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Kemah Boardwalk and Bullet Discussion Thread

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That's a bit extreme, don't you think? Under that thought process, how did you determine that you like Bullet more than Voyage if they are so different? How do you rank rides period?


There is plenty of room for comparison. Is it not possible to just judge which is better? Or which ride is rougher or has more airtime or more intense turns?


I guess I don't really understand why you retaliated to his post.


Guru beat me to it, but I will agree with him and state that my post was not a retaliation in any way.


He asked how BB would compare to RFII and I gave reasons why I don't think a comparison of two very different rides should be a basis for hopping a plane down to ride the Bullet.


"Is it possible to just judge which is better?"


No, it's not. Unlike many other TPR posters, I refrain from telling someone else which ride they should like better, especially when I've not ridden one of them. Everyone likes different things, so my criteria for "better" might not equal his.... and that's OK.


How do I rate rides? I think about two coasters sitting next to each other and ask myself this question: "If you only had time to ride ONE of the two coasters right now, which one would you ride?" Whatever coaster is the answer is the one that gets ranked higher. Simple as that. I don't break it down into "more airtime, smoother, better laterals" and all that. I just think, "of the two, which one would I ride?" and let it go at that.


Between Voyage and Bullet, it would be Voyage. No question. Between Voyage and any other coaster I've ridden, same answer. Bullet would come in at #4 if I combine my wood and steel list... behind Voyage, ExpeditionGeForce, and SROS at SFNE.

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Bullet is open every day. It was open today, was running well with near empty trains.


Deadline for RSVP for the Birthday Bash on August 31st is Friday. Email me at miscacct4me@yahoo.com to RSVP.


For those who have not ridden the Bullet in while this may be your last change to ride for the time being. I have heard rumblings that it will be closing shortly after this event for a quite some time for more work.



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According to the local newscaster (who was at the Boardwalk for his report), Kemah officials expect the entire Boardwalk to be "under massive water" by Friday evening.


The Boardwalk is on Galveston Bay, which is expected to have a storm surge approaching 20ft (higher than the coastal surge, since the hurricane is pushing water into the bay, trapping it and not allowing it to flow back out). If there is a 20ft surge, there will be about 18ft of water over the Boardwalk.


I've seen reports on local forums that the Bullet trains have been removed, but if the worst happens, the lift motor, brakes, transfer track, and much of the station trackage will be submerged in salt water.


Think "Mega Zeph".


On the bright side, it would allow Kemah to say "closed due to storm repairs" and leave it down long enough to debug it for good.... assuming it's still there.


I seem to remember the Gravity Group guys telling me that it should withstand Cat 3 winds, so there shouldn't be any wind damage, unless some other structure (like that little house next door, or one of the boats in the adjacent marina) rips apart and collides with it.

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Kemah is starting to get inundated with water..

Take a look. http://www.myfoxhoustonlive.com/ , the webcam updates every 10 minutes or so..

If its not on the right side of the screen click in the middle of the screen for Kemah.. They are saying that Kemah may see between 10 to 20 feet of water so it does not look good for the park..

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