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Game: Movie line


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I'm not sure if that's word for word, but I think it's from The Princess Bride.



I'm not gonna do any more from the movie that no one guessed.

My last 2 quotes where from the one and only 'House Party 3'.

Here's an easy one.

This one a quote from a play, that is quoted in a move, go it.



" .....Tis almost fairy time!"

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^House Party 3! Well no wonder nobody guessed your last two quotes, who the hell would waste two hours of their life watching that garbage! (of that's right--you did!) What ever happened to Kid and Play anyhow?



As for your new quote it's "A midsummer night's dream"


Now my quote was done by the same actor in two different films.


"Must go faster, must go faster"

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Once again Florida420's obscure quote kills the thread! His quote sounds like one from the movie iROBOT (though that movie wouldn't be considered a horror film)


As for onewheeled999, Your quote is....Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Keeping with Florida420's Horror theme.......Here's mine.


"Earth? I rather stay here with the things, man."

"Earth, man, what a sh*thole."

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