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Rob & Big @ Kings Island (MTV)

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Didn't know if you guys saw this last night or not.


The show is stupid, but it was cool to see PKI on MTV. I've never heard of either of these guys. How did they get a reality show? Apparantley anyone can get a reality show these days.


I couldn't help but roll my eyes when Big was too...uh...big for Racer. He's like 400lbs. Does he really think he can ride a coaster?


They didn't show much of the park, but it was kinda cool.



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I caught it this morning before noon. The Sky Coaster bit was hillarious I thought myself.


The coolest part of the show at PKI was as they would play the games and win the BIG toys. They would walk around and give them to kids that did not have any! That there alone won my respect for Rob and Big!


My hats off to them for what they did.


Did anyone catch the Hookshot that Rob did from about 30-40 feet from the goal, again giving the prize to a little kid. Just great!

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