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What should I Get For My Birthday


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Well, it all depends. If you listen to music at home a lot, do you use iTunes or WMP more? If you use iTunes more, go with the iPod, but if you use WMP or something else that is compatible with that mp3, then go with the Zen. I personally can't use any other music player than iTunes, so I am stuck with that. But then again, I like my iPod. I have bought a lot of songs on iTunes anyways, so I couldn't make a switch without losing a lot of my favorite music. I just don't feel like using that program that takes the protection off when it takes 30 minutes to do 10 songs and I have 200 bought songs or so.

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Well, I've never personally used the Zen M or whatever... but I have used a Creative Zen MP3 player before. The user interface to me is a lot harder to get used to than the iPod. The iPod has a more user friendly and sleek design than the Creative Zen I used did. iPods also have a lot of mods out there for them (You can even put Linux on it and play Doom) including programs to transencode videos to mp4.


In my opinion, out of all the MP3 players I've used/owned, the iPod wins.

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