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Kemah Boardwalk and Bullet Discussion Thread

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Wow! Went today and i was dissapointed to see it closed. I noticed a large boom deal near the front. Saw a full car of riders coming down the lift. What a full train!? I got off with my cousin and they recruited us to ride for a commercial/photo shoot. We had to sign a release and we were off. We got to ride atleast 7 times before they let a bunch of paying people on. The shooting crew was real cool and i got 7 free rides!

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Oh ok I would have loved to be in it.


Hey A.M.F., do you read your private messages?


Today was a nice day at the park. The film crew worked diligently as far as film crews are concerned and all the riders, even when the public was mixed in, performed great! The staff was, as always, top notch and Heather did a great job organizing the groups and coordinating the event. I had some friends with me and we all bought bands to ride the other rides while they reset camera shots. I still get giggle fits while riding the Boardwalk Bouncer. We all had a blast!


Kemah Boardwalk still impresses me. It is a top notch park, spectacularly clean, and the employees are down to earth and friendly.



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I'm crossing my fingers that some tasty POV footage will fall from cyberspace and land in my hard drive so I can do this coaster justice.


It's just SOOOOOOO hard to shoot any meaningful off-ride footage after the first drop. Everything else is just a split second of blurry train as it peeks out from the structure.





Odd: notice how we still call it "footage" even when it's digital?

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I'm always surprised about how many coaster enthusiasts I've met at Kemah lately, many are from out of town, and a lot are from this forum!


I ran into a couple of coaster enthusiasts there yesterday and got a picture of them coming back from their first ever Bullet ride....


Everyone is always so friendly and these two were no exception! Thanks for another great day at the Boardwalk




Two Coaster Enthusiasts experiencing their first ride on the Bullet (Back Row)...

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So what did they think of it Guru?


Did you figure out who they are?




No. Am I suppose to?


I was thinking that someone that reads these forums might know who they are. I've dropped some subtle clues, I'll give it another day to see if someone in this group can figure it out



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The GG guys look happy with how things turned out...looking forward to riding the Bullet later this fall.


Yeah, they especially liked the atmosphere when we rode at night. Chad and Michael are really nice and fun to hang out with. They are just like normal coaster enthusiasts. You can run off crazy ideas and they go into "Hrm, we could do that, the speed would have to be X here and X there, etc etc." It was really fun chatting with them and listening to their insights on the industry, etc.


I would have never noticed them personally had Michael not been wearing a nice shirt with an embroidered Gravity Group logo on it. The only picture I saw of Chad was on the web page (which, rumor has it has been rebuilt and the new version is almost done) when he was bald! I had VERY briefly run into Corey when he was leaving before the Bullet was complete, got to shake hands with him and thats about it.



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A few interesting comments were posted on the sixflagshouston.com forum from a credible source. Here are the more interesting comments:


4. There are still some issues ("bugs") that are being addressed, just don't know what and when at this time. There are several factors involved. That's all I can say for now.


5. Yes we did make some adjustment in the brake area that allows the train to come in faster, but we have no control over the mag brakes. A light train will come thru slower and if there are two trains running, the second train will stop on the lift. The guys and I discussed several options to overcome this issue. At this time nothing has been decided on which one to do. (You experts out there, please refrain on telling us on how to fix this. You don't have all the info and we know what ALL the option are.)


6. It is true that the back half is not doing what it is designed to do. Those of you that have had a "rain" ride has experienced what it is to do. Again, these issues are being addressed and will take time.


The conclusion that can be made from this is it should be running like it did when we rode it in the rain on a normal day... I can't imagine would it would do in the rain at that point


If you dig back into the earlier posts in this thread, during the testing phases, it was stated several times from various people that the train should be going at least 15 MPH over the first big hill. Right now it is going about 9MPH tops. This is the same hill that it stalled on in the initial tests. Apparently there are still issues causing it to not reach that speed which really tapers off the back end of the ride. While the poster did not state this, and it might not be the only issue, I think logic easily shows that this is at least one of the things that needs to be overcome.


Like the poster said, I doubt anything will happen overnight, but it looks like some really nice things are to come! At the very least they are aware the Bullet is not running at its potential.



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