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Nickelodeon Universe (MOA) Discussion Thread

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I'm pretty sure it's an S&S tower (like Cedar Point's power tower)


I honestly cannot wait for any of these rides to open - this was a triple hit for me. I've been waiting to ride a Gerstlauer Eurofighter, an Intamin Halfpipe, and a woah belly forever! This will probably just make my love of MOA even greater... unless the build team totally screwed up the track and made it extremely rough - that would suck.



I'm having a tough time visualizing where the Splat-O-Sphere is going to be built... could someone maybe do a crude sketch on a webcam picture for me.... maybe just where the base for the tower is?

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You know how big of coaster-stalking dorks we are? We're staying up past midnight to watch them put together a bunch of pieces of metal.


Yup. Ain't it grand? Besides, how often, short of driving by a park, do we really get to see a coaster go up? My sleeps been just awful the past couple weeks, but it's been fun to watch the webcam.


Now what's this near Ghost Blasters and Sponge Bob?


EDIT: Some station framing/construction.


Assembly night for passenger sled and prep for Friday night maybe?


Here's the silver paint on TT Looty mentioned

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