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SFGAm - New pics page 3/4

Guest Papas

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Deja Vu open!?!? That is honestly the first time I have ever seen it running in a TR, ever. That park looks so awesome and I hpe I can go there sometime. As for Iron Wolf, yea it's underrated, but concidering it was B&M's first ever project (and the duo's last project was Flashback at SFMM when they were still working for Intamin) it looks like a pretty decent ride.

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Entertainment Reviews



Outstanding, one of the best shows GAm has had. The show is pretty long (40 minutes) and the choreography, singing, and light show are all amazing. Good selection of songs also, I am not a fan of country music but the songs they have for country in the show are great. I always try to see it once every time im at the park.


Operation Spygirl

To appreciate this show you need to realize that its mainly for kids/parents and not a huge extravagent stunt show like its being advertised as. When it first started I really was not a fan, there are not many explosions and the fighting was pretty fake. Seeing it yesterday they have made improvements where needed, and they have gotten more experienced with the fighting (and dropped the 24 ads) and it is a slightly better show now. A lot of the acrobatics and maneuvers they do are impressive, as most of the actors are either olympic gymnasts or something of that nature. One thing they changed that I dont like is that now she doesnt have the pink hair anymore, which IMO was her trademark and looked good.


Marvin In The Third Dimension

Overlooked and very good. I really liked the film and effects, its nice having an experience like this in the Picto instead of one of those old tired educational films they always used to have.


Looney Tunes Tonight

Havent seen it.


Serpent Safari

Neat, good addition to the park even though its not extravagent or anything, good midway entertainment.


Spirit of America

They brought back the entire Marriott show this year plus the addition of SWT (didnt make a new song for Mardi Gras though, which makes sense cause its next to Orleans Place). The costumes and choreography are good although the songs are very "70s." Its a good show for what it is.


Manny B & The Rythm Nights

I love it, these guys are very talented and awesome, especially the ZZ top segments. They normally get a pretty good crowd also. I love going on Big Easy Balloons and listening to "Alright Now" played live, cant beat that.


Reflections - Sounds of the 80s

The singing is good and the wardrobe is very "80s." I really like how its integrated as midway entertainment, the stage is very "low key" and the show comes up as surprise pretty much cause you dont really notice the stage if its not being performed.


Country Rocks

Havent seen it, hear good things. I like the idea of having a country music themed show right in the middle of the SWT midway.


Stick & Move Dance Crew and The Great American Drum Core

They normally perform seperatley but its awesome when they integrate their shows and have some awesome break dancing to fast paced drumline beats. The Great American Drum Core is a good idea cause they walk around and basically play everywhere, and guests waiting in line for a ride have some entertainment while waiting.


Celebrate The Joy

I like how they finally got a parade in the back of the park but theres no track for floats back there, so its mainly the dancers going down the midway, and charectors in automobiles/old Traffique Jam cars/Great America Raceway cars. Not as good as last years daytime parade obviosley just cause they cant use the floats, but I like the soundtrack.


Starlight Spectacular

Basically the same as last year, which is fine with me. Very good show to close out the night. The whole show flows very well, with the songs, dances, and fireworks integrated in it. The parade is still the best in the SF chain, its nice how they have the Allies Trolley cars going also.

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6Yeah, Deja vu has been running since June, but only about 1/2 the queue is used.


Great photos, but crowds look a little heavy. I went Sunday, and even though it was 95, it was still crowded(luckily everyone was at HH, or inline for the water rides, S:UF, or Deja vu), but I was able to get a lot of rides in. The overview shots you got were amazing, and some of the locations you took your photos at were unknown to me.

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That was a strange picture of Batman without the wheel cover on the front row!


I like how they post the capacity goals.. we would have never done that at Dragons! It would be embarrassing.. but then again, people can throw bags anywhere at Six Flags.


The park looks very nice! Hopefully I'll get out to Chicago one of these days. Great pics.

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Papas, your photos have made me excited even more about the Midwest trip and SFGAm especially! Great job getting a bunch of nice shots and some of the little details and "errors only enthusiasts notice."


Again, great pics.

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Two big thumbs down for SFGAm getting ride of the unique ride op uniforms for different areas of the park! I used to love my "Gotham City Department of Sanitation" uniform from when I worked on Batman and the East River Crawler! I always wanted to "accidently" take mine home with me...


When did they change over to these bland- "everyone wear blue and kachi" uniforms?

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