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The vertical loop

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I was just thinking "are we gonna start seeing less and less of the traditional vertical loop". With rides like hydra, storm runner and the dearly departed drachen fire now featuring a inversion line-up excluding the vertical loop do you think companies are starting to look at other looping options other then it. I for one like coasters w/o the vertical loop. They just seem like they are in a category of their own.


What are your takes on it?

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I agree with you. Designers are using more different kinds of inversions than the traditional "loop". There are still many rides with them, but they don't use more than one. I'm guessing that designers are trying to put in a bunch of different kinds of inversions, so it's harder to know what's coming next. I like the regular "loop", as it provides sustained positive G's, but just being all loops with no immelmans, cobra rolls, etc. would certainly make the ride less fun.

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I personally love twisted, wacky inversions. Loops are fun and all, but I really like the non-traditional things. That's what I love about the Premier Rides Lim Bowls and what appeals me about Hydra. I really like the serpentine-like elements.

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I really think that most coasters will usually have a vertical loop since they are pretty compact, but get the most altitude for any element. That's why you don't see any 115' zero-g rolls, it's challenging to get the forces correct with the train stalling in the middle. Granted, Katun's zero-g is freakin' amazing looking and pretty tall.

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Nah, there'll always be vertical loops. But it does get old when a coaster comes off the lift, takes a drop, and goes right into a loop. I like the way that Revolution at SFMM did it. Three drops before the loop, the third being that long, gradual descent into it (which I think is a great element in itself).


What I also don't like is the three loops in a row like on Viper at SFMM. Better to do addtional loops like they did on Montu---one now, one later in the ride. Or put some other element first, then a loop or two later.


But, no, the vertical loop is here to stay. I like them, honestly, more than any other inversions except maybe B&M's zero-G rolls or heartline spins.



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Yes, I realise this thread is really old but it's worth bringing back because it's interesting and if I try to make a new thread people will get angry and storm my house with pitchforks and flaming stick things.


I certainly hope the vertical loop won't be lost. It's a great element, especially when used right. It takes up little space, offers great g-forces, and looks really, really cool. When used right, it can be one of the best elements around. As someone mentioned above, Revolution at SFMM makes brilliant use of the vertical loop. That looooong straightaway right before it helps as well.


Schwartzkopf was a pioneer in the world of vertical loops. For example, Olympia Looping Bahn uses five of them, and they never get boring.


Another simple and very early inversion I love is the double corkscrew. Notice the specification of "double corkscrew". There's something I love about dropping down from one corkscrew and smoothly flipping back up into the second one, how the link between the corkscrews is flawless.

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I'm supprised Derek hasn't found his way to this thread (especially since its a year old).


But my oppinion on loops is that they shouldn't be right after a lift hill, but you can still pull of a loop or two somewhere in the ride. Take Vortex for instance. Insane airtime drop to turn around to gradual decent into twin loops.

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