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  1. ^how do you see any elevator shafts anywhere? its a giant stone castle/building. i think its the same idea but a lot diffrent. muy bueno juan! johnycanon8
  2. ^^This park isnt new. It been around for over 14 years. Its just new to TPR and coaster101 johnycanon8 Season 14-15 The new Speed has yet to be renamed, but it`s already built and looks fantastic. And Construction on the coaster for season 16 has gone vertical. I don’t know why they are starting to early. Magma from HHE looks great. You cant see but the trains are in the main pathway to the left. Paka`a Sidewinder, or Mack SuperSpinner (large park) got a fresh coat of paint and looks good. The Kids area`s new addition will attract big kids to the back of the park as well. (revolution) The new Speed looks great. Cant wait to see the rest of it. Vertical Construction! And now we can see the color scheme. Thanks JC8 inc. Johnycanon8
  3. To see previous season, visit the park on Atari Community Forums. Atari Community- http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=621981 On the island of Oahu, there are three major parks. The legendary Hershey’s Hawaiian Escape. The classic park has been around for over 50 seasons and has impressed people from the start. SeaWorld Hawaii encompasses a large piece of Hawaii and offers guests numerous animal encounters and white-knuckle thrill rides. Last but not least is Worlds of Hawaii. Started by Intiman under the shadow of Hershey`s Hawaiian Escape. After a few seasons of operation, JC8 inc. fixed its interest in the park. By season six, the park "Hawaiiland" was bought by JC8 inc. and transformed into Worlds of Hawaii. After a year or two of work, Worlds of Hawaii was ready to be opened to the public. Now it has grown to be a well known, prosperous theme park.  Season 5- Plans made for park purchase  Season 6-Closing of HawaiiLand-JC8 inc. takes over.  Season 7-Closed-Revamp of the whole park.  Seaon 8- Park opens as Worlds of Hawaii with new buildings, waterslides, and a roller coaster.  Season 9-Ruth`s Chris Steakhouse-Thunderstorm removal (wooden coaster)  Season10-Theater(Macbeth)-Aquarium-Bowl Slides- (Hurricane removal-SLC)  Season11-Ben & Jerry’s Corner Creamery  Season12-Magma(B&M invert-Tidal Wave) (Ohana Coaster removal)  Season13-SummerHeat! concert series (removal of Apex)  Season14-New area-Revolution(Apex)  ... Ride list • OctaTwirl (removed in season 14) • Hurricane (removed in season 10) • FearFall (Gyro tower) • Apex (removed in season 13, relocated and re-themed as Revolution) • Paka`a Sidewinder (Mack SuperSpinner (large park)) • Dino Stomp (kids dino flat ride) • Golden Surf (S&S power Sky Swat) • Worlds Wheel (giant ferries wheel) • Worlds Observation tower (removed season 7) • Ohana Coaster (Vekoma jr. coaster-removed season 12) • Backyard Swings (swings ride) • Captain Jack`s Swingin` Ship (rocking pirate ship) • Voyage (kids floundering flounder) • Speed ( Intimin twisted invert coaster) • Thunderstorm ( GCI wooden coaster-Removed season 9) • Revolution (HUSS giant Frisbee) • Across the Universe: Space adventure (Sally Corp. Motion simulator) • Magma (B&M Invert- Previously Tidal Wave at HHE) Worlds of Hawaii is now entering season 15 Season 14 overview thanks JC8 inc johnycanon8
  4. JC8 inc. presents Coming in late winter or early spring, JC8 inc, will releace a 15-30 min. video This movie will recieve weekly updates leading to the releace of the film The film will be classified under disaster, and mystery genre. enjoy the first trailer. http://youtube.com/watch?v=hQxSxpzJAw0 JC8 inc johnycanon8
  5. im not feeling any rockish ness. and what are the ugly white things under the coaster? And that is so many morters. cant you take some out? And the hotel looks better. Still needs work. But keep working on it!
  6. hey everyone. the new coaster is done. i will not say much. but i will let my teaser film do all the talking.=] tell me what you think. please comment, johnycanon8
  7. Hard Rock Park- San Diego Update Esto es un mensaje corto pero bueno. ¿Cuál es ése? Any one wanna take a shot at what the new ride is? hasta luego, Juanito Canon
  8. Hard Rock Park-San Diego Construction update Hey everyone. sorry its been so long. its been a hetic time. anyways i'm back on track. A lot of stuff has happened in the park this is the MinersPit Ice House®. Shows will be held a couple of times a day on ice!. more details to come later. The Boondocks Grill®. Come get your fresh hot Ribs! This rib shack offers the best hot ribs in the whole park. The BackyardKidz Kamp® will offer fun for families with children of all ages. With three slides, MuddinWheelers®(a quad bike ride), and Whiskey Tower®(power tower) for the older kids. Trundle Slides®, MuddinWheelers®, and Whickey Tower®. overview of the new areas. Lots more to come ladys and gents johnycanon8
  9. your hotel is too big and blehh.. it makes then entry buildings looks so small.
  10. GASP! intreging. i have been wondering what this would be for quite some time. hope to see more!
  11. Hey everyone, I have good news! Lots of things have happened over the weeks. The area right of the entry plaza. a couple of buildings have gone up and some trees.! I had to drive over to LA to get that picture from the studio. I dont know what the buildings are yet, but to me it looks like a theater and a resturant or shops. Tell me what ya think! Thanks, johnycanon8
  12. thats pretty much what it is. i havnt found a name for the beast, but one will come to me. here are its stats. not very impressive but nither are Furious Bacos. tell me what ya think. thanks johnycanon8
  13. YESSSSS. congrats u got it. expect a PM or IM from me tomorrow or sooner. Thanks for everyone else that guessed. you all were pretty close. But here is a pic of the new and exciting coaster=] tell me what ya think! more to come, johnycanon8
  14. im surprised no one has gotten it yet.! *cough*jilahfbikeajhfkahf ujqrh*cough* =] pictures of my new coaster comming soon more to come, johnycanon8
  15. ok since no one is getting it i will give more hints. S&S Arrow 4D, Mack Spinning. the clock is ticking =] more info later, johnycanon8
  16. noooope.. ok the first on is indeed a S&S Arrow 4D. keep guessing everyone your close. and did you all check out the teaser of the new coaster? johnycanon8
  17. no one has got it yet. jpdupis is the closest but not correct. keep guessing. The winner might get a special prize.
  18. Hard Rock Park- San Diego Construction Update #3cont, i found a teaser online! i have no idea. You tell me what you think it is. Lil quizie time. can anyone tell me what the three tracks are, left to right? Maybe a special prize will be awarded. more to come.. johnycanon8
  19. Hard Rock Park-San Diego Construction Update #3(small) Not much has been happening at the park. The fires to the north have paused the parks construction alot. Fotters and supports have been constructed though!! I have not seen the track up close but it looks like a vekoma. I could be wrong. but here is a picture i took Looks like a launch coaster! Tell me what you think the coaster is? more soon, johnycanon8
  20. Hard Rock Park- San Diego Construction Update #2 This looks pretty cool. I dont know what the name of the roller coaster yet but i will find out soon looks cool at night! I found this whyle searchign for hard rock park-san diego pictures thanks everyone! more to come johnycanon8
  21. interesting entry area. you got alot of potential. check out my update and see what ya think johnycanon8
  22. Hard Rock Park- San Diego Construction update #1 With all the fires and everythign going on around the city,construction has been slowed down quite a bit in this past week. but here are some pics of what are already in the park. Looks like 2 flat rides A rollercoaster! exciting this is the back of the entry plaza. looks like it still needs some work Untill next time everyone, johnycanon8
  23. i like your parking garage. its lookin cool. Are you now building your entryplaza?
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