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Better Europe park

Europa or Portaventura?  

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  1. 1. Europa or Portaventura?

    • Europa Park
    • Portaventura

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Hi in august/september I'm asking my dad to take me to Europa Park for a few days to celebrate my Birthday. However having seen the Portaventura pics I do not know whether or not it would be better to go there. What would you say is the better park??

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Thats a hard question...


I like europa because it so clean and tidy and with eurosat and euromir the park is really good. The on-site hotel are all fabulous


I like port aventura because of Dragon Khan - it is stunning. The hotel El Paso is brill.


Europa Park will "eat" more people an hour on the rides that Port Aventura will - but it depends on what time of year you are going.


I would have to say Port Aventura - thats only because Ihave been Europa Park every year for the past 4 years.

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Am... Port Aventura, Dragon Khan, Furius Baco, Stampida (Well some people like the new trains), Hurakan Condor and Templo Del Fuego are all brilliant rides except Stampida because I hate it now.


Both parks look well themed but Port Aventura seems to offer more. Sea Odyssey is a great fun very well themed ride. The water rides are decent and the shows are brilliant.


So Port Avemtura.

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Ryanair have cheap flights from Luton. Stansted, Liverpool, Glasgow airport to Reus airport which is less than 10minutes away. There are buses to Salou which are not frequent and you can get a taxi.


It is alot cheaper to stay in a hotel in Salou and it only costs like a €1 for the bus to the park or €5 for a taxi.


But the on-site hotels give unlimited entry to the themepark and give you a ticket to go to the water park and you get Express.

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Well that's easy! Ofcourse Europapark for me! It's my alltime favorite! It has a little bit of everything! Thrill, family, darkrides and the theming is just my style! Not the mention that you have to visit hotel Colloseo at night ! Just go to the top floor and drink some cocktails! That finishes a day Europapark damn good!

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If you don't need cheap flights or cheap accomadation, you can fly to Barcelona on BA and travel by train to Port Aventura's Train station. Or, you can travel to Salou by train, then get a cab to the Park.


The on sight hotels are a good choice for convenience if you will be at the park for a couple of days. If you stay there, you also can use your hotel card as a fastpass card, which is very useful. And you won't have to que to get in every time.

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^ or the other alternative is to take the Euro tunnel next year to Paris (can get tesco discount), go to Park Asterik (get in free with tussauds annual pass), drive to Hamburg, go to Heide Park (get in free with tussauds annual pass) and the Hamburg dungeon (have free tickets)

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Wow, a lot of open questions


Europapark is near Strassbourg and Freiburg, but also not that far fm Frankfurt and Stutgart. But if I remember well, on the EP website you should also be able to find out that they have a new air connection between the UK and a small airport pretty near to EP.

EP and HP are approx 150 kms from each other.

If you go to PA, I can only recommend you the Portaventura Hotel. Your roomkey is at the same time an express pass and it's a beautiful hotel with a seperate entrance to the themepark.

Parc Asterix is of course also a nice park but I would rate both PA and EP higher.

The distance fm Paris to Heidepark must be something like 800 kms ! And another small 100 to the Hamburg Dungeon. You will definitely spend more on fuel or plane/traintickets than the value of the free entrances you have.

There are way better options imo. For example you could go to Parc Asterix, then through to Holidaypark and Europapark and on your way back visit DLP.


In any case, if I would have to choose, I'd choose Port Aventura.

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Thanks again guys the new idea is:


Eurotunnel, Calais to Paris, Then Parc Asterix, Then Europa Park (maybe visit the stadium in Stuttgart), Holiday Park, Cologne/Phantasialand and finnaly Walibi World


& Which hotel is better value Colosseo or Phantasialand? (ling boa)

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