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I named this coaster after the bestest dog in the whole wide world, so I hope I did him justice. Enjoy!


Building supports through that mess was total hell.


The ride has more overbanks than anything else. I tried to create as many headchoppers as possible, within reason.


Best layout pic i could manage to get.


"Killer inner spectrum support conglomoerates, dude" ~Dennis. Pet owner.


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^ Yeah, I really didn't notice that until after i started supporting, and by then i wasn't willing to back and change somthing. Its just a little difficult to get airtime when you have to constantly turn to stay in a small area.


Thanks for the niceness everybody, and keep the comments coming.

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Todays lunch will be a breadtangle of Intamin.



Awesome ride! I enjoyed every second of it. I do think that final air hill needed some adjustment, but nothing else! Good job.

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