spell that?

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Year 1 Construction


Hola amigos!


Alot is going on at the park. (as usual!)


Work is concluding on one of the park's many GuestRest areas. Guests will be able to sit and enjoy the view with drinks!


A small lake has been filled. Hopefully they'll install a fountain!


Un restaurante nuevo!


Oiyo Castillo de Alcazar!


El Palmar!


More buildings continue to rise!


Mas, pronto!

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^ Dude, what the hell are you talking about? He has so much detail in his buildings. No offense to everyone that puts so much effort into RCT3, but CD5 really is the best at RCT3 on these forums. I am sorry if anyone is offended, but it is the truth. John, You are amazing and keep up the fantastic work!

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