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Best time to go to Cedar Point?

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We went on the weekend of September 20th last year. The weather was a little rainy at times, and kind of cold, and as such, crowds were light during daylight hours. A little worse at night, but still a fraction of peak summer crowds.


Weekdays during May and early June are pretty light, too, but there are some organized school trips which will make for *some* lines.

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Yeah, I worked there in 2005 so I really got a feel for the crowd trends. The first couple weeks they are open in May is definitely the best time I saw. Go through a week day and you won't have any trouble hitting every ride you want to and getting quite a few re-rides. Often times, MF was a walk on toward the end of the day and TTD never had a line longer than 30 minutes. The weekends still get fairly busy though and the closer you get to Memorial Day, the busier it gets.

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I've gone in May, early June, the end of August [all on weekdays] and September [on a weekend]. The only time it was actually pretty busy was in June because of the mass amount of schools visiting. We were expecting it to be crowded in August, but a lot of things were walk-ons, and the only lines that were more than 10 minutes were for Millenium Force and TTD.

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We went the week before Labor day 2 years ago sunday through tuesday and the whole time most everything was a walk on. Weather was beautiful and no rain at all. Only things that really had any wait were Millenium Force and Dragster and each were about a 20 min wait.

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I'd recommend weekdays in May before Memorial Day or Monday-Thursday until June, I've had the best luck. Last years Coastermania fell on Friday, June 2 and crowds were relatively light. End of June it picks up but still better than July. Also, the last week in August was traditionally lighter crowds, but that wasn't the case last year.


Finally, I'm sure Maverick will bring a ton of extra people to the park. The buzz at my school (almost 6000 kids) is decent and is sure to bring in a few extra people that wouldn't normally show up. It'll probably be bad for the first weekend/week because of Maverick, but I'm sure it'll slow a bit before Memorial Day.



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so i take it the best way of getting to CP from the airport is to rent a car and drive myself? does anyone know of any reasonable shuttle services that i could take or if there are any offered? my hover board is currently in the repair shop...


EDIT: im thinking of going aug 26-29th.

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