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Photo TR Cedar Point & Geauga Lake 7/12-7/15 (pics up)

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I have a lot to say about this trip because it was my favorite trip so far for sure! So my dad finally broke down and took me to Cedar Point and a quick morning at Geauga Lake. We arrived at Cleveland airport a little before 7AM on Wednesday the 12th, got our rental car, then drove to Sandusky to get some breakfast and head into the park.


So then we got our season passes and headed into the park. We went straight to Millennium Force....and oh my gosh this ride is simply amazing! We never had to wait longer than 30 minutes for the ride. This is definatly my favorite roller coaster I've been on. It's got the best first drop! Great airtime in the last row!


After that we go and ride Iron Dragon. Walk on for the front row. I really like the two suspended coasters I've been on, and the mist at the end of this ride was really cool. Once we got off it started sprinkling a little, and we went over to Corkscrew. We get up in the station and who happens to find us? Robbie from TPR! So we get off the ride (it's raining pretty good by then) and go over to Magnum XL-200. Robbie hung out with us all day pretty much, which was nice because he's a cool guy and my dad needed a nap during the day lol. Back to Magnum, we rode in the back car, and the airtime on this thing is insane! I wish I had my seatbelt a little tighter because I was way out of my seat on the bunny hops. (Speaking of bunnies, they are all over Cedar Point!)


I really forget what we rode in order after that, but with Robbie I rode MF - front row, Power Tower - both towers, Wildcat, Mean Streak, Raptor, Blue Streak, and probably something else I'm forgetting right now but I'll remember later.


Power Tower was a fun ride. I like the green side more than the red, it seemed more intense sitting 240 feet high for 7 seconds than being shot up fast (it really didn't seem to shoot up that fast). Wildcat was...interesting. I think that was the longest wait of the day! And the structure of this thing doesn't look too safe... When he kept trying to get me on Mean Streak (I just remembered the other ride we rode) it was raining with lightning so it was closed. I never heard good reviews about this ride, so I was expecting the worst, but I actually got a good ride. It's in my top 3 woodies for sure! It was more fun than any of the ones at Geauga Lake.


And now Raptor...this had a 30 minute line, but it was a lot of fun! I really liked the first drop, it seemed so steep! It had a great layout as well, but my dad kept saying "if it's called Raptor, why is the logo a bird?" But then we went on Blue Streak, I didn't like this ride. It had some nice airtime, but was uncomfortable and that, Wildcat, and Mantis were the only coasters I rode just once.


So sometime during the day it stopped raining, and Robbie yells "I hear Top thrill Dragster!" So we walk over there as fast as we could, and sure enough a train is about to launch. We go walking to the queue, the train launches, and it rolls back! I saw 2 rollbacks this trip, and a few where it seemed to stop at the top for a couple of seconds. Anyways we waited probably 40ish minutes, middle row. Oh my gosh! What a rush! I couldn't stop laughing after this thing. It was simply amazing! The launch is so fast and then you're 420 feet high, and before you think about what you're doing, it's straight down, spinning 270 degrees, and then over. But good thing we got on that when we did because it started raining shortly after, and TTD closes if it rains at all.


So pretty much it rained all of the first day. Oh yeah! On the 12th and 13th they had ERT on Top Thrill Dragster for season pass holders! So we get there around 10:15, and guess what? It starts sprinkling. They say the ride is having technical problems. We wait it out of course! They fix it and we all get to ride. (I don't know why, but they kept it running in the rain for us during the ERT, but sure shut it down quick during the day when it barely sprinkles!) Anyways, I got 5 rides that night, so 6 rides total the first day. One of those rides was in the front, and holy cow! It's so windy it's hard to breathe lol! All the other rides we went in the back for great airtime down that drop !


Next morning we slept in (oops! Still on west coast times!) But we got to Geauga Lake around 11, and rode each coaster once just for the credit.


We did Dominator first; it was alright, a little shaky, and I still like Medusa at SFMW as my favorite floorless. At least it was a walk on.


Next we did Raging Wolf Bobs, walk on, and it was alright I guess. It wasn't super fun, but it wasn't bad.


Next we did...well I forget what we did but we rode every coaster so I'll talk about each one.


The Villain should be called Satanic Torture Death . This ride was horrible!! I think it may be worse than Ghostrider (pain-wise). It was extremely uncomfortable and it felt like my chest was breaking. Not a fun ride. Is it possible for them to take the wooden track and put steel? By the way, longest line of the day, 15 minutes.


Okay...Double Loop. It was alright, a little uncomfortable, but alright. I nearly blacked out in the loops though lol.


Um, Thunderhawk! Vekoma SLC, my second one, and I really don't understand why most of you guys dislike these models. I think they're fun, thrilling, and as my dad said "disorienting".


Head Spin - a Boomerang. My third Boomerang credit. They all seem the same to me, nothing more to say.


Steel Venom - the first one of the type I believe. The launch seemed jerky, and the holding breaks on the back spike we uncomfortable, and it stopped for a long time too! If it stopped for half the time it would have been a lot better. Wicked Twister is a LOT better, especially in the back row (oops I rode WT and Disaster Transport the first day with Robbie while my dad was sleeping).


Big Dipper - considering I almost hit my head on a tree...no, this ride was pretty fun. Good thing it was so padded! It had nice airtime down the drops.


X-Flight...I had been on Stealth at PGA and remembered it not being comfortable, so I was a bit un-excited about this one. It actually was a lot of fun though (besides the fact that the ride op pushed my lap bar not tight enough and I was slipping out the entire ride). I found this ride more disorienting than X, and a lot more comfortable, and one that I'd rather ride! Sorry X fans...


So I think that's all the coasters there....oh the Beaver one. Hey, it's a credit. So then we went to Walmart and bought drinks and then went back to our hotel for a little rest. We went back to CP by 5 and had another night of ERT (only 4 rides though). This was the only day it didn't rain on us. At the end of this day, the only credits I still needed were blue side of Gemini and Mantis.


Friday the 14th was a great day! The park seemed very full, but the lines weren't bad at all. The line for MF was less than 30 minutes all day (great ride in the dark, back row by the way). So I rode all the flats (Skyhawk, Chaos, maXair, Power Tower, etc.) and we got on Mantis and blue Gemini (while it was racing! I heard Mantis was really bad, so like on MS I was expecting the worst, and got a decent ride. Not one I'd run to get back in line for, but it was okay. Gemini was my first racer that actually raced, and it was a lot of fun! Gemini has some sick airtime.


So did I mention all the rides...let me check the map! Doh! Cedar Creek Mine Ride - well I rode it in the pouring rain so my eyes were closed the whole time, and when I got off I was as wet as if I jumped in a pool. But I guess it was fun, a new experience haha. Woodstock Express was awesome! We bought our pic on it. Disaster Transport was cool1 Sort of like a water slide without the water. I'm not judging it on the theming which sucked, but it was a good ride, too short though. And Wicked Twister! You definately need to ride towards the back! This ride is a lot of fun!


So yesterday morning we headed into the park for one last ride on MF, and then we left (the park was packed!) We drove around cleveland...yeah...got some lunch, and killed time before our flight. Finally got home lastnight around 9:30.


Cedar Point is my favorite amusement park that I've been to, and Millennium Force is my favorite coaster! It will be hard to make one better than MF. Intamin is my new favorite coaster dcompany (used to be B&M). My dad said that Intamin should make their own park, with all Intamin coasters .


So I'll say how many times I rode each coaster .


Millennium Force - 12

Top Thrill Dragster - 12

Magnum XL-200 - 3

Mean Streak - 2

Corkscrew - 2

Raptor - 2

Mantis - 1

Disaster Transport - 1

Wicked Twister - 2

Blue Streak - 1

Gemini - 2 (once on each side)

Iron Dragon - 3

Woodstock Express - 1

Cedar Creek Mine Ride - 1

Wildcat - 1


Thanks to you if you actually read all of that!


New Intamin goodness! Can't wait to see what this'll be!


Millennium Force can have my babies!


I stayed all night!


We always timed it good when it came to getting in line for TTD. But man, they sure have slow operations on TTD!


These ponchos were well worth $5!


The huge thunder & rain storm Friday afternoon.


The animal lover instincts in me told me to feed the fishies, so I did.


Oh yeah, did I mention this ride has great airtime in every seat?


You know it's a great coaster when nearly everyone has their arms up.


*Ready to go!*


TTD is fun to video.


The first turn is very forceful.


Millennium Force really does have the best first drop of any coaster I've been on.


Mantis and Power Tower.


I love Intamin!


This ride was fun too.


Chaos is fun, but too short.


I don't like ferris wheels, but they look cool.


I really like this sign, and we got a great pic of it!


Vekoma at it's best.


See? I really do like SLCs!


Raging Wolf Bobs


Raging Wolf Bobs


I think they like the color yellow.


Heavy metal.


Smoothest part of the ride...


Obviously before we rode it.


X-Flight. Sorry it's dark.


Better than TTD through the trees...it's TTD through the spider webs!


It's so cool sititng there waiting to launch.


Yup. Pretty wet!


I was riding it when it was raining that hard!


Starting to get wet, but at least we're at our favorite coaster!


This ride flies by the queue!


Waiting for first ride of the trip...Millennium Force!


arriving at Cedar Point!


Waiting at SFO.

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Do they ever push the bar far enough down on X-Flight?? Seems every time i ride it i have to brace my shins off of it and that ends up with some pretty bad bruises ..Oh well i like the ride..and it seemed dominator is getting rougher to me..last time i rode it on the banked turn before the cobra roll my head slammed the retraints and made my earrings bleed..Glad you had a good time though! I dont think im going to make it to any parks this summer..my hand has been in a cast and I dont think They will let me ride..

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..last time i rode it on the banked turn before the cobra roll my head slammed the retraints and made my earrings bleed..


I was thinking about getting an industrial, but I'm glad I didn't before the trip.

But yeah, I found it pretty strange the smoothest ride at the park was a Vekoma.

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Glad you got to go Geauga Lake. Ten quick credits! Dominator was my favorite there but, Thunderhawk was not far behind. I thought it was pretty smooth and I was fearing the worst. Villian is the most horrendous ride ever....nuff said.


Nice TR!

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Nice Photo TR Holden, it was fun meeting up with you and your dad.


I easily got like 10+ ride during dragster ERT, but I was literally running almost the entire time and I was all sweaty. lol

I was first in line when MF reopend from its down time, that was pretty cool.


Glad you had fun, it was my best trip as well.

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You must have had an off day on one of my fave Beemers! The rattle that most B&M's have is more towards the back. Villain is my man, but I know most people hate him!


With X-flight, they normally staple you, if you hold on and not let yourself go, you will get bruised for sure. Let yourself into the restraints and enjoy your ride!!!


Great TR!

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Great TR!


I miss Cedar Point.


I did go to Geauga Lake a few months ago and it was just awful. The only rides in decent shape was Dominator and X-Flight. The woodies (especially Villian) and Double Loop were worse than being in a small car wreck. And Steel Venom sounded VERY bad.


Cedar Point on the other hand rocks!



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definately milennium force is the best in the back seats. i cant wait to go back to ohio and visit my friends and go to CP! last time i went to geagua lake was right after six flags took it over and i got kicked out for doing ilegal stuff in the parking lot. I'm glad CF bought it, but dissapointed in the fact they don't upkeep it like they do cedar point. great pics by the way. glad you liked it in ohio.

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I never quite understood some of the coasters at GL...Dominator has gotten really rough, and when you hit the brakerun and slowly roll into the station, you can tell that the roughness is some kind of vibration that happens on every single tie in the track.


And I actually liked Villain! Both my rides on it were in the front car though, first and second rows. I must have caught it on a good day...funny that Villain wasn't as rough as Raging Wolf Bobs to me, same with Son of Beast vs. Beast at PKI. I actually hurt worse after Beast than SOB!


But I think Villain and Son of Beast would both be great if they had better trains...

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Well we rode The Villain in the second row, and about Raging Wolf Bobs...the only thing I didn't like about the ride is "Bobs" at the end of the name lol. It looked like there was some fresh wood on it that wasn't painted white, maybe they retracted it?


Beaver Land?


or here


don't know if you can see anything new here...

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I think Wolf Bobs was retracked before the 2005 season, and I rode it last year, so I have no clue. Most people have said it was nice and smooth the last 2 years, so I've been guessing I just caught it on a bad day and Villain on a good day. Woodies can be pretty hit or miss, my one ride on Beast was so much rougher than the other, that it felt like a different coaster.

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