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  1. Well, some changes right now. Maybe I go to SFFT and Sea World in March. It's going to be open those two parks by this dates? Thank you
  2. Thank you very much!!! Im waiting for your Photo TR of SFOT!!!
  3. Awsome Photo TR!!!!! Well, I have one question... I have plans to go to SFFT by April 17th. By this season major attractions are going to be opened? (Suoerman Krypton Coaster, Rattler, Poltergeist, Road Runner Express, Bomerang, Goliath, etc.) THANK YOU!!!
  4. Holy $#!t! I went yesterday to Dream Theater's concert and Petrucci and Portnoy were GOD!!!!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  5. OMG! Rock Band for Wii!!!! hell yeah!!! June 22nd...... It will be great!
  6. What? And John Petrucci? Oh...... This guy is a great musician!
  7. Wll, I like a lot like: DREAM THEATER Armin Van Buuren Slipknot Atreyu Children of Boddom Iron Maiden Metallica Muse Rush Daft Punk, etc. But favorite would have to be Dream Theater and Armin Van Buuren
  8. Mmmm let's see..... CORRECTION: Hola! Como estas/estais? Estamos muy ocupados hoy! CORRECTION: Aquí está la foto que quieres! Also, if you want I can translate it!: Aquí está otro edificio del area histórica del parque. Debido a la seguridad requerida nos pidieron que quitaramos decoración del restaurante enfrente de Alcazar. If you want more tips just say to me!
  9. ^ He wants a Diet Coke < Is handsome v Have head ache because of his/her mom
  10. Well my first kiss was when i was like 4 or 5 years old in Kindergarden............ But my first real kiss was when I have 9 years old............ haha
  11. OMFG!!!! I just passed Trough Fire And Flames in Expert Guitar hero 3
  12. OMG!!!!!! I'm going to see Dream Theater!!!! April 29th Mexico City!!!!!!!
  13. Abotu the Racing Coaster of Mexico....... I ride it like 4 months ago and OMG it was terrible!!! I mean it is so photogenic but when you are there its sooooo bad!!!!! This coaster is the oldest in Mexico and it have some weird data......like: This coaster has two stations and when a car leave one and return to the station it dont return in the same station, it return into the other!!!!
  14. Sure...... Doy you like to watch Dr. Phil?
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