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So this year I saved my mom the trouble of getting a Christmas tree by building a Christmas rollercoaster instead. I made it to be an out and back steel coaster with an inclined loop. The whole thing took me about two weeks to build, but that's just because the mountain took so much time to make. When it gets dark I'll add some pictures of the coaster with all the lights on. Enjoy and comment.


Returning to the station


Inside the other tunnel


Inside the tunnel


Doesn't this part remind you of Ghostrider?


exiting the mountain


last part of the ride


side view


still coming out of the tunnel


out of the tunnel


Down the first drop.


First part of the ride


inclined loop


I told you this was replacing our Christmas tree. See- it has presents!


Isn't the sign pretty?


Tunnel entrances

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Wow! That's an awesome idea to make a mountian out of paper like that. I might have to try it myself some time. I can see how it took a while to make. Very nice though!


- Kevin "unusual yet creative christmas tree substitute" Conley

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Wow! I love that mountain idea, that's very cool.

What did you use for lights? I couldn't really tell from the picture. I have a coaster up in my room, and I'm putting christmas lights on it, but it's not really turning out how I wanted. Those lights look nice though.

It would also look nice I think if you painted the mountain and put fake bushes on it or something. I don't know, just an idea. Good job on that coaster though!

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