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  1. Saturday, It was a little more crowded. Millennium, hellz yeah, anyways yeah rode it 5x Maverick was awesome, rode it 4x, no matter what people say, this is one awesome ride. Mean Streak was incredible actually. It was so smooth, and there was actually some floater airtime. It's all about the front seat. I was really surprised at how great it was running. Rode it 2x. SWEET!!!!! Lunch Time at Famous Dave's out on the Marina. MMMMMMM Train Ride to let the stomach's settle. MMMM MF! Maverick Goodness. The Draculaster (or something like that, lol) Artistic Shot of the Day The Ultimate Phils Fan Vid of the Trip.
  2. We went to Cedar Point on Friday and Saturday. Friday it was completely little or no lines for most stuff, except Maverick. MF and TTD were a walk on. Saturday was crowded but fun nonetheless. We stayed at the River's Edge Hotel in Huron, where we always stay. It is clean, cheap and riverfront. But anyways, the Halloween stuff was great, really well done, with alot of thought and work put into it, unlike Dorney's event. We drove out on Friday and drove back on Sunday. We made this wonderful video during the ride, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SIvgnxfg3c . Thats what happens when we are bored. Anyways. Here goes. Obligatory walking in from the parking lot shot Raptor shot, man was it running well. May have been the best ride I've ever had on it. Rode it 2X Obligatory Top Thrill Dragster Shot, Rode It 2x Magnum XL200, Rode it 4X, Gotta love the Magnum Gemini was not open for the night Theres something about TTD's Lights that I love UhOh Its getting dark outside! I know it didn't come out well, but I think this pic looks really neat, gotta love the night ride on Raptor. More Coming
  3. Gotcha. But yeah I made a video making fun of the old navy commercial and the chick who made the song (Ingrid Michaelson) saw it, and now its all over the net. lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnsKp7tG_DE
  4. http://www.hersheypa.com/news/pdfs/nantimi_press_release.pdf 34,000 views in a month, thats not that great. I made a stupid video 3 days ago on youtube that has gotten 10,000 views already.
  5. I have to Disagree. Phantom is one hell of a ride, the woodies are awesome (especially jack rabbit) The walk through haunted house and the ride one were aweosme, the flats are incredible (I'm talking the caterpillar, kangaroo ride, the wet top spin, and the other stuff. We had an amazing time at Kennywood. So what if Kennywood doesn't have a bunch of rides, the environment is great and that means more to me than hundreds of rides. Growing up around a corporate park (Dorney) the food is superb, not as good as Knobels but up there.
  6. Are you kidding? Great Bear gets stacked more than almost any b&m i've seen (even ones with 3 trains) If they can't not stack a capacity b&m machine what makes you think they will be quick with an intamin? Hershey has some of the worst operations.
  7. I really love the one at Kings Island. I remember the one at Kennywood being alot of fun too. I loved the Cedar Point one and Dorney one as well. In fact I like pretty much all of them except for the one at Animal Kingdom. That one was boring.
  8. I saw that, I rode it like that and loved it (Prelift and drop and turn over the lake made it orgasmic) Oh my god please post it. lol
  9. Knoebels is one of my favorite parks. I think if you think its overated you havent gone there enough, it was crowded or a mix of both. I've gone there so many times and I'm attached to it. What I love about it is that it is not all rides. There is so much stuff there and the park experience is great. The food is unbelievable, it is in the mountains and the woods, there are many unique rides, the clientele is completely different than almost every park out there, and the rides are great, including the flats. Not many parks can boast about having great flats, Knoebels can.
  10. What is scary is this may happen to Voyage. I only experienced Herc in its later years and I loved it. I feel jipped I didn't get to ride it back then.
  11. As of late GADV is extremely overated. OMGz KiNda Ka IZ DA BEST EVARR!?!?!?! The park is dirty and all it has is rides. There is no atmosphere. A park has to have more than rides to be tops in my book.
  12. I am too young to have known Hercules in the early nineties (I am 20 and I enjoyed Hercules in its later years). It is rumored that Herc was 10x better back in 1989 and the early nineties, can anyone vouch for that and has anyone seen or knows of where I can find a POV of Herc from that time period?
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