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Photo TR | Kings Island - June 30, 2007

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There will be a lot of pictures so bare with me on this. So I'm breaking it up in small section. I left Kings Island with 34 credits without Little Bill's Giggle Coaster and Son of Beast. I will mention more about that in the TR.


Part One:


I had a great day today! I finally met one of the TPR member and that is PKI ManJZ! It was fun... I will mention more about it later in the trip report!


First ride of the day: FIREHAWK! It was my first flying coaster and my first Vekoma Coaster as well. NOT BAD AT ALL! Actually, it was awesome! Laying on your back looking up at the sky and not seeing what's happening next, AWESOME! I love the loop! Derek... Maybe we need to set up Loop-lover club! Anywho... Firehawk was two thumbs up!


After Firehawk, we waited in line for Flight of Fear! Ten minutes later, we come to find out that the ride is closed temporary so we left and head out to Italian Job Stunt Track! Another two thumbs up but the special effects suck... No fire...


Then we head on to THE BEAST!!! Yes Son of Beast is still on the disability list. He got neuter but not ready to be the "able" roller coaster yet. The Beast was running smoothly still! That's still good and still my #1 roller coaster of all the wood coaster I have been on thus far!


After that, we walked around and look for PKI ManJZ since he was working that day... No luck... So we headed to Vortex and it was only 30 minutes wait! Seriously... all day long... for a Saturday the waiting wasn't long at all! Vortex was running smoothly! Two loops... it must be heaven for Derek to go through!


I got a call from PKI ManJZ and he was on break and we met him at the front of the Beast! We head down to the Racer and went on it! We went on both forward and backward! Fun time!


After the racer, PKI ManJZ went back to work and I hop on Adventure Express and it was THUMB DOWN! It was chugging along the whole ride and the animatron was malfunctioning! I love the ride but I like the theming when it is working.


After that, I headed down to Top Gun! First suspended coaster! It was fun! Flying through the air and BRAKE! it stop and the peeps was still swinging sideways!


After the little Coaster fun, it was time for a little munchie! Congo falls was the next time! The sign said you may get wet... FORGET IT... THINK ABOUT DRENCHED! Yeah! You will see later on in the photo TR!


Mmm... felt like the need to dry off! So Face/Off is a possiblity... so I head that way! 45 minutes wait and then hop on! Up the lift and went backward and then to the other side and went forward! IT WAS REFRESHING! WHOO HOO!!!!


After the moment of instanity, I head to the lamest place of Kings Island! "Nick" Universe and got on Scooby-Doo ride and it was cute... then we went on Beastie... I mean Fairly Odd Coaster... It was short and alright...


Reptar was dancing and calling my name! So I head over to Runaway Reptar! Another Vekoma coaster... YAY! It was 5 out of 10.


Then I went out to the middle of nowhere to get on another water ride... The white water canyon! You should go there! It is nicely themed and away from the park! Possibility an expansion zone! That's an idea! Maybe Mystery Mine in Kings Island as a 15th coaster? Who knows!


Back to the park area, I attempt to ride the "Little Bill's Giggle Coaster!" Yes it is a kiddie ride but I waited in the line to see if I can get on! I was denied since I need to have a kid with me to get on! I was thinking that the park need to have a "Rent a Kid" to get on these kiddie caoster.


Anyway, I escape the "Nick" Universe! and went back to Flight of Fear! It was running again! We saw a few line cutters! Oh well... Really? What are we suppose to do? Report to the "qualified staff"? Just wonder... It was about another 45 minutes wait. We got on the ride and the people behind us was pretty big and just to let you know that Flight of Fear is not BIG PEOPLE friendly so don't waste your 45 minutes in line to get on this ride cuz it is not going to happen. I felt sorry for the couple but I had fun going 60 mph in 4 seconds! The ride operator was cute! I didn't say that!


Then it was gettting to the point the park was going to close and we looked at Firehawk... it is a must so we waited over an hour to get on Firehawk and watch the sunset as we were waiting to get on and it was dark and it was my turn to get on! We got on and we were told that we have to wait since there was a problem on the Firehawk on the lift so I waited a little longer in the laying down position of the ride. And finally it is fixed! Then I soar through the rides in the dark! It was fun!


Overall, it was a great day and a great weather!


Part Two coming soon!


Welcome to the first ride: Brain Scan!


The meaner called Angelia from Rugrats!


Face/Off is roaring and left a little fart as well...


Famous shots at Kings Island! Something like that...


Crowds at 9:40: 20 minutes before the park is open!


Hi! I'm Firehawk Sign!


Gotnophobia Ride

Gotnophobia:/ n. Fear Nothing


EVIL DROP TOWER SIBLING! Yes, it was closed.. :(


Hello Derek!


Soaring down to catch the prey!






Yellow Train returning to the station.... Part Two coming soon!

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The trains should be the same. I believe it's just the angle of the epic that makes it look that way. I had to take a double take on that pic too.


They aren't the same, X-Flight's (it will never be referred as the F-word by me) trains are a little bit more sleek and aerodynamic-looking, especially the front cover thingy.




You can see here that Stealth/BORG's is a little more square-looking.



Compared to Batwing and X-Flight, which you can clearly see that they are sleeker-looking.






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The trains should be the same. I believe it's just the angle of the epic that makes it look that way. I had to take a double take on that pic too.


They aren't the same, X-Flight's (it will never be referred as the F-word by me) trains are a little bit more sleek and aerodynamic-looking, especially the front cover thingy.




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The trains should be the same. I believe it's just the angle of the epic that makes it look that way. I had to take a double take on that pic too.


They aren't the same, X-Flight's (it will never be referred as the F-word by me) trains are a little bit more sleek and aerodynamic-looking, especially the front cover thingy.





I don't care if anyone else says it, hell, I'll even quote it, but I, myself, will never say it.

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Part Two:


Here we go... I have some more picture of Firehawk which I will post at the end of my trip report... You have been warned... There will be a lot of road signs in Part Two! I thought it was hilarious!


I'm still working on getting the rest of it here...


It was time for The Beast! Yeah ACE sign has to be in the picture...


Niccccccccce! All ready to go! Just for you!


Yes! You do come out of that hole! Sadly the rides end sooo soon after that...


This is for James. Does this mean "No chicken allowed" or "Don't rock your cock?"


Yay! It's so patriotic! Have you notice that? If it is Itlatian Job, shouldn't it be red, green, and white? Or will that confused with Mexico? Anyway...


Now we're talking!


I thought we're suppose to move that fast... OH NO! it is only .35 mph! Geez!


Tell me about it!


"Helix heaven" in the parking garage!


Italian Job: Stunt Track!

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Here is the rest of Part Two... There will be part three for sure! I took too many...


CoasterWarriors and PKI ManJZ has met! My first TPR member meeting credit!


Just in case you forgot the name of the ride!


Vortex returning to the station!


Near the end!


Vortex is corkscrewy with the riders!


Loop 1: Hello Derek!

Loop 2: Hello Derek!


Vortex from Beast exit lane...


For the lift hills fan out there, this picture is for you!


The survivors has returned!


The riders are being attacked by the Beast aka The ride operators!

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The difference in the train designs is easy, Stealth aka Borg was the first true flying coaster. Firehawk and the others are the improved versions of that so they may have had some redesign issues (aerodynamics and coaster design included) Who knows, that different shape of the nose cone may add 3 mph or reduce drag or g-forces, but whatever the case, it's just a design progression.

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PKIMan, what game do you work? I'll see if we can meet next time I come up there...


Anyways, you got the Vortex thing wrong. It's:


Loop 1: Hello Derek.

Loop 2: Goodbye Derek.



FYI, I actually say that everytime I ride

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