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World Fair nearing completion


A walkway has been added around Spanish Port.


Originally, a transport ride was due to go through this, but at the last minute it was cancelled, so for now it's just a walkway.


It turned out pretty well.


Better than just trees.


The facade for the Orleans Theater is also complete.


It also turned out nicely.


More buildings throughout the park.


Demon of the Delta in the distance.


Future expansion


It will most likely connect around Demon of the Delta's building.


More Monstruo shots.


This is where the path connects on the other side of the port.


Basic overview of Spanish Port


Overview of French Quarter


More soon.

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Zambullida = Plunge


Huh.... what's that?




The Plunge


WORLD FAIR @ GEBOLDI EARTH - World Fair, a section of Geboldi Earth, unveiled its plans for the park's final major ride before the grand opening in a few days.


Zambullida, spanish for Plunge, is a 14 story tower ride, that will slowly lift guests to the top before "plunging" them 140 feet.

"It's a great ride that every park should have," park rep Ron Geboldi commented, "and this is no different!"


The ride is manufactured by Intamin, and was custom themed for the park.


World Fair @ Geboldi Earth is expected to open in a meer fre days, weeks before the next park, Adventure Sector @ Geboldi Earth will open. Oasis and E-City will follow.


Here are some more shots:


view from the top of the ride



Cool shot from Spanish Port


More soon.

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Signage added to World Fair


Various signs have been added around the park


More buildings have been added to French Quarter. I heard this may someday become a darkride.


It could probably hold one if they added it from the back.


This will soon be Firehouse Grill


Geboldi made a surprising move and added a disko near the front of the park.


Theater Orleans sign


Park logo


More soon.

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World Fair soft opens


The park is ready for a test run


I've been working on the park for 3 months now.


I hope it shows


Season Pass holders were brought in through a side entrance (the monorail hub isn't completed yet)


The park comes to life at night


Even the firework show was tested



The show was a hit



Monstruo has turned out to handle the lines well


More soon.

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