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  1. Very sad i couldn't sign up for this as we are arriving the 22nd in the afternoon as we had plans already set for the 21st. Oh well guess ill run into some people during the day.
  2. This was the line on Superman in the middle of July with a 0% chance of rain for the day. Every coaster in the park was pretty much a walk on. I went there just to pick up the credits hearing how awful the place was hoping i wouldn't be killed. I ended up having one of our best days at any amusement park i've been to.
  3. Six Flags Great Adventure Six Flags New England Six Flags America Lakemont Park Idlewild Kennywood Waldameer
  4. Id like to see all the SROS drop those stupid shin restraints. Any time i ride one of those coasters i come home with bruises across my shins.
  5. Yea they seem to close at 8 now. Just really hoping i can get through Six Flags America in a few hours on Sunday is the main problem i might have. Hope that place isnt too bad.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these 3 parks the last week in august. Probably gonna do Six flags America Sunday, Kings Dominion Monday and Busch Gardens Tuesday. Im hoping kids in that area start school and to have somewhat shorter lines.
  7. That POV is probably from one of the last 2-3 years of that ride. In its first few years it was one of the best woodies i've ever been on.
  8. I rode Hercules the first year it opened and it was an amazing ride at the time. It flew around the course and had lots of airtime. Within 3-4 years the ride was pretty painful and started being altered and many breaks added to it. By the end of its life it crawled around every turn and was really sad to see what happened to this great ride from when it was first open. As for a POV of it back then i cant help you out there.
  9. We went the week before Labor day 2 years ago sunday through tuesday and the whole time most everything was a walk on. Weather was beautiful and no rain at all. Only things that really had any wait were Millenium Force and Dragster and each were about a 20 min wait.
  10. Newark airport is right on the turnpike and should take no more than 1hr to get to Gadv from there. Granted thats if theres no trafic but i really wouldnt see any trafic issues the day you would be out there.
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